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  1. Templar - still waiting for our abilities to be 6m like all the other melee classes. Ultimate + reproach combo are still set to 5m.
  2. Just to give you a heads up the Vindi & Fury aren't centered around DL for their damage. Its an enhancement but on vindi you'll put our more DPS through your melee skills and the divine light will be adding to it. The one that needs tweaking is the fury itself the only good thing is the Divine Light. Doesnt do damage, doesnt CC correctly doesn't really do much of anything other than soak damage if someone is dumb enough to focus this spec in large fights. If the root was multi target then it might be worth something with the divine light. Nothing is stopping you for filling in the mobility gaps on the class & switching censure to be pip based would be a terrible idea. It's one of the quickest ways to recover a pip to lead into more pips. With the way dodges work now you're not really missing out on the mobility these days.
  3. Just updating to say we are still recruiting.
  4. If it hasnt changed these should still be the mitigations. Training Dummy Mitigations: Crushing - 50 Slashing - 50 Piercing - 0 Fire - 50 Ice - 50 Electric - 50 Poison - 50 Disease - 50 Bleed - 0
  5. So how does this effect divine light. Does it still heal 5 people or is it just 3 now since its a damage dealer and healer for Paladins. Think this might be an unintended side effect with the sledgehammer that just came through. If its the case that we heal 2 less people you just dropped the hardest class to heal with even further to the bottom not to mention the poor Fury. Figure I would add to this. I did check all the other healers and they havent been effected by this since they don't have a damage component or were already set to 3 like holy symbol but has a 2 jump component to it. Icecaller got its tweaks to the totems but the new totem is equal to 3 of the old ones in terms of healing & mana power (nerf to hp/s but not so bad since you dont need 5 totems). Haven't tested if its still 5 players and same with refreshing burst.
  6. This happened to me in the same step. Clan member unloaded his inventory before doing said step & completed it just fine. I hit every motherload twice over and nothing advanced until I dumped the boulders from the pigs.
  7. Yes some classes scale better early game compared to others. Things like templars are more late bloomers & struggle early game. Once armor starts catching up & passive training the damage might not be out of line but the CC is for sure.
  8. Agreed. Its nice to actually see some of the class threads coming to life & hopefully will give the devs some insight. Like how Che's started the Vindicator thread. Think my favorite is all assassins are garbage (they do have loads of problems & cutthroat being the #1 trash line assassin class) . Yet before the dregs the blackguard and vandal actually had some hitting power behind them. Vandal could get its nature toxin ticking for 600-700 on well geared players or around 1400 damage on leather users. The blackguard was a life leech machine and could actually tank in a group fight just fine with the healers around spreading toxins around. It could also fight outnumbered pretty well vs similarly geared players.
  9. This would happen to me when I ran the game on High or Very High Settings. GPU would spike to 100% after the load when i would exit the portal area . Switching to medium should resolve the problem.
  10. Doesn't matter if you increase from 1vs1 or higher on the Frostguard. No class should have a CC that can be casted at a rate of 1 per second after the initial. The best thing is that its a 5m AOE that can Knockdown 5 people. If it had an internal cooldown of 20seconds and any volatile after didnt KD then it would be different. The majority of the classes have to combo to achieve their CC with usually a 20+ timer added on after using it. Volatile CC should be paired up with shatter storm or find a different purpose for volatile . You want on demand CC you have it through Frigid Ice which still does things better than most CC classes.
  11. Correct the Slashing damage bonus from it is increasing the damage which ends up being holy. They fixed this a couple patches ago and makes it worth taking now.
  12. I dont think melee will have counter play still. So 1.25 until detonation with a ice weave cast we're up to 2.25s. Thats if you're spamming the weave holding it any longer and you can sync it with a targets retaliate now. Not to mention there's always more than one frostguard. Confessors 2 ways to group CC both with basically a 20s+ Cooldown. Templar Knockdown 9s has to be within 5m unless they're parrying. Fury would be about 20+ on the divine 1 application of KD. Arbiter 20s for their holy symbol I'm sure I'm missing a few classes but that was the 3 easiest for me to pull up. So lets say the new delayed Frostguard can basically throw a KD out every 2.25s with 5 of them being their charges and the rest 250 mana that can potentially knock down 5 people with each one. . So 10 casts of Volatile and under threat of CC for 22.5s of CC from one frostguard. Currently is 10/11s of straight KD until they ult then just keep adding on the seconds. Compared to the other classes its usually a 20s delay before the next CC gets tossed out unless you start doubling up on classes. One other possibility is to put a cooldown on the free weaving for Frostweavers & force them to use other spells on top of it. I can see this solution causing more problems though. Frostarmor has its whole set of issues itself but that needs a change plus the Ice callers frost armory. Talk about a worthless talent.
