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  1. Is crowfall fundamentally boring?

    If you can fix the armor for gold, then the player driven economy cannot exist. Decay must happen, especially with all the gankers with that armor that can be repaired. Loot the body, loot the body
  2. Is crowfall fundamentally boring?

    But only cause everything will be erased
  3. Just remember, you can be handed great gear, but if you are sloppy or careless, you will lose that equipment to looters
  4. Basic Race and Skill progression and VIP

    Prerequisites like this may seem like a waste, but you never know when that melee or strength/other stat will come in handy. Its not all about DPS. It also prevents people from Min/Maxing. i.e.
  5. Basic Race and Skill progression and VIP

    if you don't back fill, your character will hurt. From what I see, the basic skill tree is vital for your character to progress.
  6. Basic Race and Skill progression and VIP

    It would be nice to speed through the basic, 1 or 2 pips. But when you get in specializing, I think it should still be 4 or 5 pips to advance.
  7. Basic Race and Skill progression and VIP

    I did not know you only needed 4 pips, thank you. But when I tried to train a skill without training in all the previous skills, I could not start training. I see about half way on the middle line that no training was put into 1 skill, when I tried doing that (about 2 weeks ago), it would not let me put time in if I did not have training in all previous training.
  8. On of the questions on many of our minds is, what about duel training when we can only train into basic class and race. I know there is talk about skill tombs, but here is my suggestion. Make a stream line path to the Basic Mastery Skill and/or make it so you can progress to the next skill with less than 5 pips in the skill. That way, I can start other training faster. For example, with 2 pips in the skill Sprint Movement Modifier you could have a linear progression, (so 1 pip = 20%, 2 pips= 40%, 3 pips=60%, 4 pips=80%, 5 pips = 100%) or a exponential bonus (so 1 pip = 3%, 2 pips= 8%, 3 pips=20%, 4 pips=50%, 5 pips = 100%). This could be only for a direct path or all of the basic or all trees. Had to use Mage tree here, as basic is already full.
  9. Skill Pips

    Each skill has 5 pips, do you get any benefit from skills that have 1 to 4 pips or does it have to be at 5?
  10. One benefit to the passive skill tree, is that people who can't spend hours upon hours each day playing the game, can keep up with others they join with. I am a family man myself and the game will be played intermittently, but my buddy (no names) plays when ever he is not at work. Thus in most games, I will be at lvl 20 something, while my buddy is maxed leveled at 50. I have been telling people about the game and the passive skill tree is a big selling factor as they can't spend hours each day on the computer. They plan on getting the game come release.
  11. Played EVE for 10 years off and on. The difference between my 10 year character and my 3 year alt is that my 10 year can play 3 factions really good, while my 3 year alt can play 1 faction really good
  12. Ok, This guy has three posts and has nothing constructive to say, just complaining. If you ever look at this again, you need to know that: i. At first, yes its a bit hard to compete with older players but after a little bit, it just means that you have to choose a path and the older players can trained in multiple paths. ii. You can't get attacked by faction, so either you were in a Free for All or was in a PVP EK. Try making your starting equipment in the EK. iii. Give some constructive feedback, not just 3 posts and you say your tired? I love the game guys, especially the way you have to balance the Druid
  13. Insert image from URL not working

    Found the problem, I needed to "copy direct link" and not "copy link"
  14. Fort Walls and Parcels

    At the moment, fort walls, buildings and land (at least the store bought ones) don't give xp
  15. 0 Logout countdown for EK's

    It would be nice to have no Logout countdown on non-pvp EK's. I know its only 20 seconds, but it seems so long when watching the clock