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  1. I agree with your assessment, I have lvl'd 5 Templars in beta and what you have stated is spot on. Dead points or points that are not viable or creative. I also find that most major runes are not viable for us and our resource generation is so bad the fights are usually over by the time we can start doing anything.
  2. Well, I get the whole Myrmidon doing way more damage thing. I get wrecked by Myrmidons allll the time. I consider myself a very competitive PVPer and it definitely feels like the Myrmidon's Calzones are way too big. Such is life in Alpha.
  3. You have some solid points. I would say I still want a discourage mechanic, not just an encourage mechanic. I personally like the pay to lose idea for leaving a campaign. That being said it's hard to really do anything but theorize at the moment haha. I think things will be more clear once testing starts. Also potentially they could let you choose what you keep out of the "20%" and if you have items they would have some sort of inherent value akin to an item level?
  4. This is going to have to be an iterative processes. They will have to research this and come up with unique ways of dealing with it. Some that come to mind -Pay to Lose, having to buy out of a campaign if you want to leave it early -lose all embargo items -simply not allowing you to leave on that character -maybe incentives for joining a game world as the losing team Just some basics I suppose but the point is they won't know until they try things out and get our feedback
  5. This has already been discussed in the thread. It is also why I stated guild as an example. The idea is to not look at examples right now as literal mechanics but at the vision of the idea. The potential gameplay it can add. The nitty gritty details would be very iterative and would rely on a lot of other different gameplay mechanics to be more developed . If you want to get super detailed with mechanics then I would argue that different Archetype/professions can use more than one type of weapon/equipment. That has already been stated and there are examples of this. Also, the characters have so much more customization and depth than Archetype/profession. You only have a base idea of what someone can achieve based off of that info. There are still runes, advantages/disadvantages and god knows how many skills they still will have access to. Also potentially multiple professions will share some of the weapon types, like the Templar/Judicator both use a two hander. Potentially you won't be able to tell if they are new or advanced in their profession. So the identifiable archetype debate isn't really valid in my perspective. It's too surface level, and this game has more depth than that.
  6. I feel like this thread would be much more productive if full archetype concepts were purposed. Almost like a mini design document. It may be abstract because we don't know all the game mechanics yet. But saying "necromancer" isn't much help haha.
  7. Whats up manda, I don't see this being an issue. Honestly Ranged has been superior to melee for the past decade in MMO's. Also all of the combat based MMO's I have played (Tera, Neverwinter, Darkfall...) have all done a good job with ranged. I think our dear AC Dev's will do just find. Also I am sure they will listen to our feedback if they miss step somewhere.
  8. Hmm you have a good point sir. I wouldn't mind seeing them experiment with maybe some black or red, or really just something that fits. I would challenge them to use a little artistic license and see if they can vary it up a little and make it more interesting.
  9. This is coming out GREAT! keep it up!
  10. Tod has talked about this. It definitely wouldn't be part of the core module. However he has stated the technology of the engine would allow it and he has showed admiration of Archeage ship battles. So it is possible, but not on the current drawing board. That being said if you look at star citizen, they are doing things now they didn't plan on doing until years after launch. So it all depends on funding as far as if this is a sooner or way later.
  11. I think a lot of people have the misconception that crafters will not be able to fight and won't be expected to. I don't think this is true at all. I think crafters will not only bring neccisary skills to the campaigns but may also bring unique utility to combat as well. Maybe in seiges or map control type of scenarios. Maybe they have uber traps they can set or gadgets/items that are important. I am sure there will be drawbacks in combat if you are a crafter. But I imagine they can also shine in group play. Also, don't forget, everyone can train in multiple skills at a time. That being said, I don't plan on being a crafter but I do think Art Craft has bigger plans than what I have seen some people stating on these forums.
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