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  1. Frostweaver > Templar > Forgemaster > Stalker >>>>>>Assassin Hate assassins in OW PvP. As for stalker, I just really don't care for archer archetypes. But I share Krevra's sentiment. I want frost and templar to be completed last.
  2. Doesn't really fit the criteria, but the two books out at the moment for The Stormlight Archive, are THE best books I've ever read. You would not be dissapointed. In order I'd reccomend The Stormlight Archive - Brandon Sanderson (2) The Mistborn Trillogy - Brandon Sanderson (3) The Broken Empire - Mark Lawrence (3) Sword of Truth - Terry Goodkind (1-8 main story) (9-11 side story) (12-14 side story) The Wheel of Time - Robert Jordan (14)
  3. Didn't they hint they were aiming for a short2melee range Dps with Frostweaver? I hope it's like the Sorc from BDO gameplay wise, just with less cancer iframes and ez-mode nukes :^) Curious as to what they'll do to the Templar. It was the tank I was looking forward to trying. Frostweaver > Templar > Forgemaster > Stalker > assassin in terms of hype for me. No one likes playing against assassins
  4. Not to discount your duelist gameplay, but that confessor gameplay at the end was great. Good video!
  5. Feur

    Duelist Kit Feedback

    I don't think relying on anti-stealth archetypes is the answer to steath though. My issue with the mechanic is the longevity, and mobility while in it. So, while an anti-stealth archetype may be good for dealing with in-combat stealth, i wouldn't want a archetype that could spot steathed heroes constantly, say if they got within x-meters. I do like your idea for the barriar. Turning it into a classic riposte but with a twist is a cool idea, and is a more active and engaging skill than what I proposed.
  6. Feur

    Duelist Kit Feedback

    Thank you. Some new notes.(Keep in mind, I'm aiming to make his kit feel more engaging. Balance and numbers can be done later) Still sticking with the idea that he has too many pip spenders, and makes him feel really 1d. LMB spam waiting for Flintlock procs to gen. pips. His final LMB hit should generate a pip. Burrow needs to have a timer, or to drain stamina relatively slowly to prevent this infinite burrow state. His mobi. skill in burrow needs to cost stamina, not just be on a CD.
  7. I may of spent a little time disecting the Duelists kit. Thoughts? Google doc.
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