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  1. Still can't use Adjudicate on a Templar. Blunt Weapon is required.
  2. Nope without the blood pact its healing for about 1k+ @ 5 pips.
  3. Blood Pact + Healing Burst on the Paladin replenishes your HP bar to full no matter where its at.
  4. Ya so far the tweaks feel good. Especially on the Vindicator even with some skills still costing a whopping 4 pips.
  5. Yes and with the loop how it currently is its not going to change much of anything. Until the economy loop is correct I don't see the point in people advocating for a full wipe or character / inventory wipe. We have at best what 350 people playing? Doubt it would have that much of an impact if the flood gates for the players was opened up. I want to see what the servers are going to be like a full capacity before worrying about what clans have what resources from bugs.
  6. I don't see the problem with this since its beta. Large guilds will have all those resources back within the first week even if the forts were spitting out the correct resource amounts. Does the duping really matter in beta as long as that part is fixed? Especially with the amount of resources forts give.
  7. The only 2 that have issues are the Vindicator & Fury. That might be made up with the new aoe skill on the Vindi so it will be interesting to see how 6.2 pans. The fury who knows. We also don't know anything about the majors minors we will have access to that might change more aspects of the Templar class.
  8. That heal confessor 🥳 6.2 is looking very interesting at this point. Wonder if it will get me to hang up the greatsword or will Templars be just as insane. Can't wait to see the rest.
  9. because if your tics are around 1k+ and its all upfront you might as well tell the person they have no chance once Divine is dropped.
  10. 3) should be implemented across all Templars and Paladins talent becomes some type of heal enhancement. Other thing I would like to see is the PIP requirement on abilities to scale correctly compared to other classes. Templars are usually paying 20-40% per ability compared to other classes.
  11. Ya I'm curious what they'll do to this class too. The higher vessel thing holds true with this class and with its healing rat on top of it. I think the highest i got to was 31/42 per tick on condemnation. Would love to see hellfire aura pushed out to 6/7m so its more punishing to be in range of a sanctifier.
  12. That would be a good question about troubadour. All I know is that spitting distance doesn't have an effect on the 20m range for the slow. If the 3m food works on troubadour I don't see why the eyes wouldnt. Then again with 6.2 most the info we have will be worthless to begin with. Something worth trying on test. Nothing will increase the range of your base kit once you take spitting distance. Majors will work at their said ranges though. Guess its something for me to double check on my plate confessor.
  13. Confessors aren't clearing SIN after using absolution. Leveled up a new one and the 2 lines that aren't the inquisitor line get the same benefit.
  14. Yep I did read what he's writing , read what you're writing and the others covered it with good responses. Don't get your panties in a bunch likes always. Oh please no not the memes & a video, What will I ever do. You were missing one of the benefits of field surgeon when "explaining" things to him. The field surgeon will also help if for some reason he can't stay in the front lines or has to move. Its nearly impossible to run out of pips with field surgeon up but is it a strong pick for Paladin? Probably not but allows you to stay a bit more mobile when paired with something like p
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