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    MrErad reacted to fahrenheitM in Livestream 12/1/2020 Discussion, Feedback and Questions   
    j Todd Coleman says a statement like "I don't want you playing in god's reach, i really don't want you playing in infected, either. For lower vessels like Green and Blues, that'd be okay. But for higher vessels I don't want you there."
    If you want to force all players to go to Campaign, then you need to put mechanics in the game to allow ALL guilds to feasibly play in Campaign. You CANNOT have a world where 6-8 guilds control and entire world, they turtle up against the other 5-7 guilds and destroy everyone else. You have to allow the guilds that have 10 active players to play the game without being run through by the 40-man skill-less blob of Legendary vessels, with legendary equipment (because they have unlimited resources from forts), and just hide in safety of numbers. There has to be actual consideration for mechanics to enhance the gameplay of ALL, not just the half dozen Vocal zerg guilds that mass recruit and spam the forum feedbacks for their own benefit. Solo players are important. Small guilds are important. Medium guilds are important. Large guilds are also important. Do NOT just cater to one playerbase, for the love of god. Or you will continue to have an influx of smaller guilds that just stop playing. There are at peak 150 something people in a campaign or a world. 100 of those are those big guilds you talk about, because the rest keep getting run off due to the mechanics of the game continuing to cater to those vocal guilds.
    A Few examples:
    "Smaller maps because we need more PvP, and it takes too much effort"
    Having played many games in the past, the most fun aspect on a daily basis in games like Shadowbane, DAoC, WAR etc was the normal group based roaming warfare. That's not saying large scale sieges are not enjoyed, or should not be a part of the game. It needs to be. But the depth is what makes it great. Have a game that allows all different styles of play - all different ranges of players and guilds to have a viable chance to enjoy their experience. If you make everything about controlling 12 different forts in a world where the majority of all high end benefit is stemming from those forts, then you've just killed the game for what COULD BE the other 75% of your playerbase. You want the game to be fun for Winterblades? for Hax? for le frenchies? for the 4g's? Make the game have the depth to where the 5 man guilds, the 20 man guilds can fight for something legitimately. Resource nodes, small keeps, outposts, etc on a large spread out map where there is a carved out piece for plenty of others to utilize and enjoy. That'll keep the smaller folks playing to where they aren't running up against a wall of the zerg guilds controlling everything. Then you'll have people staying and not getting disgruntled a month in game and just stopping. Player retention will lead to those aforementioned guilds having fun, because they'll have more players to combat. There will be more overall strategy to carve out a node here or a node there, not just controlling everything under the stars.
    "Forts need to mean something"
    Like mentioned before - If you're giving out loads of resources to keeps daily, the gap between the 100 man that is fielding 30+ regularly, vs. the 10 man guild that fields 5 regularly is so great, that the 5 man guild will eventually just quit the game. As of now, you see skilled smaller groups getting absolutely destroyed by the gear disparity, and we're only a couple months since 6.2 launched? How big do you think that supposed gap will be a year after launch? Make the forts mean something. Definitely. That is a must.. But don't just dump money to the big guilds in the form of resources so the rich just keep getting richer. Let's be creative. Examples: Only Crafting of Highest tier forges, workbenches etc can be done inside a player controlled keep. Crafting bonuses are given within the keep. Within a certain radius around the keep (for example 500m) the players for that guild are given a buff, based off a building, or monolith, or totem that is built within the keep. But these things aren't given.... The keep has to be won, and then the guild has to invest in those buildings\crafting resources, etc to unlock. Don't have just the 6 guards or whatever spawn, allow the clan to invest money into the keep to "hire" additional guards. Or higher ranking guards. Level up the guards using money. Those keeps should be investments, not a hub to print more "money". This is where the game is all wrong, in my opinion. Then the bigger guilds will have to pick and choose what they are controlling, instead of just owning everything, all the time sitting back getting fat off their riches.
    I play a LOT... i mean, it's a problem. I loved Shadowbane and was sad when it died. Every time i got in game, it meant something. I was farming resources, or killing legitimate enemies, and I had fun doing it. Crowfall needs to look at some of these very basic fundamental things and say, "you know what, we really kinda left this out and it was a big part of what made SB great. We should look at that, again." This game has all the potential in the world, it's just falling flat on it's face, currently for everyone except those 100 or so people in the big guilds that are logging in and being vocal here on the forums.
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    MrErad got a reaction from BarriaKarl in 6.200 LIVE Feedback for 11/23/2020   
    I would love to see the EK's tied into a campaign.  They could be used as the base ops instead of the temple zone.
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    MrErad reacted to ZYBAK in 6.200 LIVE Bug Reports for 11/23/2020   
    Dismounting players that are running away is insanely hard. Especially as a melee class. 
    It's so insane that I feel like this is almost a bug.
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    MrErad got a reaction from Tofyzer in Spectre Legion -SL- [NA] [Dregs]   
    Looking for

