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  1. What are you smoking? West Coast Dregs was non stop pvp pretty much unless you were a zerg guild.
  2. Because they only cater to the east coast. It's been like this since Alpha.
  3. When there was no alliances you had to watch out for friendly fire. It made it more difficult to coordinate. Its another hurdle for big guilds such as other things added on. Start putting caps on a lot of things yes the big clans will work together but forces more coordination. Plus testing with our whopping 100-200 & even less during alpha beta was such an impressive test. Welcome to the real alpha.
  4. Best bet is just to ignore mandalore. He's just here for the post counts and doesn't ever add anything of value to a topic. Either he still doesn't play or is on one of his 10 alts. The whole system is borked. From map sizes, to the random generator and I'm sure there's more tied into all these "knobs". Every map is just another boring version of itself or from a previous campaign. Pack everything in front of a keep (check) , Outposts near a keep or 95% (check), mob spawns ( check) World bank edge of map with nothing near it (perfect). Increase zone amounts with same small map size and expecting a different result to happen is never going to happen. I'm pretty sure at this point we havent seen larger zones is that the Unity Engine can't handle it. If they could increase the size of maps and point of interests there would be room for small and large guilds in a single campaign. Game is basically catered to the Zergs. Best bet is to keep complaining and maybe the devs at some point may listen when the game is on its way out instead of its current life support.
  5. You do realize the optimal strategy currently for the 1hr timer is to split your entire force and grab as many outposts as possible in the last couple minutes? Also incentives the bring more approach but that goes back to the poor design of how everything is just smacked on top of each other. You're not incentivized to cap early but to bring as many people and fan out in anything that has multiple clusters of cap points. The only thing it did was remove the "I Need to always to be capping" to I just need to cap at the 10 min mark or lower. In no situation are you incentivized to cap early. Early = Early warning in the events tab and a recap. Forts it makes sense now that you get resources only during the hour but if you want points only cap the last 9 minutes there. Outposts follows the same thing but is worse depending on the map generation.
  6. Whats funny you can see what crap the random generator is . The ones with Keeps just put the large and small on top of each other. Forts mob spawns, you name it just spawn right next to the keep or on top. I figured with the word larger dregs the map sizes themselves would be increased instead of just using the cheap solution of adding new zones on top. The only map that currently looks semi normal is the one without keeps in it. I don't see why they can't make the maps bigger themselves to see how the generator behaves but I guess thats asking for to much. I'm sure once I download test I'll have more negatives to add to this post itself.
  7. I'm sorry thats all the zerg alliances. Even West. Maps need breathing room instead of shoving everyone into one spot. Even with the pops the way they are you can barely go 60s without getting some form of pvp.
  8. Other than the fact there currently is a West? Larger Maps wont solve the current issues if West is also on east. Has nothing to do with that West has its own mega zergs. You would think West Coast Servers would also cater to I dont know West coast in terms of timers but it still caters to east.
  9. Why is the larger Dregs only being applied to East only? West already gets shafted with East Times and we will continue with the suffocating maps as is?
  10. Looking for more healers currently. Others welcome.
  11. An offensive spec'd Paladin will put out more healing than a vindicator will the divine alone will put out 2x more , healing burst will be around 700 and the holy warrior should be about double. Basically those fights will come down to skill either way but they do have some uses. The vindicator wont sustain as well as an Offensive Spec'd pally but the Vindi has more tricks to keep you in melee & from kiting. Both work & both have different uses.
  12. Thats not a bad idea and make forts cycle through 24hrs instead of of ending at 12 est basically
  13. Actually whats really funny about this is that the champ had more mitigation than most classes can get in a fight as a barb with annoying CC on top.
  14. Ya good luck with 20 people at a fort you will be able to do somethings but you arent holding it & you might not even take it. You'll be running into 60+ waiting. Capping outposts when they're all grouped turns into basically a 20+ warfare too. Some are even right outside a keep which is laughable since zerg and mega zerg response times out of the keep will be short. Nothing in this game is spread out to help the smaller clans to work out of. It caters to the blob currently which is boring as hell. Yep farming groups roll them then ditch out does get you things. Pig Runs can go either way.
  15. Yeah so nonsense. We're doing just fine in dregs but hey what would I know. Just talking to the small clans the same points are brought up.
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