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  1. Funny thing this used to be the method for breaking stacks was with Centaur Champs about 2 years ago. HoA , Winterblades , & Vanguard used this a lot in their fort fights which eventually fell out of favor. This is also what forced SL into using more Templars ironically. I'm not saying there aren't comps that cant counter alpha spam but its something thats back in fashion now. It was a bit of a problem then and just as much now since damage can be easily amped up. The reason you see so much clumping is how all the skills are designed AOE caps to heals & defensive skills being ao
  2. Or you know they could make it a 1k cost ult. Majority should be that. Problem with Alpha & Neckbreaker is the PDM + Insane Damage & how frequents it comes back. They get the best of everything with nothing lost in return.
  3. Or they could go all in on a larger maps which might solve the same issue. If blob A and blob B can't get to every fort / keep within 5 minutes it might actually change up how the game is played. The infected has probably one of the best portal setups in terms of travel time to get to a new zone. Expand those maps and conflicts might be more regional instead of each Blob blowing through each encampment and fort looking for "PvP". Force projection would matter and how many people to devote to an objective. Instead the devs insist on catering to a small subset of the population since maps woul
  4. You're not the brightest are you? You scoured my videos to find a 1s clip to see what my skills are but with just a little slow mo and watching you would figure out the majors and a minor easily. The talent picks are the more important things out of the build . It wasn't some super secret vindi build it was more of like do your own leg work. Ah yes theory craft for months yet no one was playing vindi until the new OP damage was added to it (a class we were using for years). It took you 2 days to figure it out yet & you were so proud of it. You still can't play it well even figuring out th
  5. Not even close to garbage. It's actually quite OP in the right hands. It just needs a few more tweaks to some minor issues with it like the double pick forced off spitting distance and meteors cast time & possibly upping the healing on condemnation. They could also convert the meteor barrier into barrier on condemnation and that would go a long way to increasing its tank.
  6. Only class I haven't put any time on has been Myrmidon that i can probably count the hours on one hand. Yep have builds for confessors, assassins that aren't the norm, done the knight thing you want a resume' of the classes I've played? Usually if its considered under powered I'll gravitate toward it. Sort of like how the radical was considered trash back in the day yet still had its uses , same with the Templar . Used to play a vandal too, currently have a blackguard also know they can group fight just fine too. Then again a little out of the box thinking goes a long way. Question i
  7. None of the stat bundles are must haves. There are a few talents out there that do need some tuning but the majority of talents aren't wasted picks. If you're afraid to attempt a new meta direction thats more on the players and yourself. There's a lot of builds out there that are being under utilized currently and kind of crazy they aren't being used. Then again the majority of the pop jumps to the perceived next OP.
  8. Yep thats how I've been reading it too. Plenty of classes have builds that don't need all the stat packages and by not choosing them they have more options in skill selection.
  9. Except there is no real room for small guilds period. Outposts with the timer change are now 10 man+ . Forts are basically sieges. After the timers there is nothing else. Actually the outpost timers made it worse now maybe they should lock for 23 hours too if they're going to use the 1hr timer . Nothing is done in terms of forcing the large side to say hey maybe we should split up to capture more objectives or to patrol mob spawns. Just cram in everything as tight as possible and he who brings more is crowned the victor. I want to see how the game play changes if the maps used up a
  10. You could expand the maps and keep the zone amounts down. They're reluctant to split it further through other campaign types etc but we should be asking for larger maps.
  11. Or you know they could make the maps bigger to mess with their mobility.
  12. Well this explains why the children are so upset now but your post sums them up perfectly.
  13. Yep on test everyone tries new things. Bragging how you won on test is quite comical. I've put you and your clan in the dirt more than enough times to count but thats neither here or there. Ask anyone in this game outside of the test server environment if we scrim anyone? Yep I pushed for your clan to get banned from zerobies EK right up there with isotope. People were testing things then you and your crew would start attacking anyone that was already testing things with someone else. I know you might find this shocking but people do use the TEST server to actually you know TEST things
  14. Are you seriously crying about not getting scrims with other clans? Its a pvp game who cares. Go out there , get some bang and chew through the meat grinder. Scrims are beyond useless in this type of game. Only time they should be used is internally to bring up weaker players and explain things to them. Other than that the meat grinder is the best way you'll get experience to what works and what doesn't since open world is unpredictable and without rules. P.S. Your form of trolling is that of lies and some form of slander in game of course. It's not even good trolling. Maybe that's why
  15. Allow the Archery Minor to equip exotic and elemental arrows. No ranger or anyone using the major disciplines will use these if they have access to a quiver but will open up some interesting options for other builds. I was highly disappointed I couldn't equip slashing arrows on a vindicator Top it off the arrows break in one death. So a full stack of 500 = poof
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