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    Duraeon got a reaction from JamesGoblin in Bride Of Valkyn   
    Great job, enjoyed it very much.
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    Duraeon got a reaction from JamesGoblin in Pax Maelstrom - A Hardcore Pvp Gaming Community   
    Can confirm, Morbis did you proud
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    Duraeon got a reaction from JamesGoblin in Ascendance - A Chapter of Legend Gaming [Age 17+]   
    Love the guild name. Do any of the ESO guys/gals play the nonvet campaign? There's where my EP is sitting right now and would be fun to group up. My other alliance characters are all veteran ranks.
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    Duraeon got a reaction from JamesGoblin in Ascendance - A Chapter of Legend Gaming [Age 17+]   
    Heh heh, excellent
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    Duraeon reacted to Kreigon in Is friendly fire still happening/is a thing?   
    i don't like FF in general because it isn't fun to me and a lot people will abuse it by trolling and destroying your game. But i would accept it in a seperate campaign with FF in the ruleset. Everyone should chose how they want to play by choosing the campaign they like.
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    Duraeon reacted to Bramble in Is friendly fire still happening/is a thing?   
    The danger in correlating "friendly fire" or not with hardcore or casuals . . .
    . . . is that it's a disingenuous attempt to arbitrarily assign the idea that anti-friendly fire = casual.
    And that may absolutely not be the case. There are functional reasons to evaluate the pros and cons of implementing friendly fire sans any attempts at slogan-induced emotional tweaking. Thus, it's not a given someone "anti" FF is anti because they are "casual".
    Whatever your personal definition for hardcore or casual is:
    "Hard Core" players will still be hard core players without friendly fire.
    "Casuals" will still be casual with friendly fire.
    There is no correlary between the identification of "casual" versus "hard core" and friendly fire IMO. It is not a core criterion that establishes that play style for any given player.
    As far as making any kind of "detailed" breakout of how Friendly fire alters "logistics", that's too early to articulate clearly. Sure, there are the obvious issues, particularly given AoEs. But my expectation is:
    Combat is going to work out like two mobs of kids rushing each other, soon to be mixed like a deck of shuffled cards. Which renders "logistics" for some (AoE) pretty binary: Any form of group combat = no AoEs.
    After that it's going to be a mosh-mess of people trying to take their targets in the shoulder-to-shoulder crowd on single target.
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    Duraeon got a reaction from JamesGoblin in Making Eks Matter To Everyone   
    Ah, interesting discussion...
    What I'd like to see from EKs:
    - Place to merchant/auctionhouse/buy/sell, which may benefit CW depending on ruleset
    - Place to craft
    - Place to harvest nodes for crafting - debatable on this, forcing to import from CW or buy from others who imported might be more preferable, open to testing this in alpha/beta
    - Place to duel each other, would like to see a duel mechanic to do 1v1, 1vX situations for practice in controlled environment and be able to test things out with friends.
    - I saw mentioned the idea of buffs carried over from EK to CW, open to this idea but want to see more mechanics of it. Some CW could have ruleset to include the buffs, and would want to see what criteria needed to gain the buff. I could see this as being a benefit for recruitment to guilds with EK that have said buffs but open to this idea.
    - I would also like some benefit to being high prestige in EK so that there is some tax function where higher you are in prestige rank the higher % you get, so land plots tax/occupancy/merchant deals done within EK give gold to the prestige ranks. This might be some P2W to an extent but then again you have the CW for the super hardcore who want to be the best without bringing in any advantages to their CW. Where I could see this being interesting is combined with the guild function where tax/rent almost works as member dues and you reap all the benefits from the guild buffs, place to merchant/craft, etc.
    - My trophy dollhouse
    That said, I like variety. I will try the different CW rulesets, I will spend time in EK. I like having choice and variety. If they kept an arena function I would even still queue for that, for variety purposes and if the CW gets too zergy and population imbalance. This will also factor in to see how much lag there will be from large scale battles, this is yet to be seen.
    Anyway, look forward to the discussion and reading up. I'm late to the game.
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    Duraeon got a reaction from Tipsy in server side movement   
    Yeah only problem with client side is then you get speed hacks
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    Duraeon reacted to Cantaloupes in Need more testers   
    Agreed - I can't exactly log in from work and I'm not able to bounce out of work to playtest for an hour or two.
    That doesn't work.  In the world of building games one fix doesn't necessarily mean somethings fixed or that something else hasn't been broken in the process.  
    Bigger companies have a internal QA team that works on each build as it is released (Think 1 lead with several people under them each given tasks).  In order to work every single day they need to assemble and test the basic functions of a build to make sure it's in check and not seriously broken from the most recent updates.  At times they can do this in house, but other times they need (When they lack a internal QA team) to have the public smash against it for a bit. 
    If they switched down to just doing one/two tests a week you'd see a lot of issues go unresolved and the build stretch out over a longer period of time.  These mini tests are extremely important for build progression and back end functionality.   
    Just remember when you're at home eating cookies and milk there is someone at Artcraft glaring at a computer screen watch a build compile in hopes it doesn't fail... and if it does they are talking to a programmer who is poking at the code trying to fix it so they can compile a build to release to the devs/employee's so they can actually work on something the next morning.   (Welcome to the world of game development's not so fun side.)