    Secutor Knights
    Templars - All types
    Clerics - Same , Crusader Low priority but welcome
    Confessors - All types
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    MrErad got a reaction from Tofyzer in Vindicators - Almost there (ACE pls read)   
    I find the older choices we had much better for the Vindicator than the current options we have.  Give us War over battle so we can build some synergy on them or swap out one of the others would be the main thing I would want for the Vindi. Currently a lot of the stuff that falls under any of the categories wont be helping since vindicators  hit the cap on fire , slashing and holy.  As we upgrade to higher quality Majors that +2%+ damage will be pointless to a vindicator and anything with pen would be the better choice since you'll be wasting stats.
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    MrErad reacted to yianni in 6.200 LIVE Feedback for 11/20/2020   
    It would be nice if "feel the burn", "magma ball", and "arkons fury" were sperate DoTs.
    They're all unique to confessor but don't stack
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    MrErad got a reaction from Zulnam in Paladin Tips   
    Depends on the Paladin you're building. Nothing wrong with any of the talents other than Shining Armor which I think should be switched to Armor Decay Rate instead of just plate (just for any vindi that wants to go that way).  Templars have a lot of flexibility in how they want to build and the goal they're trying to accomplish.

    Just remember for Paladins Divine Light its there for heals not damage( view the damage as a bonus). If a player moves out of it who cares especially if you need to top off.  Just make sure you have a pip or 2 in the tank if you need to parry up during those heals to avoid a big hit.

    Devotion was explained above modifiers determine how high this can get and is a strong skill.  Also applies Sin and will be working with the Convictor major once it comes to live.  So 5 stacks will debuff a persons anti crit strike by 10% if the major is taken .  Confessors and anyone carrying prosecute will be able to burst off said sin too helps with people using condemnation to increase dps output since more targets will have sin stacks. One thing that wasn't mentioned is that it removes ALL DoT's from your group. 

    Healing Burst-  If you have the pips use it.  Quick CD will be back before you realize it.

    Holy Warrior-  Yes its a great heal also good for a free action if you have no stam.  Also converts the majority of stuff to unmitigated holy damage big plus here.  Once you learn your timings you'll be able to weave this in fights without holding back.
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    MrErad got a reaction from Xarrayne in 6.200 LIVE Feedback for 11/16/2020   
    This would be a cool idea.  Not sure if they would have the tech or how difficult it would be to manipulate but adjust the in game clock for winter. So day is real short and night is like 80% during the winter time with increased spawns as the campaign draws to a close.
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    MrErad got a reaction from Tofyzer in 6.2 Templar feedback/bugs   
    If you're not using smash you're doing it wrong. Yes the wind up is a huge telegraph but its a great way to get pips in group fights if you need it.  Not so much in 1vs1s or if you're fighting againt multiple melee. Since parry will be stronger in those cases.

    Retribution - Highest I've gotten this up to is 9.  Wondering if 10 is the cap on this or if there is no ceiling.

    Righteous Defense with the scenario you're talking forces the templar to give something up. I don't see this as an issue and more along the lines of an interesting use of thorns.

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    MrErad got a reaction from Tyrant in 6.200 LIVE Feedback for 11/12/2020   
    Heal from Condemnation scales off of support power
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    MrErad got a reaction from Staff in Passive Skill Training Tree - Why It Hurts the Game   
    They really should bump up the training to 3x & add deeper skills into the trees that give different effects.  Where's the life steal, thorns & everything else they removed off of armor and said it would end up in the passive trees. 
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    MrErad got a reaction from Charas in Passive Skill Training Tree - Why It Hurts the Game   
    They really should bump up the training to 3x & add deeper skills into the trees that give different effects.  Where's the life steal, thorns & everything else they removed off of armor and said it would end up in the passive trees. 
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    MrErad got a reaction from APE in Passive Skill Training Tree - Why It Hurts the Game   
    The passive system is boring and generic when it was touted its like EVE Onlines passive training. Its only in name that it is and just boring generic stat increase.  Its not even really specialization. They could roll all those stats into player crafted gear and be done with the whole passive system.   If we want to follow the EVE comparison lets use the power management (efficiency here but could raise caps higher and only get more through passives) , or increased capacitor (here it could be more pips , mana, etc).  Take the Passive for the healing buff that gives thorns which is weak. Move it to passive training and allow us to skill it up to wherever the devs feel its acceptable.  The minors can be the start or a small buff.

