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  1. Ya I think the only solo video I have is the Merry Vindi Christmas one & Lets Go as true solo videos. Most the stuff even before that I kept as unlisted videos for clan only especially before the domain changes. I miss the pre domain days though. There were a lot more interesting builds back then. We've used Vindi's since their garbage holy warrior days just took a while to figure out thing with the domain changes.
  2. Other than your answers are less helpful than mine. "Siege" Character says it all.
  3. Yes duh the group meta runs 2 healers. Thank you for pointing out the obvious glad we're on the same page. Mobility hasn't been an issue for a very long time on any of the Templars. If you're finding it still an issue then I suggest Elken. Hard to heal and parry? The only real window you're vulnerable is the divine drop and that can still be animation cancelled , burst is instant and devotion is the same thing. On the flip side of that you can actually go full on healer too with the majors and stay mobile & stay at full pips. So don't see what the issue is.
  4. Still looking for more players for launch Templars , Confessors , Clerics we want you. Everyone else is still welcome.
  5. hahah I would love skill shots but thats never going to happen with how the current game is setup. Correct Assassin stuff is usually a maxed vs unmaxed for some of those damage numbers but I've had a guildmate who is in some really good player crafted get crit for around 2k on a decimate while parrying. Hell my cutt i made currently can self buff up to 28% Pen with mob drop stuff and think I decimated an alpha for 2.8k-3.2k on a poor vessel and back stabbed for about 1.4k. Not forgetting the sneak attack opener. On my vindicator the block is around 56% PDM on a common. Blue mob drop gea
  6. because the siege term is a legacy term for the old day describing Templars. Its pretty irrelevant these days such as Mandalore. Yes warden is a bit of a problem same with the assassins decimate. Lots of it has to do with gear difference though. Hearing of some assassins punching 2k+ with decimate through parries or more. I'm guessing high pen so your armor is basically useless and the only thing protecting you at that point is PDM. Other problem is the crazy delay in abilities which can allow some hits to slip through. The other issues will be warden and how quickly the ult comes ba
  7. Plenty has changed for the templar just the debate hasnt changed. Its the same talking points but more to do with skill level than the class itself.
  8. Still Recruiting Players for the upcoming launch of Crowfall
  9. Maybe Jtodd can have a private pow-wow again with -V- , -W- , HoA . Those cries from the minority and all.
  10. All sorts of things are wonky with skills. Being headbutted by an elken when they're on the ground from a KD. Sanctifiers being able to be stunned while channeling condemnation within the 1st second of casting the spell and seeing the animation (supposed to be CC immune the second this is casted). Animation cancelling even 3/4 to nearly 99% the way through of a spell will cancel the whole spell and put it on cooldown. Get this a lot with Heads up. If the sight animation doesnt complete over your head the spell is cancelled and put on CD. Templar Divine Light get stunned in the anima
  11. That was more of a joke a certain clans that were crying about night capping. You're statement is correct though. Well day capping is just blobbing so. Need smaller maps so we can just beat on each other at the portal /sarcasm .
