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  1. This is exactly one of the main issues for why we can't bake any lighting at the moment. As it is now, all lighting (and shadows) are fully dynamic, which can be costly. We're still exploring other methods to try and solve this to achieve baked lighting. Rotation is also a big part of this issue. (the ability to rotate a parcel, while super cool, is another big factor preventing this). We have some good idea's on improving the dynamic lighting performance while also exploring other lighting methods.
  2. Thanks Krakken!! Means a lot. We are so passionate about this project that when we finally get to show certain things we've been working on off, and you like it. Makes my day!.
  3. Hi Tinnis, You are correct , Gaia is the name of the program we use with Unity terrain. In regards on how it works, it uses Unity's terrain height map to allow me to sculpt and stamp out the various looks of the terrain. Unfortunately when using height maps you can't fold in on itself or carve down inside itself (like a cave). You can only really pull up or down. But fear not, we have solutions for a cave system. . Now that the initial "building" parcels (which were more flat and open for placement of buildings) are done, we're making these "Adventure Parcels" . As you can see by adding in different types of rocks, rock edges, large scale objects, generally more interesting pocketed areas of stuff we are finally able to get a more varied look to the terrain and adding much more land depth as you put it. We'll have more on this later. We have some cool idea's to really push the terrain so it doesn't look the same everywhere. It's very challenging though, because everything has to always stitch up to another parcel (and look goodish). So as you can imagine , it can get out of hand very quickly if you're not careful when designing these out. In regards to your Canyon example. I finally now have the ability to raise the edges of parcels to a different heights. For example: Atm our swamp and canyon goes from level then up then back down to level. I now have the ability to take the edges of the terrain, raise them up to a new height and make that the new ground level. So when you run into that parcel you''re at ground level...before it goes down so you get a true canyon or bog/swamp. This might seem minor or insignificant but it was actually quite challenging to do this because we needed to have it stitch back to other terrains correctly. So I'll be going back and fixing the swamp and canyon parcels. -Jon
  4. I have seen this. We know there is a bunch of bugs in the placement as well as destruction itself. Posts like the one you made are very helpful with getting these things all fixed up. Together , we'll all get there!
  5. P.S. Thank you for the complements Anthrage, it means a lot to me seeing you guys like the things we're making. Also would LOVE to see your EK. Post some pics - This right here was one of the reasons we made the whole EK system like it is and why we spent SO much time and hard work on it... So you guys could go out and make your own awesome worlds!!
  6. Some good points and questions in here Anthrage, thanks for posting. One thing that stood out to me was this "I'd love to hear Jon talk about these curiosities some day, assuming he has some insight on how things work and why." I will for sure one day soon (when things get a bit more ironed out bug wise) have an updated video or lives Stream on destruction and our thoughts on it. Not surprisingly, destruction is a HUGE pain the ass to get to work properly. One of the hardest aspects of the game (tech wise) and why most other MMO's don't truly do full on destruction. I can tell you this. When it comes to fixing certain things like destruction for example. Things can be very different from test to live. (naturally). It is an on going process. Any feed back and I mean ANY feed back is always greatly appreciated. I'll take a look at this fort you're talking about. Should be made with all the same pieces we make all the other forts. So it could be something else or something hiding in there that is killing FPS. I know I don't post very much but I do read a lot of what you guys and gals have to say. (I'm working on posting a bit more in 2018 lol) I do love connecting and hearing form all you bad-asses. Keep it up!! Hope all you Crowfaller's had a great holiday!! -Jon
  7. Great write up, and thank you for appreciating the update that is coming and all the hard work that is going into it. (We're working our tails off) To answer your question. Yes . 100% I thought about having some of(not all ) the big none harvestable rocks or a giant bridge connecting one area to another. Think the giant bridges from Hammerstone (from our kickstarter video) . They would be destructible for just the reasons you described . Todd and I have talked about this a lot. (We always loved the idea of smashing a bridge to prevent crossing or to drop on someone). No promises before launch. Fear not though...I WILL have my destructible troll bridge crossing!!! -Jon
  8. At the time these assets for parcel testing were made (what's in there now). Just me. I now have one other. Mr. A A ron (Aaron). So I'm doing the best I can with what I got. We have some idea's for slowly expanding the Env team: More interns, Out sourcing, contracted, that sort of thing. Bottom line. I am working hard on getting these Environments up to snuff. I can't wait to show you some of this new stuff. All in good time
  9. Hey Crowfaller's, Jon here (Env Lead) I just wanted to give you guys a quick update on the current and future state of the Environment. First off, all of these comments are definitely valid feedback and trust me when I say this we agree with most all of them. We see all your feed back and understand your concerns. Here is just a brief explanation on our process and why... The challenge we have as a small dev team is that we can't just throw 50-100 artist to a given area(Man O man I wish we could). We have to do things in a lot more deliberate , methodical process.Think of it as stages (every game and team size goes through something like this). Each stage we set out a task, complete said task, then move on to the next stage(or pass) of that task. The environment falls very heavy under this. For the last year and half we have been working on the tech to allow parcel placement. The ability to pick up, rotate, move and place multiple parcels sounds so simple,right? Turns out, it is far, far from simple. A lot of time and effort as gone into this parcel feature. So early on we knew we would go through heavy, heavy testing on this functionally. We went down a list and decided what was needed or required for the environment to get us to a testing phase. (meaning not finished or final polished art). Long story short. This is effectively what you're seeing in the game right now. Once the engineering team got what they needed for testing purposes (basically what you see in the game now). We focused on building houses, forts, temples, props (basically a bunch of objects to be placed in the game that we haven't shown a lot of yet). Now that we have our tech working for parcels and we have a lot of the initial objects done, I have been back knee deep in taking the Environments to the next stage. Please remember though, it's a tad slower of a process since we're such a smaller team and still in a pre-alpha state. I am not trying to make any excuses though. Again, all of your concerns are valid. I read all of them. You will always have a voice here on these forms if I have anything to say about it!! Here is a quick outline and goals for the next step in Env: Updated lighting/ Near final Camera Effects (AO,AA, SSR...) More/ new vegetation New/updated TerrainTextures New Terrain Objects More varied Terrain types New clouds and sky Day night cycle Updated water Seasons ...and I am probably forgetting some. In a nutshell, I hear you and I want you to know that we are committed to making the environment look as good as we possibly can. Thanks for all your feed back, please keep it up. It will only make our game that much better. Have a great day! -Jon
  10. You are 100% correct. Testing, testing, testing...Only way we can get this game to where everyone wants it. That's why I love our community. Like us, you all want this to succeed. There is true passion in this community that I've never seen before. Makes coming to work every day that much cooler and more rewarding. Just wait until we polish this destruction...Going to be epic!!
  11. What the hell Corvax,....Am I chop liver over here??!!I I had the hardest part. Slapping Doggett, over and over and over.
  12. He is our delicate little flower... I did enjoy slapping the S@*t out of him for a day. He needed it.
  13. LOL this made my day!!!!! I told Val, our crows are TOOOOO good not to take notice!!!! Someone will call it out, Well spotted. In Val's defense , she just liked the moon shot setting...So we can't fault her for that. -J
  14. You're exactly right, AO will help out dramatically, Another thing throwing this screen shot off are the shadows LODing a tad close. Good thing is all of this along with the (PBR) materials and lighting will improve how buildings look in the Env a LOT. -J
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