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  1. When you can't use your ranged advantage , the extra group of players and that pesky 3m range isnt working against you as much.
  2. Just set your offhand weapon as a dagger or axe & you can use the skills without losing your bonus. Only problem you'll have is the poison toxin & the poison from the discipline dont stack if i recall correctly. Currently the minor dot is overwriting the toxin.
  3. Just tested it with my buddy to confirm it. 3 applications his fault finding from devotion drops at 3 applications . Mine also does the same. We also tested double templars with divine light and got 2 stacks to apply to each dummy before fault finding stopped.
  4. Yes with party members you'll get to 5. Each player in the group can apply 3 stacks of sin before fault finding stops.
  5. Weird you've brought this up. From what I've seen a solo templar can only apply up to 3 stacks of sin through devotions fault finding then fault finding drops. I believe on other party members it stays up longer so you can get to 5 but haven't tested this in a while . I know with 2 templars you can stack up to 6 sin though. I guess the real question is fault finding supposed to drop after 3 stacks of SIN are applied.
  6. Hi Mandy! So who is this WE? Do you even still play? I see we're back on the guards topic again. Maybe you should start a thread about them.
  7. Well that would be correct. Lack of coordination and tactics on balances part.
  8. Funny how the guards are now a problem. Think the title speaks for itself.
  9. Bump with a slightly older video. This is who we are. Explicit Content - Language , Open Comm video (for those who use speakers) Still Looking for 1x Blackguard or Vandal 1 x Champion Alpha or Pitfighter 2x Duelist Slayers
  10. Oh I don't know. Maybe real life stuff plus if we're lucky Order will make up 10% of the siege population on a good night? The real question is why did you run from a 1 vs 1 opportunity from one of my guys.
  11. LOL you guys seem salty. This one of Jah's winnable outnumbered fights I see.
  12. You're going to have to wait until this February patch hits and when the balancing phase starts. Maybe we'll see more disciplines that will allow for RP'ers to use or maybe not. I'm assuming you wanted to use adjudicator and holy avenger as an RP'er which is locked out for the kit.
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