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  1. Shadowbane's class system worked well primarily because it was so easy to roll alts. Had character progression been slower with people only able to play one character like most modern mmos, it would have sucked. They key is flexibility to keep gameplay from becoming stale. If this is a "one toon" game, I want my character to be able to switch roles. This is not to say that a character should be able to perform all roles at once. I think GW2 overdid it in this regard.
  2. impulse


    That is entirely the point. It forces guilds to be careful who they invite and it also forces accountability to one's peers for cheating.
  3. Make the game to where character progression is horizontal rather than vertical and this question becomes moot.
  4. I have played Shadowbane on and off since beta, but in all my years I was never able to participate in any of the epic banes that made history simply because my hardware (although never underpowered at the time) never seemed to play nice with the Arcane Engine. Between the 3 spf and constant sb.exe crashes, I basically resigned myself to small scale pvp, and I feel like I really missed out on some amazing memories. In fact, I would go as far as to say that Shadowbane would still be around today (not in emulated form) had it used a better engine. So I will implore to the devs this time around - If you are trying to design another game with massive battles, please invest a disproportionate amount of time and effort into optimization of the engine and netcode. In my opinion, the best engine right now for this sort of thing is Forgelight. Love it or hate it, you cannot deny that Planetside 2 runs incredibly smooth for the amount of stuff going on in one area. I am curious as to whether the devs plan on using a homemade engine or are going to license one.
  5. impulse


    Step 1. Make the game extremely difficult / pointless to lone wolf (ala Shadowbane). Step 2. Give entire guilds 24 hour bans if a guild member is caught exploiting in any way. Step 3. Watch the problem swiftly take care of itself.
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