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  1. Its more than this. There's quite a few bugs associated with centaurs themselves , champs , templars & cant speak for the knight currently. I'm hoping the dregs patch has a lot of fixes in place with the new content before balance starts just to see how the meta ball changes.
  2. I don't think the devs ever acknowledged this but I would expect major changes after the Dregs lands. The whole vindicator line is a hotmess of questionable talents.
  3. Another Fort Defense against the might of balance
  4. Some fights from the Perstilyn Campaign so far in Arkon's Honor.
  5. Just a little clan propaganda to bolster our numbers
  6. Their feedback is still valuable even if you dont agree with it. Yes Order has a population issue but if it wasnt for my clan also going at it alone in Order they wouldn't have upgraded gear period. The biggest thing I've seen so far is that there is no reason to craft white , green or blue quality gear that isnt from a maxed vessel. You're better off going mob drop at that point. Front loading the passive skill training a bit more could help in that area . So this was from the first campaign since the inventory wipe & vessel wipe. The top 2 swords are mob dropped . The bottom sword is a player crafted max blacksmith white vessel with no bonus from the keep , crafting armor or jewelry . We rolled that one as all stats to see if we could get the crit healing up and to see where we could get the support power up to in comparison to the mob drops. So when rolling these as a max white you'll get 1 stat to max if you're lucky. Why bother with whites or greens when crafting? Blues wouldn't be much better just a little bit easier due to the higher quality. Player crafted green & whites need a boost over mob drop. The extra durability is meaningless when this stuff drops like mad. Currently there is no place for a new blacksmith & a max blacksmith is just going to gear himself up properly & not waste time in this tier.
  7. Do you have the grit to play on whichever faction has the least amount of players. Are you a hardnded soul looking for a skill based PvP guild. Do you have an unyielding passion for going against the grain. Are you tried of being a number in the enfeebled zerg of ignorance. Do you have the bravado, nah the gumption to craft for the smallest faction in the game. Do you find yourself fighting your inner masochist. Well my friend look no further. Spectre Legion is recruiting. Requirements : Discord Play the class you want to play Contact: MrErad or Audin for more info
  8. Spectre Legion is currently working on that but with only 5 of us being active currently it makes it a bit tougher to get the ball rolling (hopefully when beta rolls around some day we'll see a full roster in game) . I'm the one who helped Eldritch gear out their vessels & if my clan actually took the alpha as seriously as balance we could easily get the rest of our crafting vessels on par to help Order. Still their points do carry some weight behind them and other points do not. Currently the mob drops vs player crafted low end stuff is a bit out of wack especially on the green tier items. The majority of the mob drop stuff is better than a white vessel max crafting a blue item. The only thing that may be better is the damage but the rest of of the stats will be lower overall. Possibly dropping the dust cost on green & white gear a little more could help balance this out a bit so the stepping stone is a bit better.
  9. Wow, aren't we on our mighty high horse here preaching away. No one said they wanted a pvp game where skill trumps all. The ranged boxes could use some tightening up with half the distance easily without raising the skill cap (im sure there is a way to abuse ranged how it currently is but will have to do more testing) and the issue of 3m melee has been shown that its still not working with the new controller in place. So either they're going to have to revert it back to 5m or continue working on the netcode but some communication regarding the change would be nice. If this were to stay at soft launch most people will end up laughing at this game no matter how you view the personal skill issue. It will just be a numbers game to overcome a current broken melee system & an oddly developed ranged one. No one can deny when this game is working that the combat is fun and the adrenaline rush that comes from it is a blast.
  10. has nothing to do with cleric. Hell downing a target who is low becomes problematic if the hit box is that big in any engagement. Just step into the barn sized area and absorb the hits for your buddy or npc aggros you and starts getting in your way. WIth a hitbox that big you cant really aim around it.
  11. Actually that makes no sense. I'm assuming they didnt want melee having 5m range not sure where that came about from since I've been following the forums even with the break I took from CF. Its already shown that the desync "lag" is already a big problem but if its for "balance" purposes then its no more acceptable than this.
  12. Its way better when you're 1m on the targets back and still cant land anything as their running away . 3m range / netcode needs to be addressed if they want to go forward with it being the new norm.
  13. I had a fight with a champ that was farming. He was low health running away & I was 1m away on his back the whole time and couldnt get a LMB strike to hit Didn't have shadowplay up for it but the 3meter range is far worse than I thought it would be. Currently trying to get more video of how terrible it is.
  14. The divine light pulling away is smart but its also the pip generator. Diving in and firing it off to get max pips and see how the flow goes from there is the ideal way. Blowing a holy warrior right off the bat is the wrong way thats for sure. I"ve always reserved it as a backup heal or if the fight flow isnt anything crazy to cap someone off and rebuild it for a bigger push. Also I did email support about the 0 pip regeneration. I've waited 5 minutes and nothing comes back in previous version we would always get the first pip so either that was a ninja fix or something broke along the way without anyone noticing. They said they would investigate and get back to me so hopefully we'll have a proper answer sooner than later. Not getting that first pip back actually screws with Templars pretty badly and couldnt figure out why something felt off at first and this is the reason.
  15. Odd thing since I've been playing a templar since 5.4 but recently came back I could have sworn we auto generated our first pip every time if we're empty. In 5.10 currently if the pips are empty they stay empty until a lunge is hit or 3 auto attacks . I watched my old videos and Templars would auto regenerate their first pip after a set amount of time. So currently its more like starting at 0 mana and having to build our way up instead of 20%. Not sure if this was broken by design or when it broke to its current status but sent a support ticket to get more clarification on it.
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