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  1. I find it strange that the sickle is in the druids left hand. Why not put it in the right hand
  2. You don't need to be in combat stance. Each use takes down harvesting gear, especially when you have very few passive skills in Exploration. You can watch the durability of your axe go down every time you hit a tree. Even more if you hit the wrong resource
  3. basic harvesting gear breaks quickly as it is
  4. Devonic

    Druid Armor

    You don't think the + to healing is worth it?
  5. Devonic

    Knight Question

    Is a knight have any healing capability in any of its specs?
  6. Devonic

    Druid Armor

    Which armor would be the best for druid? Take a vote
  7. if you get too close to the capture point location, you be shot by guards, but other then that, no you can harvest anywhere.
  8. Things are going to feel so slow when we get wiped and go into launch. All the skills reset and training much slower than now
  9. Hello Corrupted Essence is an easy going mature guild that is looking for players. Our members enjoy crafting, pvp, and role playing. We are looking at focusing on the balance faction, but you always welcome to play others, especially pre-launch. We use discord as a chat. You you wish to join us, please give me a message. Thank You Devonic
  10. The Basic Combat, Explor and crafting should give you time to decide which way you want to focus on.
  11. Devonic


    I want my druid to have healing ability, while still being able to go and do damage. I got my druid up to lvl 21 and chose earth affinity and I am thinking Forest affinity would have been better. which affinity would be better?
  12. We can no longer edit the guild message of the day. Gave error code before, so probably intentional. I like the look of the new website and would like to see some new stuff in the store
  13. I am guessing that in the start, there will be so many people looking for basic wood that it will be a pain getting it Harvesting EK resources and importing it to a campaign will be important.
  14. I just got to the point where I have to choose my affinity and I am not sure if the druid earth affinity is right. Is there a way to reset talents?
  15. My wife has the same issue, we have the exact same computers, but hers will not update. She has been having issues updating windows. It is a pain, uninstalling and then reinstalling the game, given we are getting updates regularly.
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