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  1. @jtoddcoleman Please, make sure you don't forget about the crafters and supports in your reward system
  2. I've found that if you go to the link of the button it works. https://crowfall.com/en/guild/crest/ Let me know if that works for you.
  3. From last Monday's Playtest http://tw2gif.com/video/a47f2c339a478a02809d779af89e58e2.mp4 If 1st link doesn't work: https://www.dropbox.com/s/nzwtp8zoxs6zl9h/tw2gif-2016-07-08-15-41-25.mp4
  4. At least they are already here on the forum and answering to us. Not like they announced the partnership and then we don't have any news until the launch date. So that's a really good point for them. Also I see everyone complaining about "They don't do MMO..." or "They won't handle tech stuff" and so. So you are telling me that no companies that already have game servers should host games? Ok, let's see Ubisoft for hosting,. Oh, wait... Then let's go to EA for hosting good servers. Humpf... Let's go with Zenimax & Bethesda, they do MMO. Oh... Well, I'm better with some guys that can learn how to do it well than guys that do it bad for years and years and years and still do it bad to this day
  5. Hello? Is there anyone? I lost myself on page 4. Where am I? What is this about?
  6. Does everyone agrees that the end of the month is next week?
  7. Nice job Mazon! Don't you have a newsletter to subscribe to to know when you put new stuff on it? That would be nice
  8. OMG can't wait to try it out! That's exactly what I've been waiting for since I pledge in KS! Finally The gameplay seems so fun and player skill based. PS: @Tinnis GW2 skill combos was pretty much insignificant. All PvP was based on retaliations.
  9. lyeos

    Game of Thrones

    Yeah. Hmmm... Surprises like Melissandre removing her necklace? BTW it's not the first time we see her without it, but it's the first tie we see her true... form... Mistake or intended?
  10. I'm not sure about alliances. I can see an easy way to combine both would be to allow players to join several guilds. Example: You have a small guild, around 10 people. You are a crafter/trader. An alliance would force 9 people not so interested in crafting/trading to be in. Some alliance would ask some kind of participation to be in. So you'll force 9 people to participate to something they are not into. While multi-guild is on you, and only you. Where you can be known for being either the best crafter for some things or for having the best social net. Trading would get more interesting as some people would be part of (for example) of the Armor Crafting guild, where only the top proficiency in armor can join. HUB EK would get wway more importante, because instead of having an EK where it is only about how much people you've recruited before the game start it would be on the fame of the people coming in this EK.
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