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  1. I'll have my people talk to your people.
  2. I don't really think it's necessary. Having it be purely visual is fine, especially if we're just talking about that one single feature. Having them actually burrow seems like wasted time to me.
  3. My name will be written in legend that Crowfall players in the years to come will hear about. And in that legend it will be written that I, Noekra, steered my guild to victory and now sit on gigantic piles of gold... OR BODIES, because I will be so successful as to have two piles.
  4. Looks like these Wayward Sons plebians want it from Gopher Gang. Aight then. There will be a new definition of Play2Crush when I am done with you son. Just wait until I drop this diss on my new track "Gopher Gang Anthem".
  5. Gopher Gang makes wives and children cry whenever their husband and father don't come home. Ultimate frisbee is just a side activity we like to do whenever we decide to stomp on kiddos. I goooot.... some pocket lint, a button, and string. We gotta deal? I don't need that site because I have hundreds, but it's good to have another site to spread my propaganda on. TELL EM
  6. WHO WE ARE Well uh, it’s just me at the moment... BUT I HAVE A VISION! Let me explain: Have ever you scrolled through these forums and ever just thought “Wow, that guild kind of intimidates me” and wondered how you’ll fair when the game comes out? Yeah, me too pal. Buncha bullies problem children. You see, I’ve been on a that side of the fence before. The side of the fence where you’re looking at the people on the other side of that SAME fence, and they’re calling you a carebear! Yeah well, news flash, I’m a big boy grown man and I won’t take this any longer. They think they’re so tough,
  7. see this is why i backed this game this is why i am on these forums. it's becaues of pann. without her my memes would only be subpar
  8. Basically this. I typed something out but Eren already nailed what I had to say.
  9. You "accidentally" flung that centaur off a building huh?...
  10. Heh, thank you. Oh yeah, love that anime. Just like I love your signature lol
  11. Thanks, glad to be here Thank you That's how I got to my high school prom. And thank you lol
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