    You can sort of see the start of this in the exploration basic tree's with increased damage verse slow ,  more movement in stealth,  bandages.  These could be expanded on and more could be added with other effects to create T2 skills even T3 that require more training time.  Maybe use a skill tree similar to Albion so they can keep expanding upon it instead of these minor bonuses or in the case of armor weapons just boring.
    Crafting they could add to it by doing passives like you can add stats to treated steel if you're trained up in it.  Keep the current things baseline but now everyone cant get everything but this always leads to more alts in the end.

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    MrErad reacted to Sirktivo in 6.200 TEST Feedback for 11/2/2020   
    The in game loop is lacking a reason to stay logged in and continue to play... EVERYTHING being on a timer has gated the content way to much. 
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    MrErad got a reaction from Tyrant in 6.200 TEST Bug Reports for 10/26/20   
    Still can't use Adjudicate on a Templar. Blunt Weapon is required.

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    MrErad reacted to AceSiN in A Brief Look at the Templar - Talent Tree   
    Just going to say, thanks a lot for giving Templars a ton of ways to generate more pips!
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    MrErad reacted to yianni in A Brief Look at the Templar - Talent Tree   
    No it's directed to Mandy
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    MrErad got a reaction from JamesGoblin in A Brief Look at the Templar - Talent Tree   
    The only 2 that have issues are the Vindicator &  Fury.  That might be made up with the new aoe skill on the Vindi so it will be interesting to see how 6.2 pans. The fury who knows.   We also don't know anything about the majors minors we will have access to that might change more aspects of the Templar class.
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    MrErad got a reaction from JamesGoblin in A Brief Look at the Templar - Talent Tree   
    How else are you going to feed the fire?
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    MrErad reacted to galvia in A Brief Look at the Templar - Talent Tree   
    I think the devotion change alone for Paladin makes them a healer you want to bring with any melee group at all. They are a complete menace for ranged with any support.

    I think that Templar is still a lot better in objective based scenarios than open world but I can't see any of these changes as anything but a buff for the class and the vertical they fill.
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    MrErad reacted to McTan in Everything you need to know about score system in 1 dialog   
    This is everything you need to know about the score system, ironically. There are people who are upset that they are ignoring how you score in favor of only one type of event, and there are people who understand that there needs to be an ecosystem of players doing different things, or PvP MMOs break-down.
    You got a lot of kills. Did you split up and cap all the forts you possibly could? Did you stretch your forces to gain points? Did you raid the Aracoix camp that CC was farming? DId you camp their keep to stop them from doing what they wanted to do?
    Did you fight the players who were earning the points for your enemy team? No? You fought during siege windows in big groups that won consistently a few battles, while losing the war.
    I'm sorry for being aggressive in this post, but I am really frustrated with the criticisms of the scoring system, as from where I sit it is the critical feature when it comes to CF succeeding. I know you disagree, but I really think you are wrong. We need people out in the world so badly, and a multi-vector scoring system is the most compelling lever they have. And the reward system is the x-factor. Some of the killers will change their tune on the scoring system if they feel rewarded for competing.
    P.S. I have heard that ACE has not developed an automated system for implementing cards and verifying scoring, and they need to do it by hand. Hopefully this changes.
    P.P.S. Your allies, HAX, did a great job in this campaign and had good kda. Maybe ask them to share their strategies internally?
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    MrErad reacted to psyguy in Everything you need to know about score system in 1 dialog   
    Ok so TTK/CC played the cards that were good for us. If you care about K/D go play COD. Also it wasn't straight PVE because we had to lock down camps and kill anyone that was farming them. If more players logged on outside of the 4 hour siege window....
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    MrErad got a reaction from Darksun_ in A Brief Look at the Templar - Talent Tree   
    How else are you going to feed the fire?
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    MrErad got a reaction from Tofyzer in A Brief Look at the Templar - Talent Tree   
    How else are you going to feed the fire?
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    MrErad reacted to APE in Dynamic aoe caps as "soft" anti-zerg mechanic   
    I had hoped there would be some degree of risk vs reward or anything to drive players towards more "smart" plays instead of path of least resistance of stacking bodies. With all the other games/systems to look at for inspiration, seems ACE went with the lowest hanging fruit possible.
    No system is going to be perfect, but there is a lot of options to at least try to work towards a more interesting experience.
    I said from the start that I doubted GvG/Dregs would work out too well and that Faction campaigns would probably end up being more popular for various reasons. If Dregs essentially is giant blobs going at it, guess I wasn't too far off.
    What I find funny is how many players/guilds say factions aren't the "real game" but essentially turn Dregs into faction gameplay. All that guild pride and chest pounding thrown out the window for the easier win.
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