  13. The question is whats the volatile explosion time supposed to be base? Since the Archmage is supposed to have half the time for activation so I'm curious what the other 2 lines are supposed to be at.
  14. In one of the old Q&A's the reason for the new controller was to get rid of the ridiculous knock ups and make things look & play better. I do miss the old tornado knock ups & how we could control the spread in the past by spinning our characters. Now its always forward the same spread.
  15. 1) Small group destroying a big group sure. No one wants to watch a big group destroy a small group. 2) These are far and few 3) No One wants to watch a group roll someone at a boss spawn 4)see above 5) wont see this until there are real politics and people can call keeps home. Also small player base currently 6) dont see how this makes a good war story unless it a montage 7) think zybak is the only one who can get away with making ganking videos 😎 another poor idea for a war story 9) these are rare Until we have an increased player base and more rivalries we won't be getting "good" war stories.
  16. Nice thing though with Frigid Ice as a Templar I can parry over them and take reduced damage & clear them for the team . There's no avoiding volatile.
  17. Yep you're not wrong on this. You could theoretically slow yourself down on this to give more spacing between the CC but with 5 charges and you can easily do 6 more volatile ice after the charges. Space them out over 2's and you can easilly have 22 seconds of KD spam in your opening move. Then ult regain 5 more charges depending on how much mana restored in that time at least 3 more extra. This problem just gets worse the more Frostguards you throw into the mix. If you just Ice Weaved straight on its 1s per each weave so 11s for the opener. No other class comes close to the potential CC that a Frostguard can dish out.
  18. Templars have a few issues but their biggest problem has been the new Frostguard with its Knockdown Spam. None of the other classes have the same amount of CC potential as this class.
  19. I disagree it is that bad. Anytime someone has to use the saying to justify something isn't that bad it really is bad or borderline bad. Most the majors are currently what type of heal do you want , dps , resistance. I would like to see some of the missing skills come back. Basically Force Mage is a repurposed Master of Focus. Things like Nova would be helpful for a plate confessor but we got a force wave push out of it. Mana Shield was interesting since you had to balance your mana for defense or be completely screwed over. Skills like Firewall, Redemption (this was just basically a reskinned rapid fire requiring zealotry but had its uses). Or Master of Rapier that could stun through block or shield? Granted these could use these to diversify the specializations some more and some did get rolled into the spec lines. I know we lost the big support power minor to give the spec lines a purpose but that could have been reduced in strength to allow for off healers. Biggest problem is the spec lines for all the classes dont feel unique enough & the choice of majors / minors are meh.
  20. Templar Can we have our ult & reproach combo adjusted to 6m like the rest of the melee classes? Only our autos are up to 6m and means our ult and combo chain only hit out to the low 5m range but not the full 5m
  21. Whoops thanks for this. Forgot to take into account the player crafted sword is 11 weight compared to the mob drop 10 and anything past that starts adding on more. At 10 weight the timers are correct 11-20 its a +1 increase and not sure what happens after that.
  22. Templar Bugs Barriers cancel any use of Righteous Parry. If you have a barrier up you can't counter attack but can block. So ult , force mage, bark skin, cleric heals when you're under 50% will stop the use of righteous parry until said barrier is destroyed. Barrier blocks generation of Zealotry & Ultimate Build up when parrying. Only way to build up both is to go offensive when you proc a barrier. Wondering if this is working the same way on other classes that have blocks now. Or this barrier are just blocking the build up of this. Can always Parry as long as you have a pip and release the parry before you burn said pip. Doesn't consume upon activation like it used to only when the internal timer is reached. Neat little bug thats sort of useless at the same time due to the meta.
