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  1. Soft Launch

    With the way you need to keep your target redacial whom you are attacking, personal skill will also have a major effect. Someone like me with a shaker hand, will be less skillful that someone that is good at first person shooters.
  2. Soft Launch

    I want to start getting skill points and they stay and not get wiped.
  3. Gliding

    Wish I was a Fey, when I logged back in after crashing and was in this location
  4. So I crashed at the following location. (Reported to support). But when I logged in next I was in this location
  5. A button that picks up loose resources within a meter would also work. I have the same issue
  6. Trade Chest

    a fake, I could open it and it said trade chest.
  7. Trade Chest

    How or where do I find or make Trade Chests. Will it be something someone will be able to put in EK's?
  8. Good Day I know we are a ways from soft launch, but if you can launch earlier than planned do it and apply new content with patches. I have been playing 5.5 a fair bit and excited to get EK stuff in 5.6, but I am really getting tired of chopping wood that I know will be wiped. Now I am a big fan of Blizzard games, more of the old stuff Warcraft 1 and 2 and Starcraft, it took them ever to launch a game, but it was pretty bug free. Now as a perfectionist I am sure you are, I am sure this is what you want to aim for, but please, when I chop wood or pick ore, I want to know I will get to keep it or lose it to someone in pvp and they will get to keep it. At the other end of the spectrum is a program like Windows that seem to just throw a program out there and waits to see what bugs are reported by the users; now I think you are past this point. While I cannot talk for others, I would like to see Crowfall launch sooner and deal with some bugs. All I can think is how long the skills will take and I want to get started. Each skill point I get, will be my precious and I will enjoy its use. Minimize the amount of NPC stuff and let us do some stuff that will not be wiped, even if its chopping wood and fighting with basic weapons, while the rest is on the test server. Plus, people can start using up their VIP's which will get them to buy more sooner. Thus the sooner the launch, the sooner you start making more money. Thank You Devonic
  9. Get use that kind of thing, computer crashes and even server port crashes can kill you. I know this is not EVE, but I lost a tonne of isk from computer crashes. Its part of this type of game, your character cannot just become invulnerable when your computer crashes or people would hard boot their computers when they were about to die. Most likely, you lost connection some time back and your character got suck in auto run. " You can see the stupid "E to Recall" come up when I was dizzy downed multiple times, too." not sure what you mean here.
  10. Same thing here, but one jumped out at me, the other would not touch me and I could not hurt it
  11. It would seem that these Risen Grunts, have not Risen out of the ground enough. Tried to kill them, but they take no damage, even with my druid bomb