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  1. Great guild. Would join again.
  2. I never said anything about balance. I see now you are just here to hear yourself talk. Good day.
  3. This is productive comment how? It also makes no sense. So because I found a bug, but the devs aren't fixing any. I shouldn't bothering reporting it. Maybe I will remember in Feb 2020 to report it. Maybe they won't need my logs. Maybe I shouldn't report it at all and hope someone else does.
  4. How was my post intentionally ignoring them... I was responding to the each class has been "extensively tested" comment. Last I checked you all don't make the rules. Reported on the forums or via email they are getting reported.
  5. Transparency - is that why there is a high dollar backer and Dev board that the rest of us can't see. I get why we can't post, but shouldn't we be able to read it. Says the forum warrior, nice talk.
  6. You kids are a joke. I've never had a Dev tell me. "That's nice can you post this the forums." I work for a company that tracks tickets from phone calls, emails, and a web portal. You are telling me these guys are smart enough to make a game, but unable to correctly keep track of bug reports from different media. Stop making up trash to defend your poorly made socks.
  7. I do look these posts. I don't see anything we reported their 90% of the time. Thx for the pro tip. I am assume you are trying to discredit me based off of how many posts I have. Or is it that fact that I use email to report bugs instead of the forums. Either way that doesn't change the facts.
  8. I am not so sure about that. We have found a decent amount of bugs/things not working on multiple classes. After reporting them, it seemed like the devs were unaware. I honestly wonder how much testing is been done these days. Most seem to just be playing to win and the meta.
  9. I don't see a problem with lvling. The pages make it pretty quick at any grade of vessel.
  10. I haven't played a fessor yet. I can tell you ranger is a little OP atm. So that may not be a fair one to hold the fessor up to.
  11. None of this matters unless it makes it to the private forum between the Devs and the high dollar players. CROWFALL DEEP STATE
  12. PRE ALPHA, pre alpha, ALPHA PRE, alpha alpha... Find interesting that the zergs assembled as soon as pre alpha had a gold badge vs a silver one. Stop and look in the mirror. Who's playing it liked a completed game?
  13. Darksun_


    This game is a hidden gem!
  14. I believe they call that "Hardcore PvP" here, lol. Purple gear is 15% better than white. So they are doing 15% more dmg and taking 15% less. Lets just say someone maxed out in passive combat has 15% better skills. Add vessel into this again lets just say 15% better. So 60%, considering this isn't a "skill" based game as I've seen said when the hit boxes were brought up in the forums. It's just they know what order to push the buttons in better than most... sounds like WoW. I am sorry all these things add up to make a difference. If they didn't you wouldn't race to get max gear, or complain about 15 imports. You all would run your zerg ball in all whites and would still win.
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