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  1. The meetup was great! I was the one in the purple hoodie who won the coffee mug. It was great meeting the Devs and me and my fiance had an amazing time. Thanks for setting this up!
  2. Well not a decision maker by any means, but in my opinion, i'd be ok with it as long as it was an EK only thing. Maybe if you have certain roles in an EK you can automate messages or such? In a campaign I could see that being abused or making the chat just seem weird.
  3. Let's do this, me and my fiance will be there!
  4. Oops. she* I blame mobile.
  5. Just letting you know Cerulean, Anhrez is going to PAX West. I'm checking with Pann if he wants to have more swag handed out at PAX South, I'll let you know if he gives the go ahead
  6. I am actually planning on going to PAX San Antonio! I'd be more than willing to help pass out crowfall swag. I'll hit him up and see if he wants any help. Actually I usually get a person or so when I wear it out to the movies or something commenting on it, some are backers and others have just heard about it and are excited.
  7. Just spent all day walking around Fan Expo with my crowfall shirt and none of you even said hello! Jokes aside, I have been wearing it out a bit and have gottten a couple comments on it at houston. Hopefully it did some kind of exposure for crowfall because this game should be amazing. Keep up the good work dev team.
  8. Much Hype. Very Excite Seriously this is going to be awesome! Can't wait until the actual guild functions get fleshed out as well for this type of module. ArtCraft, seems like you are doing amazing work, can't wait to see your finished product!!
  9. Nice to see so many new people coming from here to the watch Just continuing to say that it is a great idea to join us, even though there is no crowfall we have a very active chat and there are lots of friendly and funny people constantly there in all timezones. Though we could definitely still use good people from every timezone. Keep on the Watch brothers and I hope to see more of you in our forums and on slack
  10. Welcome to Crowfall, glad youdecided to help back this game. As far as testing, as people have said before, it's still very much a pre-alpha. The game is very rough around the edges, but every iteration is more promising than the last. The current hunger dome is leaps and bounds better than the first and I've yet to even try out the new siege. Anyways, I hope you feel welcome here and see you around the forums!
  11. Vox


    Welcome to Crowfall, good luck with the new guild, always nice to see some new competition for my own guild i'm helping out with. Maybe one day we could be allies, or enemies, even frenemies haha See you around!
  12. Always loved alice in wonderland! Mad Hatter was a handle of mine for awhile. Anyways welcome to crowfall! I too hope there is going to be a wealth of pvp in this game, or at least plenty of opportunity for me to kill people who don't want to pvp See you around!
  13. Welcome to Crowfall! I'm sure you'll enjoy your time here To be more clear, you would have to buy the 2016 Gold Package ($179) to be in the next playtest that gets scheduled, if you buy the next package down you should be invited in short order.
  14. Very interesting archetype. It has the potential to be incredibly fun, but that depends on the implementation. Guess i'll just trust in ArtCraft to get it right (if even eventually). This archetype seriously just shot up above frostweaver for my favorite class, you guys better have some good ideas for the other archetypes as well Is the self-immolation thing for healing too much going to be a DoT applied to you that sort of warns you before you explode, or are you going to have it so that you start nuking yourself with heals?
  15. Amen Pann, Houstonian here so i get where you're coming from. still love hoodies though so i'll probably order 1 at some point, good to hear that they are soft.
  16. I also believe there will be a delay (not that that's a bad thing). But you have to also consider that just because they aren't externally testing something that they aren't working on it, so things might be released at an increased pace once they get the core mechanics down. So far I think they've been doing a wonderful job and the alphas have been releasing much faster than I would have anticipated. If Artcraft continues having an open dialogue with it's playerbase I think the sky is the limit for this mmo. Even if it's not a blockbuster success like the likes of WoW (which I believe
  17. It works fine in EVE, the "Veterans always have an advantage" is curtailed by two ways in EVE that I am sure they are considering here. 1. Certain Skills are only useful for certain ships (read vessels) 2. Exponential increase in time to train skill per level. The first 5% increase in attack may take 10 minutes, the last 5% may take months You end up with two things: 1. Veterans are only marginally better than new players at a specific role (only if they decided to specialize in it) 2. Veterans are more versatile than newer players New players can bridge this gap fairly easily b
  18. Hey Guys, Just got my limited edition Tee so though i'd mention some things, The shirt cloth itself is pretty good, it's fairly soft and doesn't seem ridiculously thin (though it's definitely not a thick material either). The decals themselves are of average quality, i'd definitely turn the shirt inside out when washing it. As for how the sizes run, they seem to run just a tiny bit small, so if you barely fit in your preferred size, i'd just shoot up a size to be sure. (or maybe i'm just gaining weight!) Also, when I bought the shirt they sent me some bonus stuff so that's pretty c
  19. We could always use more members in in the playtests! Lantern Watch Members, hop on comms if you want to play with us! Non Lantern peeps, sign up
  20. Welcome bud, get things filled out on the forum and jump in chat with us!
  21. Good Idea! 7B beat me to adding our guild to the list. Cheers mates!
  22. I don't really think that hunger dome setup really has a place in Crowfall once they have everything fleshed out. This is meant to be an open world mass pvp game, which is nearly the exact opposite of the hunger dome setup, which was made to simply give people a game to test out the prototype they have built. If they had hunger domes in release Crowfall, it'd just feel shoehorned in and would detract from the game.
  23. Woo! Next step alpha 2 and my invite. Can't wait!
  24. I know this is not exactly related, but the creators have been pretty open with their disdain for full healing classes and everything they have shown so far are hybrid support/dps classes. I don't know if I'd hold out hope for a full support class like a bard or such. Archetypes are probably all going to have some sort of dps tinge to it (similar to how diablo handles classes if you ask me).
  25. People will build fortresses in EK's because they look cool, not for any tactical reason. I don't get all the hate for EKs, it's just a different way to play the game. If people want to use their stuff from CWs to play minecraft lite then let them. If you don't want to then don't. Just because people are spending a lot of time in EK doesn't mean that if there wasn't an EK they'd be in a CW, they'd probably be in a different game.
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