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  1. Nice. I see you guys around in ESO. Cool seeing you here too.
  2. Welp. I'm a King now. Stronghold-Imperial Palace/KingQueen-15' Exclusive stronghold (imperial palace) for your personal kingdom and the starting title of King or Queen
  3. Standing by for testing... though getting corrupted update file, repair also gives corrupted source Edit: got client to work, build says 9/14 7:17 PM
  4. Which explains my point in earlier in the thread, in more direct terms.
  5. Isn't there only one character per CW though? You will have 3 characters, so you could dabble in other CWs or just play the one I suppose.
  6. I do understand how the dregs works. And ironically how it has the best rewards but those rewards don't even matter to the ones that will get them because they can't use them in the dregs and those great rewards they could sell but then gold has no value to them. Are you starting to see how this has a direct effect on the game economy?
  7. Permanent progression is what defines a MMO versus a MOBA style match where you start each game with nothing and have to progress, then start over again and have to progress. I am open to hearing how you think the dregs would offer a permanent progression? If there isn't one, then I'll just be a fluffer in another CW, which is completely fine. Different strokes for different folks as they say
  8. Not at all, but tell me how there is a persistent progression then?
  9. Agree with your first paragraph, the second one is a bit harsh. There are valid reasons for PVP in an EK. One would be to test builds with a partner without interference, this is normally done to test mechanics/see if tooltips are correct, etc. Another reason is if the CW are grossly laggy and completely zerging. If can't actually handle large scale battles and you want to do some small scale stuff for fun without lag. Third might be to duel for bragging rights and improve individual skill. Running in a zerg makes it so you don't normally develop individual skills for the times you do find you
  10. Kind of depends on how relevant EKs are to the game, still a lot to be seen about that but my mountain citadel will probably look pretty cool.
  11. Haha yeah, I was really contemplating which package and I really wanted to do the pre-alpha so went with diamond. And now pre-alpha is over, so I could have gone with the lower package with access to alpha 1 lol
  12. lol whoo hoo I'm part of the 1% then. My last match on Friday, it was me and a centaur, he tried to use it on me and I blocked and won the match. Yeah the more people play the more they will understand the abilities and have muscle memory formed. My best advice for anyone joining up soon is to kill the confessors first, they hit very very hard.
  13. Going to see a lot of dead knights trying hold the line. I really like that there is collision in this game, will make for some interesting fights.
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