  23. Vindicators themselves don't need many changes if any currently. If i were to have my way though a built in slow for the base kit or a mobility bonus like escape artist retaliate would be a nice compromise coming off the reproach combo. The CC fury should get the stronger daze for its righteous smash instead of slow. It's the main reason you see me using troubadour on my templars the majority of the time. I can keep someone perma slowed if I get myself into range and the added benefit of no retaliate to get yourself out of it. Making up for the lack of mobility basically. Like I said in the above also the reproach combo being sped up would help a ton. I hate the telegraph on it and how long it takes with radiant sweep seeming to be faster than righteous smash. What I would like to see is more flavor added to the specializations. Vindicator could get dot damage added to all its attacks or after applying 3 autos they also do a big burst of fire damage on top of their slashing. Devotion could be something as easy as more Sin is applied the target becomes more vulnerable to all forms of damage or the Vindicator gets more resistance as Sin is applied and to its group. This would add more flavor to the classes and maybe uniqueness to group comps. Templars lead the charge, hold the ground and would like to see more of that built into their specs. I think what they did with the Icecaller and the Frostguard is what all classes should achieve to be. The FW Tank is probably one of the most unique to bring into a group comp and would like to see more classes follow that pattern. Something that brings a little uniqueness to the group comp instead of being straight DPS , Healer or CC / Tank etc. The Frostweavers DPS line is probably the most uninspired thing currently and should be avoided. All the Templars are late bloomers and rely on the passives from crafters and the combat training themselves. Our Vindicators on the high end before dregs were putting out 2800+ executes , 1200+ divine lights , and the reproach combo was breaking 4 digits easily probably the same range as divine light. The class is definitely geared toward group play in general so makes for poor 1 vs 1 but if they can make up the mobility somehow and not with just the new lunge weapons it should play better. Until the CC or Meta changes you wont see the power come back into the class. The holy warrior fix where it raises the cap now was a big jump in power. Before it was better to not take the talent. Current problems are that it dropped to mail armor in early game this hurts but the extra damage bonus will add up later on with the higher vessels + mail. Plus with better crafted gear it really isn't that much of a liability and training in later stages of the game. I could ramble on about this class for hours but its probably one of the most fun classes that actually requires a brain to use. Current Problems so far... Barriers cancel any use of Righteous Parry. If you have a barrier up you can't counter attack but can block which is pointless . So ult , force mage, bark skin, crusader heals when they apply the barrier will stop the use of righteous parry until said barrier is destroyed. Barrier blocks generation of Zealotry & Ultimate Build up when parrying. Only way to build up both is to go offensive when you proc a barrier. Wondering if this is working the same way on other classes that have blocks now. Can always Parry as long as you have a pip and release the parry before you burn said pip. Doesn't consume upon activation like it used to only when the internal timer is reached. Neat little bug thats sort of useless at the same time due to the meta. *Edits* Templars Reproach Combo & Ultimate are still 5m. Can use them on the low end of 5m but not the full 5m. Oddity Lunge - Not really a bug but the lunge is decided upon activation not the impact point. So if you're facing the wrong way and decide to lunge and connect with the target nothing happens. Kind of weird and drives me crazy. Especially when you're out of combat and aiming the wrong way and open with the lunge all you'll do is close the gap. Pet Peeve- The Divine Light effect is horrid.
  24. Disagree with the majority of this post. All Templars have issues against ranged especially with a lot of the new 20m dodges being passed around. Top it off there's another round of bugs for the class and some old stuff that isnt fixed. Something I have to get around to and do more testing with again. This isn't just a problem for vindicators. Pip Generation - Only one that doesnt have an issue is the Paladin but the other 2 can keep there's up with a little bit of work. The pip issues rears its face mainly in 1 vs 1 scenarios since you're just breaking even. The other issue is that some of the majors are still costing 2 pips or more to use because of weapon weights and skill cost . The base kit works fine. Using 40% - 80% of your pips to cast 1 spell isn't right from a major . None of the mana classes have to use up that much of their resource in comparison. Also your main source of pip generation doesn't come from parrying. Main sources are Divine Light + reproach into Righteous Smash & auto attacks . I hope one day they speed up these combos so they are harder to read. Vindicator DPS/Gameplay - Your job isn't just to parry & execute. It's part of your high dps but that whole kit is part of your major DPS this applies to all 3 versions too . The Reproach Combo is where the majority of your dps comes from unless a melee is on you or you can force yourself into the melees swings. Good luck getting any of these combos off with the current meta though . I will agree on the auto attacks feeling lackluster but that goes for all 3 archtypes. I feel like my cleric puts out more auto DPS with no training than any of the templar autos. Vindicator has some of the most insane damage that can't be utilized just because of how the current meta is.
  25. Thats a pretty broad statement about the "PvP" clans. This game is neither though in its current form. The forts , keeps don't feel like home or a place that you project power from & with how small the maps are its pretty easy to project said power. On top of it all the PvP is timer based and there isn't enough of it. This reminds of the Darkfalls changes to timers with their village system, life is feudal 1hr a week judgement hours or any other game that curtails PvP through timer usage. Once the timer is gone everything is in a protected state & boring. If we go to a future hand shake system of sieges ask yourself what is there to do before that happens? Thats the big problem. Once a fort or keep is built up what is there to do after that? The game protects it for me until the siege timer. Just need to login once in a while to protect said asset and maybe farm for gear but if you're only logging in a hour or two a week then the gear will last longer so why do that too.
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