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  1. "Several answers" Jah responded twice before you posted. Yet another attempt of fabricating facts to justify something. The story is always the same with you. You also ramble on endlessly without answering PinkFluffyPanda's question, which you took the time to quote.
  2. He must misinterpret a lot.
  3. I think it's interesting you go right to stacked factions. I am more thinking about meta classes and the seemingly unwillingness to test the other classes.
  4. More trolls... Good thing you have so many posts. You must be an expert at the game.
  5. Never said it was. Never said "you should be able to PvP solo against a group and win??" Yet another post by you that doesn't add anything to the OP. Just another lame attempt at making up some nonsense.
  6. Fishing in a barrel isn't fishing. Zerging down a lone harvester isn't open world PvP competition. I believe when they add in the rest of the game content this can be revisited. If it's still an issue.
  7. Are we just looking to zerg down harvesters and people farming mobs?
  8. Do you think this has something to do with how the game has been played during testing?
  9. I never said anything about balance. I see now you are just here to hear yourself talk. Good day.
  10. This is productive comment how? It also makes no sense. So because I found a bug, but the devs aren't fixing any. I shouldn't bothering reporting it. Maybe I will remember in Feb 2020 to report it. Maybe they won't need my logs. Maybe I shouldn't report it at all and hope someone else does.
  11. How was my post intentionally ignoring them... I was responding to the each class has been "extensively tested" comment. Last I checked you all don't make the rules. Reported on the forums or via email they are getting reported.
  12. Transparency - is that why there is a high dollar backer and Dev board that the rest of us can't see. I get why we can't post, but shouldn't we be able to read it. Says the forum warrior, nice talk.
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