  12. Yep solo pvp'd people with it . Like i said its lack of experience with it. Also all healers have the same issue. Usually 1 type of single target heal and the rest are AOEs. Its also the reason you see groups mainly run 2 healers per group. There's a few majors you can pick up for chain healing but pretty much anything to heal yourself is AOE. Trust me this conversation has been repeated multiple times over the years here it was way worse before for Templars. Vindicators damage is way higher than Paladins. Can practically erase someone in 5 seconds but like you said it trades a lot
  13. I disagree with this post entirely. Check out my youtube (you'll have to go back 10 months but they havent changed much). The majority of the old Paladin videos are from a time when the class was way worse and everyone was calling them trash. Stayed competitive then. They're way better than before but still a tough class for newer players. If you're standing still you're doing something wrong especially in a group setting. The only 2 things that will be problems are assassins (wtb anti-stealth) , good myrmidons. https://www.youtube.com/user/MrErad1/
  14. I like how some people are also blaming gear drops. The first attempt at it was utter crap. 20% chance to drop per item. Some people would lose 1 or 2 items some would lose the full paper doll. If this comes back in any fashion like this I'll make sure to be camping the portals again just like when this first came out. Hell I'll probably still camp the portals just because the whole sun, moon, earth temple thing is asinine in dregs with looting. Non skill based PVP and want full looting or more risk when pretty much everyone just zergs over everyone else. Top it off with how small
  15. Yeah it would have nothing to do with you know the only real activities are in those 4 short hours that sieges are available. West Coasters be damned. Got to stop that "night capping". Yes Hot Spots are coming this will be interesting in itself but they could make PVE mobs drop more interesting things. How about some low end jewelry , maybe a full vessel from kings with random stats of common quality. Hell the whole prefix suffix thing could be a good spot to start. Outpost "loot" & the 1hr timers <--- These were better at 15 min intervals for scoring. Horrid Map Randomizati
  16. a.k.a. Unofficial allies hiding behind the word NAP. Think every game that has PVP this is thrown around as the catch all to hide an alliances true size or potential help. Couldn't help poke a little fun at this comment. Especially from someone in Death 🤣
  17. Key word in quoting a 2 month old post and I quit way way before that post Still some issues persist ,mechanic changes for the class , & other game related ones have made it a net gain of 0. My sanct that you ran into isn't the same build I was using then & respec'd it to where its at now. Quite OP used well. Theoretically it also has the highest potential for damage. You can pick any other class and get equal or better performance especially in a group setting hence one of the weakest especially if you're a newer player. Sort of like the Vindicator before it got overtuned. Gro
  18. Correct EVE has a massive amount of content now for PVE. It wasn't so back in the day. I believe they struck a good balance between the high , low , and 0.0 space. Plus expanded on the PVP by being able to declare wars and such that no place is truly safe. The added PVE was a good bonus to the overall system. Hell I think they even have their own factional system in place for PVP too but its been a very long time since I've played. Daoc had something good with their RvR right off the bat. I found the PVE to be mind numbing but its was serviceable and PvP if done well is usually reward
  19. See and thats where I disagree. I despise the organized fights mentality. Organized fights don't translate to how organic fights happen. No PVP fight is ever fair and there are a ton of variables right @ the start of the fight. If you want organized group duels then setup an EK for that & advertise it. Only good thing those are for is muscle memory. Timers do ruin the game but thats a totally different issue thats been brought up multiple times. Quick Edit to respond to your newest post. Only 2 of those games I would consider PVP games from the ground up. EVE online and DAO
  20. Nothing stops you from rallying players to remove said "offender" from an area. The problem currently is that Infected actually holds a higher population for more PVP encounters than dregs. Dregs is basically dead until forts & keeps go live and if you're not part of a zerg group you wont be part of that "content". Hell the 1hr outpost change was made for the worse since thats a grab as many people event now and zerg down all the outposts the last couple minutes before the points come in. One thing Infected oddly has over dregs is that you can actually get some small scale 1 v whatever
  21. State in the post its not worth it. Garbage skill since a Vindicator can easily cap 40% Damage Mod or come very close in mail. Its one of those skills the devs will have to balance.
  22. Ya the Personal healing mod is nice but in a heavy CC fight you'll spend more time attempting the skill than doing it. Its better to grab the aoe shout and keep people down on the ground. It has its uses and if you're not being focused and can get it off then ya its great. When I do have the skill its the least used out of the bunch. Also the AOE knockdown shout restores Pips too.
  23. Get rid of reproach swap in congregation. Reproach is a good pick if you have a healer who isnt Paladin but beyond that you want to dump it. Pick up Holy Shout this is always a strong choice. Obviously pick a domain unless you're going domainless & dump retribution. I used to use it back in the day but the buff falls so fast its basically pointless & its very easy to achieve damage mod cap. Retribution is one of those skill I wish they would fix since its complete garbage. That way you can have devotion if you really want it. You'll be looking at roughly 2k+ healing per devotion a
  24. Fire - Lazarus Disciple , Arkons this one will make you like glass. Battle - Paragon & after this your choice but for this domain I also enjoy hellraiser also scrapper with paragon. Then there are a few off the wall builds that are ok.
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