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  1. Omg who would have guessed wild charge is a CC ability . Try some reading comprehension. Did you know force wave is a CC too?
  2. Just waiting for Pann to show up and lock this thread since its gone off the rails but got to love the E-peen challenges. Try doing some testing instead of issuing challenges. So the racial bug 1) Reported by players already apparently wild charge isnt doing proper damage (this is comical this was their only bug report on wild charge) , 2) Drops Parry & Block on players (so acting like shield breaker here) 3) Acts as hard cc by turning off all toggles (songs, auras etc) when its a soft cc skill. Added bonus is the knock away on top of it not sure if this would be classified as a bug or not. So you've got a racial that is way beyond any major . If it was just armor break it wouldn't be a problem. The other take away after thinking about it is if all the armor breaks follow the same rule in dropping parry & block.
  3. They are but they are also rare. Just like any leather class or high priority target they'll be called out for a quick killing or to push them back to lessen the threat from them.
  4. Spectre Legion was on a 7 or 8 month hiatus and when we came back we found those bugs easily same with a big Templar bug that people missed (plus a slew of other minor ones). We're just tired of hearing from the so called "top tier" that they've tested everything . The centaur racial is basically equivalent to a major and then some. The double neckbreaker does happen but can't be controlled by the player and we still haven't found the cause of this. This one seems to be some rare bug that actually does double hit even though others will claim differently and say its a combat display bug. Worst part to this is the EK & Campaigns do behave differently in some aspects when PvPing testing so that causes even more issues to verify things without having a character on the opposing force in the campaign. (They're aware of this too now) . All the joys of pre-Alpha testing currently.
  5. Well if each rank is supposed to be a 5% increase in terms of stats they could just do a blanket 5% each downgrade if it could be implemented.
  6. Well the funny part our vessels used to not carry over between campaigns . I don't remember when they stopped doing that but if they brought that back it would be an interesting change. Short campaigns no one would bring a legend , epic might make a showing but would reduce another gap if brought back.
  7. Solo'd all the gold himself while dealing with family & his job . He planned ahead with the purple pages using a white blackguard to farm what he needed. Nothing was needed from the guild.
  8. Funny part about the discipline discussion I just had someone roll up a legendary blackguard just to test. It took him a week or less to get the vessel capped & fully loaded with majors and minors.
  9. Ya especially when 50% of it was made of Conflict. You have to give them credit for holding the line on that one.
  10. Funny part of this battle is this is day 2 at Solaris. That fort has been a complete hot spot this campaign for crazy fights.
  11. Our latest fight from the current campaign. Also still looking for 1x Black Guard 1x Crusader 2x Duelists (slayer) 1x Knight (Secutor)
  12. Spectre Legion , Eldritch & Conflict holding off the forces of Chaos & Balance for 35+ minutes . This video is the last 10 minutes of said fight.
  13. They're perfectly fine open field. Anything more and the class would be overpowered.
  14. Responses in bold Templars aren't in a terrible place other than the Vindicator's talent line needing a rework & some slight buffs to the fury line itself.
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