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  1. There needs to be more things to kill, it seems like you can run forever without finding something to kill. We need stuff to help level
  2. Any recomendations for Disciplines for Templars. I am looking at going Human Paladin, so Demon Pack is no good as I am already at the cap of 4 passives.
  3. Devonic

    Templar talk.

    I just started playing a templar and I am really enjoying it. I took it to lvl 30 on the test and find the Paladin Healing to be great. I like having the ability to do some healing, but my main focus being attack.
  4. Thats because edge sucks, I have lots of capability issues with edge.
  5. Right click the forum button and choose to open incognito and you should be able to log in then. A pain, but its a work around.
  6. Just finshed install and update and same error. tried the repair option but that did not work.
  7. Access denied when trying to apply the patch (had to uninstall and reinstall Crowfall Test for it to work) Uninstalled and reinstalled Now its updating
  8. Why does it seem that all patches are 5+ GB?
  9. The Ribon on my Templars Great Sword is standing straight up.
  10. I just leveled my Earth Keeper. Much better, also armor applies its bonus to my Earthkeeper, but not my ArchDruid (on test server anyway)
  11. It seems to be impossible to die from falling now, only 1935 hp damage from falling off this cliff (the tallest that I could find) Seems like there is no point to taking the Fae, if you can't die from falling
  12. This is only for ArchDruid, just tried it on my earthkeeper and armor works good. There seems to be no change in the amount of my heals when I switch from Leather armor to mail armor. Leather should give a large increase to healing, but my blast of leaves are 22 to 24 hp each, while in either armor. Mail also, does not give a boost to hp.
  13. Even going from lvl 20 to lvl 30, and getting new armor. There seems to be no change in the amount my of healing my blast of leaves does. Its always 22 to 24 each.
  14. Ok, thanks. I am on the path to ArchDruid and now I can wear mail after I get the last skill trained
  15. Druid does not have have access to Mail armor, but is should according to the game FAQ.
  16. There is no energy cost for archers range abilities. This seems overpowered.
  17. Please make it so when you are on a mount and click the mount key, you just dismounts and it does not try to re-summon you mount.
  18. I just made a Minotaur Ranger and I was collecting wood to make starting gear. I noticed that if I hold down on my left mouse button when chopping a tree down with an axe, it only took 2 swings. If I single clicked the mouse for each chop, it would require 3 clicks, so 3 chops with the same axe. Every hits was for 89 damage, so the tree has 50% more hit points if I single click my mouse. This happened over and over.
  19. When a Minotaur hits a tree to get wood, it only uses 1 are instead of 2, like other races But yet, he uses 2 hands to swing an axe
  20. Currently I can run with camo active from illusionist disipiline, just like you can run woth woodelf camo active.
  21. Must be a bug than, I can run while camo is active and it stays like the wood elf's
  22. My human Templar with Deamon's Pack should have 5 passive slots, as humans have 4 to start with. I am gready and would like that 5th passive sloth please. Expanisive Mind works corectly and gives my 10th slot, as humans start with 9.
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