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  1. A lot going on in this thread. I will just pick one random thing. @APE I don't think bounty hunter systems work out well. People will just kill themselves with an alt. Unfortunately it's a mechanic that can be abused.
  2. I was wondering what that was.
  3. Planning to jump ship if they have more?
  4. Duelist should only be Guinecean, Master race!!!
  5. Woot, thx for the info. I agree with oneply, how often can those passives proc?
  6. This the first game you've backed? Seems like you all forget how this goes more often than not. Relax, we will get news soon. Maybe go outside or find another game to tool around on for a bit. Stop watching the water boil.
  7. You would have to log into the game for that to be true.
  8. We aren't hiding behind them. Hard to hide behind paper... Unless they aren't. So why didn't you in the above video?
  9. Are the guards really that strong? You've never been able to push into a group when they have guards? ... It's always something.
  10. What if you are just RPing a character who makes personal attacks on other characters....
  11. Sorry, I wasn't offering a service. I use to make toys, but I gave that up to be a dentist.
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