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  1. Just dont cut in the main game, base stuff such as animations, actual gameplay ect. Is just needed, they can always add more campaigns and such. just get get the good basesystems going. Get a good feeling, all that jazz....conclusion, More monies for ACE!
  2. Well hopefully they'll skip a campaign mode instead of saving on core mechanics, animation or such...
  3. But how does he feel about doing the boogie, breadsticks and such? Im sure they are aware of how important it is, but im still a bit worried. even if it might be without any real reason, Hopefully they'll just update mechanics and animations at some point
  4. Well, to be honest. i just feel like combat/animations is such a core thing. that is currently my biggest worry. Its like mating, it needs to feel right... or something.. Anyways.. Yayh for Breadsticks!
  5. So, i think most of us can agree, that Crowfall got a lot of stuff going in the right direction. One of the things that are most important for me in games, may that be MMorpgs, Strategy games or whatever. Is that feeling of fluent motions, animations and a fast paced combat system. That just works, and just feels right. The games that really did that well for me, was GW2, Wow, Starcraft2, LoL ( yea i know X.x ) and a few others. Point is that im a bit afraid, that Crowfalls animations/combat system will not get me that feeling. Since i am not that impressed with what i've seen so far, i know it's still Alpha, and most games dosn't even show how they look this early... but still... What do you guys think? Am i worrying without a course ? -Tweedz
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