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  1. I disagree with this. Some of you here are now saying the game is about PvP. Then why did you all nutcup together. You just want to log on for the siege, out # everyone and win. That's all you will push this game to if you have set timers on the forts, keeps and remove points for camps and towers. Everyone will disappear in-between. Stop acting like you are here from the health of this game. Half of you already said. "I will do anything to win" I guess that includes killing the game. This is a bad idea that just front loads your play style. It's boring capping camps and towers, but it's fun when you run into another small group doing the same. This game needs more small scale fights. We should be looking for ways to increase small scale. Now you are trying to kill that. Save all this log on twice a day to fight sieges and forts for your Dreggs. You will just have a similar issue as Darkfall. Leave factions alone! I am not saying the current system is prefect. @Ace please don't do this.
  2. Not looking to take over Zombies post. But we both know you aren't looking for good PvP, hence why you went Balance. Just funny you act differently on here.
  3. Darksun_

    Duelist in 5.8

    Unless the training dummies are broken. I don't believe you are only hitting them for 500 with pepperbox in legendary everything. I get that and over in whites on live.
  4. My frames dropped into the teens. Targets were hittable, not the normal desync I have experienced at low frames in the past. That being said I only locked up once. A vast improvement over all.
  5. I too have received excellent customer service from this team. If we could only donate extra money to them for donuts/bagels.
  6. Self healing and they can hit for 2-4k dmg.. seems ok. Not sure if they have the bug Assassin and Duelist had.
  7. I wonder how Eve has made it this far...
  8. You are missing the point of the test. It's meant to wake that "sleeping player" it's also meant to have a wide range of player skill levels with imports to test how the future will look with the ending and starting of campaigns. The reward is cosmetic.
  9. It's a TEST. Are you really worried that much about the 1st sanction campaign rewards?
  10. I am all of these things too. Expect the "will do anything to win". If one seeks competition one shouldn't be seeking the easiest path.
  11. This game is about PvP to me, which means I won't always be on the winning side. Which means we will move to whichever side seems like it will get us the most PvP. Hopefully it's this way for most of you. No better way to kill a game we all enjoy than "nutcupping" it to death. So I beg you. Think across faction lines. Don't become shackled to an alliance. See the truth, be the change, side with PvP and never be lonely again!
  12. Oh so you may not be on the winning side of the 1st sanctioned campaign and miss out on a cosmetic thing if that. Maybe it's me, but that's not a big deal. I rather them see how the game plays out at an end game-ish level so they can adjust accordingly. Your point could be taken by anyone starting this game after release. Should we just wipe everything once a year?
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