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  1. Retaliate & Parries have alot of issues. Rolled up another Templar for testing purposes and Righteous parry has the same issue as retaliate itself. If you use a skill right after a parry the server eats said skill. Its very easy to lose a full combo of attacks or an important skill during that time.
  2. Haunts healing component & ghost armies healing doesn't work. I havent seen it heal here or on test currently.
  3. Yep our clan vendor is down in the fog area that contains mainly noobie gear & has had no problem selling stuff.
  4. I've noticed this as well with abilities if you retaliate and start a skill the server just eats it.
  5. Oh I wont disagree on templar cc line being the worst but thats all CC lines due to retaliate. Yes our mobility is terrible hence why I prefer the Elken templar but going to be retiring him again for another human for group fighting. A slow would help the class itself if we're not supposed to be mobile & something I would love to see instead of increased mobility but is already baked into righteous smash for the fury. Maybe that slow should be moved as our baseline and single target & new ideas for the CC classes should be pitched. The CC line could also be the anti-zerg/ balling promotions that force groups to separate a bit instead of stacking on top of each other . Right now the skills in game that do that are so poor that they might as well not exist & it would also be another form of control without it having to be a hard CC. Firewall sort of had those properties until the new elementalist skill came out. Reverberating blow from Adjudicator if it did damage and didnt need the other players to be on top of each other would be interesting mechanics. I'm forgetting the druid skill but I believe its lightning rod? Something along those lines for the CC classes. Maybe disable the Dodge for a few seconds after a skill from CC classes (this might be to evil though). It would force sprint to be used in combat more . The other option & I'm not sure if its possible would be to make it that retaliate costs 2x-3x more if you were hit by a CC class or a stam regen debuff so it becomes harder to retaliate the longer the fight. It might ease up on the spam and bring the other CC lines to the front . On pip generation I still dont see why we need pip generation on every templar auto as suggested by people. With autos , divine & righteous smash its nearly impossible to run out of pips unless you spam execute. Good resource management is a key thing for the the templar but then again I might not have the same issues as other templars due to the heavy great sword & higher CD's.
  6. I don't find the CC templar as lacking as is said in this thread other than the retaliate issue that plagues everything. If that cant get resolved the CC lines getting more support effects would be cool. Something a long the lines of hot feet built into the base fury line would be interesting over the root it currently has or what mandalore has proposed. The KD & daze on divine light when it does its job is nice. The lvl 25 passive also is questionable compared to the other two.
  7. 1st thing they could do is flip the fort & outpost cap speeds. I don't understand why we can flip a fort faster with the same amount of people than any outpost. The small outposts are serving their purpose currently allowing the smaller groups to participate in the scoring & when you do get pvp its usually on a smaller scale. Removing them would be a detriment but I'm sure we could make them more interesting than the current zerg a fort meta thats going on.
  8. Interesting what sword are you using? I'm assuming the regular one because under heavy its grey and not available to cast. requires more pips to cast.
  9. Fountain of Life cant be casted by a templar at 5 pips the skill stays grey'd out. 5.8.3 it took 4.
  10. They all have divine light. Stay out of the circle. Parry is pip based so once their out they cant counter attack but if you're standing in divine light you're refilling said pips. Range has no problem against a templar since its very difficult for them to stay in melee against those classes. I would just chalk this up to lack of knowledge on how to fight a Templar more than anything.
  11. Ya I was a little disappointed when paired with a CC fessor that the debuffs dont stack. Hellfire and brimstone could be modified to how force wave works that would make it interesting or some other modifier for the hellfire aura. Condemnation with how the game is setup now should be changed to a non charged attack or reduce how long it needs to be channeled. During the hunger dome days with animation locks this was ok.
  12. I'm assuming you mean on hot foot. This isnt true at all. There's an issue with 3rd strikes that I tested when 5.8.3 was on test and reported I'm assuming its been there since 5.8 or even before then. I'm hoping there will be a fix for it when they redo player movement mechanics , physics and cc. Until then 3rd strike abilities can be very unreliable.
  13. MrErad

    Cleric builds

    Nothing to do with being polite. Just smart players and coordination. Its easy to keep people healed when they have a clue whats going on. Both classes have a different way of healing I just find the paladin does it better than the healing spec cleric. Cleric I think overall could use a little boost in some areas so it stands out better in the heal department & to the radical spec line.
  14. MrErad

    Cleric builds

    No one can compete with a druids healing. I have no issues keeping a group up with the paladin in open field fights. Clerics mobility is right up there with the templars is non existant especially with block (only mobile builds would be elkin). Yep illuminate is a great skill and versatility? Like i said nothing stops the templar for equipping the same skills . So ult + illuminate is what the cleric has going for it.
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