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  1. so.. how do you subscribe for the contest ? are you gonna do a list of people that get in or at 14 of january everyone will post their creation and you will know the number of participations ?
  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pHkPeqKjmsY&feature=youtu.be
  3. nicodo


    Well well , welcome here to this awesome game to come I think most of all feel you about the games being so alike and kicking each one after the next one... I though i saw your name before , at the guild recruitmemt it looks like hehe . Good luck on you guild , it will grow with time and before you know it there will be lot of people following you I will see you in the field , hope that you are at the right side when that happens
  4. Welcome ~ We will need some troll strength ... the one here are to... better not to say , so hope to see more of you !
  5. Heya there KoS , just jumping around to get know other guilds
  6. Welcome to all our new members and WS Great .. now we have more people on the darkside ... the plan is going just as planned ...
  7. nicodo


    Well , glad that you edit it hehe . Welcome to CrowFall! i feel you about that of playing games since a kid , pretty much since you remember your self , looks like you had a lot of fun in those 21 years of gaming and was in really good spots on the right time , with a small miss here and there As your competitive spirits goes , you choosed the right game for filling such hole , i hope it could fill that hole for all of us here in CF that expecting for the game Don't shy away to get around the forum and meet new people and say what ever on your mind , also which accesse you have ? [Alpha 1-5 , beta 1-7 ]
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