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  1. It would actually ,make you think before you attacked. It would make you decide when and where to use this ammo. It would also make you craft what you needed. As long as the same is done for melee.
  2. Wow I really like this a ton. Makes it very realistic. For Melee the sword or spear or axe could also have a shelf life and break. This is my favorite response so far.
  3. Zinnie and Scribbles, Hey thanks for the quick response and the link. I really appreciate it.
  4. Is it December yet?

  5. Hello I just wanted to introduce myself. I have played WOW, RIFT and ARCHEAGE which I am currently still playing. I can not tell you how excited I am for this release. This is crazy as I am 51 years old and the thought of a video game being this excited is kind of odd. A few things that make it so exciting is the non pay to win feature. Their are so many credit card cowboys out there. It will be nice to play a game based on the merits of your sweat and not the amount of cash in the bank. Another aspect is the amount of things you will be able to do in game. It is utterly incredible
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