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  1. CEST, Central European Standard Time? Just to confirm, this is equal to 12 pm Eastern (North American)?
  2. I am wanting an MMO to play, being home so much during this lockdown. Wish Crowfall would launch, but guessing that will be a long way off. Maybe New World will be good, but still 2 months until launch.
  3. I know it's crazy times and things will be delayed because of it. But could we get an update? First quarter of 2020 is almost over.
  4. I want to play Crowfall more, but who knows when it will come out. New World looks like a good alternative.
  5. Between the Archdruid and Earthkeeper, which one is easier when dealing with Essence burn. I like druids, but have a hard time managing my essence. Thank You
  6. Been away for a while, what testing phase are we at? The FAQ says Pre-Alpha 5, is that correct? Thank You
  7. There has been people still joining EVE 15 years after launch. People will be drawn to it. Besides, Launch is some time off
  8. Your title had my hopes up of getting news about release
  9. Godly boon, kind of like this does Golden Dragon Altar Relic 8,000 CRO* Pay tribute to the Queen of Wyrms, Lyessa with the Golden Dragon Altar Relic. This relic can be placed in your guild or personal Kingdom. When you sacrifice rare metals to this relic, for a short period of time, players may receive temporary magical benefits. *All relics can also be found and scavenged from the Campaign Worlds. *Note that buildings, parcels and decorative items may only be used in the Eternal Kingdoms. Golden Dragon Altar Relic 8,000 CRO* Pay tribute to the
  10. Devonic

    Druid Armor

    Also looking at other classes I want to play, they are leather only.
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