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  1. I can't wait to try the templar out. Kinda bummed about the lack of mobility via dodges. It would be cool if you could cast the 1 mobi skill on CD for some pips. I wouldn't even care if it didn't stun if cast on CD. Just something to give her a bit more mobi to keep up with, or escape from, enemies. But we'll see how short the CD is soon i guess :)

  2. I mean, I'm not arguing his effectivness, at all.


    First paragraph.


    Overall, the kit of the duelist seems solid, with an odd addition to a skill here or there. It is my intent to streamline the duelist, and make the combat more fluid via more short range mobility, an additional pip generator via Sabre(3), modified pip spenders(four spenders seems a bit much), and archetype fitting changes with suggestions heavily on the 4 skill Inconceivable, and the burrow 2 skill, go for broke.

  3. This is exactly why the roles of DPS, Tank, Support, Specialist, needs to be completely removed. They cause confusion when the abilities dont fit their intended 'role', or when a archetype does something better or worse compared to another archetype labeled as something else.


    Also it will free up the promotion classes requiring to keep up with the parent label. 

    mmhm. Just list the archetypes, and have little side TL;DR sections describing the class, and tabs to click on showing the promotions with their role symbols beside the promotion title, and sections which also give tl;dr's and show skills.


    but this is getting off topic :/


    Also, it's a support class, not a healer class. Just because there's a dps tray and a healing tray doesn't mean the druid will never be as good a healer/dps as main spec dps, or "true" healers, esp. since there is no true healer in this game. It just changes how healing is going to be balanced for the druid since her window for healing is smaller than a leg.'s who doesn't have to deal with tray swap and essence, only CD.

  4. I think CC immunity is just another thing they need to look at.  For instance, SB had 3 times the immunity of the duration of the CC (so if you were stunned for 3 seconds you were immune for 9).  I'd like to see something like this.  They went a step further and any CC of the same type to hit within those 9 seconds would refresh the timer.  I don't know if we need to go that far, but the I'm not a huge fan of the way CC immunity works now, which seems to be that successive CC is just "slightly" reduced in duration.

    Well, it's precentile, so the larger the initial number, the more it gets reduced, but when you have small 2s stuns, a 33% reduction is only a .66s reduction. Still allowing for some masty chain stuns, roots, ect., ect.


    A lot of it has to do with Time-to-kill(TTK), in how you balance CC, and without knowing what they're aiming for, we can't really comment on a couple small duration stuns, vs one large duration stun.


    From a personal preference though, I'd prefer a couple small duration stuns over one large one. You then force a higher skill cap on the player to land the cc, and the enemy to dodge the cc. You also prevent wombo combo's during a 7s stun.

  5. Keiotyk mentioned an idea in the druid gameplay thread about not having all of the druids death-tray abilities cost essence, and I think this could open up a good discussion on making the death tray feel better.


    Thoughts :

    1. If not every ability cost essence, this would allow the druid to stay in death tray longer and contribute more to fights when no healing is needed. I do like this idea, as even with no essence, you could contribute with minor abilities like LMB.
    2. However, I think a better way to maintain longevity in the death-tray would be to change the LMB, and have it generate essence. As stated in my original post, I'm already not a fan of the current death-tray LMB, and would like to see a multi-part LMB chain put in place, and with the change, a essence generating theme'd one would be a very nice addition. With this, would could maintain essence costs on all skills, but still have a way for the druid to generate essence without switching to the life-tray and casting heals when they're not needed, thus wasting CD's you'd rather not waste.

  6. again, the problem guyz grown from what you want to see druid hybrid of nuker and healer (and debuffer and buffer and CC). this is way tooo OP combo.

    for nukes and CC are  best confessor now. for healing lego, etc. chose playstyle you want. all-in-one hybrids must have a mediocre stuff and ofc do not outdps poor dps classes

    I don't think anyone is arguing for the Druid to have comprerable damage to a full on dps like the confessor. It's just at the moment, the only decent damage she has is in her lightning strike combo. The bear as far as I can tell is pretty awkward to use and land. I don't mind that it has a charge up and it roots. Once the bear is touched up, and balancing happens I think her death tray will feel a bit better. I do think her lmb needs changed from what it is atm, not a damage buff, but an actual ability change.


    Just remember, first and formost, the druid is a support, her healing and utility should be the main focus in her kit, and her dps should be supplementary. But just because it'll be supplementary, doesn't mean it should feel awkward, and clunky to play.


    I wasn't commenting on party vs solo. I specifically lack information on party play partly due to my play hours. My problem is that her damage is gated by healing first. And not her powerful damage, but ALL her damage.

    For a character who is supposed to be a hybrid of damage and healing, in a game where healing is supposed to be more limited, the druid's damage feels tacked on to the archetype, instead of integral to her playstyle.

    Now that's interesting.

    What if not all of her damage abilities costed essence? She could still pump out some damage without essence then, but her bigger spells would still require it.

    You could even have her LMB generate some essence if you wanted. So instead of throwing heals around when they're not needed, you could still contribute to the fight in your death tray.

