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  1. Annie from League of Legends... a child character for sure, but absolutely not sexualized at all. If there's going to be little girls in CF, they better not be sexualized. Long dresses, or pants, full tops, and sure you can make them cute, because they're supposed to be, but do not sexualize them. As for the Elin, if they were tiny cat-featured creatures with properly developed "features" and properly developed clothing, they would likely be a hit here... but we aren't playing Tera... Put some clothes on them and don't make them look like Lolis.
  2. When you have entire archetypes built around crafting, if all I have to do to craft something on my Forgemaster is to click a button and wait, I'm going to be incredibly bored. I fully intend to play a Forgemaster or Legionairre, as a guild crafter and support for my friends... I don't want to be bored by doing what I created the character to do... I may have gone a bit overboard on the detail, but I want more than striking an anvil 5 times to make a hammer, and more than staring at a progress bar to make something exceptional... Have optional "precise" crafting that is capable of making better items, but also has a modified chance to fail or something... that way, the people who really want to put their name on something can do so, and the people who want to just click and wait can do so as well.
  3. What I'd love to see is interactive crafting... Making a wooden stave? Sit on your log stool and whittle it with precision... forging a longsword? heat it to the proper temperature in the forge, hammer out that block of metal, and shape it yourself... Carve the hilt by hand... etc.
  4. Dragonkin is the way to go to get Dragons in as a playable race/archetype... They are humanoid, with small - if any - wings, and no ability to fly, but maybe can jump very far, or have a safefall ability related to actually having semi-functional wings... or no wings, and just scales and other reptilian features. I would be all over a playable archetype that looked like a humanoid bearded dragon or monitor lizard.
  5. I think after all the reading I've done, I would classify this game as an MMORTS, rather than an MMOFPS...
  6. Ah, ok... So I'm a June 29th backer... yay? heh
  7. When I made my pledge, I had to do it in a private paypal payment, and I have no record of what backer number I am... Can anyone help me to figure out what my backer number might be? It's not terribly important, I'd just like to know because everyone else seems to know theirs.
  8. Honest best answer from someone who used to be married to a physical therapist... Get a trackball. RSI is less likely to happen because of repetitive clicking, and more likely to occur due to repetitive wrist movement... A trackball eliminates much of this wrist movement, so only your thumb and fingers are doing the work... You may end up with a sore thumb at first when getting used to the trackball, but in my WoW days, switching to a Trackball allowed me to do things in PvE that I wouldn't have been able to do with a mouse, like Raid Heal a 25-man raid as a Paladin. For PvP, a trackball sucks to be honest... but if you want to limit your risk for RSI, then a trackball is the way to go.
  9. What's up guys... I'm a Bronze supporter and may end up going to Silver or Gold before I cash in. I also got a 2nd Bronze pack for my son, and he may have already passed through here. Looking forward to being a part of this epic adventure. A little bit of background. I'm a former Marine and served around the same time as Bentos... maybe a little bit after him. I played EQ when Bentos was a GM, and I was trained by him when I was promoted into a Guide position. I had many characters on Vallon Zek (PvP), and made it my mission to learn every bit of PVE content in the game for my guild. After EQ, I played DAoC for about a month, hopped over to Lineage and Lineage 2 for a bit, then came to World of Warcraft for almost 5 years. I was a guild leader and/or officer of 4 different guilds, was raid leader for my main guild, and the only raid healing Paladin on Silvermoon back when the level cap was 85. Since quitting WoW, I've played many different games in which I joined a guild, and took them to top 5 on the server with a combination of skill, leadership, and pure luck. As a player, I'm usually a crafting master, am ok at PvP (I pwned in Everquest - especially in High Keep defending noobs from griefers), memorize all PvE content on my first runthrough, and don't roleplay my characters at all. Yep... I'm a total geek, and this game looks awesome.
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