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  1. I've found some builds that I enjoy playing now as the Archdruid, but I almost always skip the passive for detonating orbs because not a single build revolves around that aspect of combat. The orb mechanic is far too situational and unreliable to be a main fixture for an advanced class. I would like to see the archdruid passive (force of nature) change to be an increased proc rate with electrogenesis or have electrogenesis spawn an orb at both the player location and target location. Or they could make it a passive that augments gaea's growth to spawns a death orb for each enemy hit, kinda
  2. Blight bombs dont seem to one shot anymore even with full DPS build and ideal situation, so they no longer fulfill the one niche that they had before. I love the idea of the archdruid, and had such high hopes that the new system would allow for interesting builds, but the archdruid specific features just provide so little compared to other classes.
  3. My experience so far is that the archdruid is better but still quite lacking. The 2 major problems I see, seem to be low access to minors and majors with stat bonuses that are effective, and 2 of the archdruid specific skills are ineffective in normal combat situations. Barksin still gives bonus to thorns, but we have no way to modify thorns so barkskin is still extremely underwhelming as an "upgrade" skill. Maybe make the thorns related minors increase the thorns bonus and bring back explosive thorns? The archdruid orb passive is another problem. The increased duration was helpful, but s
  4. Balancing would of course need to be taken into consideration, but I doubt an archdruid would be able to keep up with the sustainable healing of an Earthkeeper. My logic behind these changes is to allow the archdruid to fill a burst role, and to give reasons to use other skills in their arsenal more, while also keeping their unique burst mechanic.
  5. I know a lot of people have ideas for how to "fix" or change the archdruid. I have played the archdruid at many different points in the alpha testing and I would like to provide my recommendations. -Change the "Barbed Thorns" skill to a new skill which substantially improves the proc rate of electrogensis while barkskin is active. -Archdruid specialization causes orbs generated by electrogensis to be neutral orbs instead of healing orbs. -Replace Might of Blight with a new ability which generates 3 neutral orbs which spin around the druid for up to 6 seconds. (Coold
  6. So, west server has the same L shaped forested tile repeated 21 times.... I dont suppose there is any plan to increase the diversity of the tile set on that server anytime soon is there? I mean east is super complex, and EU may be simple but the mountain structure makes it dynamic at least. West is barely going to have any dynamic terrain, its just a big flat forest with a "canyon" in the middle.
  7. The numbers I quoted were from big world based on my experience with crafted gear so far. I have used advanced crafted weapons/armor/arrows in every slot and basic in every slot. I'm not sure how this will play out in the long run, but I imagine the balance of bow left click damage vs other left click skills will scale roughly equally, assuming players have relatively equivalent mitigation and damage bonuses. I cant say that I have ever taken 50% of someone's hp off in Big World even with full armor/weapons/arrows at white or green quality using a fully charged 1st, 2nd, or 3rd bow atta
  8. Yeah the bow damage is strong, and I don't want to remove "player skill" from the bow tree, but that skill gap between ranger bow skills and every other class is too much right now. The damage on a left mouse button bow shot is anywhere from 6 to 12k (averaging closer to 8k) depending on your weapons, arrows, skill levels, etc. That is a lot of damage from one attack, but the charge up time takes so long that another player can easily get 3 to 5 left mouse attacks at 1 to 4k (averaging probably 2k) damage in the same time. The rangers own melee tray left mouse button combo is going to hit 4
  9. Just to clarify, when I said auto attack I meant the left mouse button skill, not an actually automatic firing attack such as with tab target games. If you misunderstood that I'm sorry. If you didn't, then I assume you like the charge up left mouse button skills that we have now? Please try to be more constructive by telling us why you don't like something or what you would do differently.
  10. The most recent new articles on the CU webpage talk about server optimization for large battles, which seems like a precursor for going into a beta level test. The screenshots look nice so far, still some work to do obviously, but that's to be expected.
  11. I think most players will eventually move toward a primary house in either their personal, guild, or conglomerate; a few crafting thrall properties; and a few secondary houses in other EKs for trading. The kickstarter and preorder packs people will likely have large empty castles sitting on their tax free parcels, either attached to their guilds EK or independent. Most guilds will try to maintain their own fort or castle but only the big ones will be able to maintain large castles/palaces. The most sociable and successful EKs will be the trading hubs and zerg guild EKs. Trading hubs will b
  12. VIP allows you to train 3 different archetypes, but not 3 skills in one archetype. This is true even in the current Alpha build. Though there is a bug where you can train an advanced archetype without all the prerequisites and not counting as the same skill tree as the base class. They may allow you to train 3 different advanced archetype trees from the same base class. I have been keeping my eye on camelot unchained since it was first announced. The new screenshots dont seem bad, and they are doing some innovative things, but tab targeting is also an issue for me. I have friends heav
  13. Moving disengage to combo off 5 (since that would have synergy) and then moving the slow to combo off the 3 skill isn't a bad idea. They could set the cooldown for the 3-e slow combo to whatever they want, it wouldnt have to be the same as the 3-3. This would definetly make it easier for rangers to disengage at will and stick to targets when they need to.
  14. I actually think the ranger melee tree is okay with a few caveats. I do very good damage in melee stance on my ranger using the bleed, the 6 skill combo, and other skills situationaly. But I agree forest step needs a significant reduction in cool down and it would be nice if it could teleport to target reticle instead of flat distance given the snare follow up. The disengage skill (3 + E) just doesn't work for me about 80% of the time, they need to fix it so it reliably moves you away from the target. The ranged skill tree needs some work. I agree with most of your comments, but I think
  15. The skill tree is meant to be broad and generic. True skill diversity and customization is going to happen at the vessel/runes level. The interaction between skill trees and vessels is important for diversity, and vessels aren't in yet, so we don't have a very good picture of the final outcome.
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