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  1. See my sig for my promotion weapon of choice
  2. I'd agree with you. But I've talked so much poorly made socks about Champions being awesome I have to stick with it.
  3. Champs do dips on minotaur horns
  4. normally i dislike anime-esque oversized swords, but for the champion i'd make an exception. fire up the bass cannon.
  5. If you don't want name plates, they should be toggleable in options, but don't deny them to those of us that want them.
  6. I'd rather have an enemy HP bar and no floating damage numbers, relegate all combat text to a separate chat box
  7. 1. Champion. 2. Bigger Champion 3. Hueg Champion
  8. No nameplates would probably cause me to severely reduce, if not remove, my KS donation.
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