  8. Yeah, the global cool down on abilities after switching needs to go.


    So basically, long, hindering, animations? I mean, it's all in how the skill feels to use. I'm fine with magic classes being less mobile, or having longer, or rooted animations. It's just using the skill should feel powerful. When lightning is summoned, I should feel powerful, when healing, I should feel like i'm drawing on the power of nature, ect, ect. I think in part it's just due to alphaness. Every class shold feel different, an agile duelist vs a bulky mino tank.

  9. For the actual release of the game:

    I vote for 20-30 man party sizes, or 5 man party sizes, but able to link several parties.

    This is not some dungeon running game or your classic PvE MMO game in the end. This is a game of war, and war should be variable, and we should not be limited by some artificial view of "5 man groups are best". The game is supposed to allow the players to decide what size group works best for them.


    Those groups with too many and the wrong command structure will crumble on their own.

    The groups with a good command structure will get to experience the game entirely different and that is exciting.


    FOR NOW:


    The group size can be whatever the devs want to test...but for the games release, too limiting artificial group sizes is forcing a meta too much.


    NOTE: I did not realize part of this all stemmed from FRIENDLY FIRE IMMUNITY. Therefore I suggest 5-man group linking. You can link ally groups to visually see them better, but you only get FRIENDLY FIRE IMMUNITY within your 5 man squad.

    I would like this. Basically a pseudo raid group. Green could indicate your party, yellow for linked groups, and red for enemies. Still keep party damage immunity. But i'd still like to see larger group sizes down the road, like 6-8 people.

  10. I mean, he has a point. five became a standard because of the tinity of healer/tank/dps in pve content. There's no reason Crowfall couldn't have a different party size since there isn't really any PvE/PvE-Raid content. It just depends on what they want to see happen. If you have larger party sizes, guilds that can constantly field full groups will have an advantage in OW combat over guilds that roll around with a few spots free, and they won't even have friendly fire to help them since the enemy would be in a single party. But I'm not opposed to the idea. I don't think friendly-fire should happen if you're in the same guild anyways. But I know some people on these forums would have my head for arguing against friendly-fire :^)

  11. A great example of that is Albion. A big shortcoming is the power of your character has, is directly tied to the tier of armor/weapon you have. At least in that game, it's pretty easy to get non-progression new equipment. One good thing about the game is you could progress combat trees(You're weapon spec, and armor spec), on top of a gathering or crafting spec(hide, mining, or lumbering. Or a specific armor piece to craft). Something you can't do in Crowfall.


    You could probably learn a lot by looking at what Albion is doing wrong :)

  12. I don't know where, but I want the Leg. to have an AoE party Defense buff.


    A big thing is that the leg. has too many buffs, and not enough combat skills. Don't really want people just spamming lmb for damage. Maybe drop one of the buffs.


    Wild Charge

    Charge forward while the input key is depressed, dealing 610 - 750 +85% Weapon Damage up to 3 time to anything in your way.


    Change: 2part combo.

    Wild Charge1 - Big self speed boost charge

    second cast. either or.

    Wild Charge 2.1 - Leap and deal AoE burst at end of leap

    Wild Charge 2.2 - Impale target in front of you dealing more damage the longer you've traveled. maybe apply a bleed, or a crippling effect.



    Bellow of Triumph

    Applies a heal over time on a friendly target and on yourself. 8 second duration.


    Change: AoE 360 instead of cone, Applies a HoT.

    Bellow of Triumph second cast,(Can be used at any point before HoT is over) consumes the HoT and heals for how ever many ticks of the HoT are left.


    Scatter Horde

    Point blank area damage and knock back.


    Change: Agreed that it's kinda slow. But instead of a knockback, maybe a daze, or stagger effect.

    A combo here would be nice. something that had twice the CD of scatter horde so you couldn't use it every time, but everyother time would be fine.



    Increases group movement speed and breaks movement impairing effects.


    Change: I like it. MS buff + CC clense(soft cc, hard cc, anything really.)



    Eternal Rage

    Generates rage for the Lego. 

    Applies 2 delayed heals to yourself and up to 5 members of your group over 5 seconds.

    Will grant mana / rage / energy to group mates.


    Change: This could be the buff to change. Maybe the defense buff could go here.

    1. Maybe some form of attack that debuffs the enemy. Killing the enemy will grant the resource regen, and crit buff. Resets the skill on Kill. (must attack marked enemy for buff when they die)
    2. Maybe a debuff that increases the leg.'s damage to that enemy. The more damage they take, the greater the effect when the debuff ends. Max if target dies.

    Basically, something less passive AoE Buff, and something that groups can use to coordinate focus on.


    Rallying Cry:

    Group heal and applies a buff to crit chance.


    Change: As helix said, maybe move the crit to eternal Rage. The Defense buff would be cool here too, or it could go onto eternal rage. Who knows.

  13. I'm not really arguing that this needs to be priority. I’m just bringing up that with the movement/combat changes, there should be a rework to the CC philosophy. I don’t really care if it stays as is till the patch before the game launches. Just bringing up something I believe to be an issue at the moment. :)


    Since were on a change priority list, is there anything like that floating around? A list of what they're currently adressing, or working on, or possibly a dev. roadmap? Or just a list of feedback they're really looking for? Not that giant spreadsheet, something more narrow :<

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