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  1. I have a very similar setup but I have an 8086k and 64gb 3666mhz. I'm wondering if resolution takes a hand. I'm using 5210 x 1440. And I get 50-70fps in an empty zone. Or 9 fps in any fight. It doesn't matter if I'm on max settings or low same exact fps just one looks like a better slideshow.
  2. Basically what the title says, I would be willing to bet almost everyone has a extended mousepad and who wouldn't love some crowfall art ones. Just an idea. Thanks.
  3. Guild criteria: Region: North America (East Coast) Atmosphere: Mature, 20+ crowd. No drama, no raging. Casual/Hardcore?: Mid/Hardcore. I play video games quite a bit and am generally quite dedicated. Size: "Prefer not too big, guilds that just recruit everyone become unmanageable piles of garbage." - stole this Play-Style: I would consider myself a crafter. Commitment: I am basically a 24/7 League of legends player right now but am looking to phase that out. I play all types of games but this one is going to be my main b shortly. Miscellaneous: I've been part of plenty of player groups. I was part of [R]age back on Battlefield 2 top 3 CAL and TWL ladders, so I have a very competitive side. I am currently playing mostly league of legends now though and can not seem to get better at the game after 5 years. Crowfall is my new calling. Experience: Quite a few FPS Silkroad (Korean MMO) - probably top 15 on the server I played on part of #1 guild League of legends 5 man team Minecraft small community server owner. Voice-Chat services: Discord Skype TS Ventrillo Landline Cellphone Cups and string
  4. I do not have access to reply in the test forums.
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