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    Duraeon reacted to valor in Character facing needs to lock to crosshair   
    I 100% disagree with this.
    Part of the skill required to play melee is managing what direction you are facing.  The free camera allows you to see over your shoulder while in combat, which once everyone becomes more accustomed to the mechanic, will be massively useful in larger fights.
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    Duraeon reacted to KarmaLoD in [Video] Confessor - Fire AOE OP?   
    Spent a good amount of time the last two test I could get into on the Confessor.  By the end I was using the Fire AOE shield multiple times a fight.  Think it might be a bit too powerful.  I think it should be interruptable via knockdown, chainpull, and other skills.  Or give it a cooldown timer.  You can pretty much keep it up back to back and melt faces.  Just some feedback.
    Made this today when the three hour test got canceled.  First video I ever made, so go easy on the newb.  But you can see how devastating that fire aoe shield is.  
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    Duraeon reacted to oberon in Note to Streamers   
    Bumping this as a reminder. We had at least 10 new streamers tonight who did not archive their play
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    Duraeon got a reaction from piikaa in Pre-Alpha Testing VOIP   
    This definitely would enhance the fun of it. Lot of you LotD guys around, great playing with you.
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    Duraeon reacted to hamopeche in Misgivings about Eternal Kigdoms   
    You're conflating topics. We were positing a hypothetical scenario in which Dregsers could possibly care about getting thralls from EKers. You're suddenly bringing in the topic of export, which negates that hypothetical, because it necessitates consideration of import, which is 0%, and thus removes any possibility of Dregsers caring what EKers are offering.
    Either stay within the confines of the hypothetical, or don't participate in it.
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    Duraeon reacted to hamopeche in Misgivings about Eternal Kigdoms   
    Yeah, I get it, sure. My point is that that scenario has to be likely to occur with reliable frequency in order for there to be anything meaningful to offer. Because the Dregser has superior access to thralls, it's going to be unlikely to occur, and therefore the EKer does not have a reliable vector for trade. A rare possibility doesn't make it a viable system.
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    Duraeon reacted to Noc. in Misgivings about Eternal Kigdoms   
    "out of game" Services. (Like fan art or video editing)
    "in game" Services. (Like helping you out in the CW, buying allies)
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    Duraeon reacted to zinnie in Misgivings about Eternal Kigdoms   
    1: yep, RMT will be a big part of trading resources.
    2: no use for them, wont be in an EK.
    3: depends if bonuses stack or not, if they dont, you just need the one.
    4: same as above:
    5: Agreed, good point.
    6: Also a very good point.
    I like you Noc, you actually bring something to the discussion rather than complain.
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    Duraeon reacted to hamopeche in Misgivings about Eternal Kigdoms   
    But he doesn't expect you to buy his materials. What could you possibly give him in return that he would care about?
    If a player does not care about EK and gets no import, there is no value in anything outside the campaign. Thus, there is no value in export, except RMT. You will never have anything he wants with which to buy his export.
    How are you so utterly failing to grasp this reality?
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    Duraeon reacted to zinnie in Misgivings about Eternal Kigdoms   
    Again, what other alternative way does a crafter have to get resources from me?
    I have no use for his items
    I don't have an EK
    I only run 0% import campaigns
    If anything, its bad gamedesign, and if this goes live, RMT will be one way for people to handle it.
    Sometimes you have to tell people the truth, even if they dont like it.
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    Duraeon got a reaction from Albert Rock in TEST FEEDBACK Monday, Sept 7   
    Got to play 7 matches.
    Won 4, lost 1, disconnected for 2.
    Had a lot of difficulty with staying connected to get back into matches. Stopped hearing ding from chat, knew I was disconnected.
    One time was queue'd to play and it went above the max while during countdown and it bounced me back to lobby.
    Another time was also bounced to lobby.
    Had to alt+4 at least 40 or so times during testing window due to timing out.
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    Duraeon got a reaction from ralin_ironwolf in TEST FEEDBACK Friday, Sep 4   
    Great suggestions
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    Duraeon got a reaction from Urahara in Misgivings about Eternal Kigdoms   
    I do understand how the dregs works. And ironically how it has the best rewards but those rewards don't even matter to the ones that will get them because they can't use them in the dregs and those great rewards they could sell but then gold has no value to them. Are you starting to see how this has a direct effect on the game economy?
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    Duraeon reacted to ValGOW in TEST FEEDBACK Monday, Sept 7   
    I just wanna start off by saying thank you for the exciting and extremely fun first combat test of the day!!  I had a blast! (no pun intended).
    Just a few things that I've noticed during this test so far:
    1)  Mouse sensitivity is intense.  I hardly move my mouse and I'm spinning around all over.  Hard to keep the target on my target with minimal movement.
    2) Obviously the hot topic is latency.  It definitely got better later in the test.  Can't do much as far as combat is concerned, especially with a confessor.
    3) Explainations of the abilities is super nice.  Still figuring out how they all work though.
    I probably have more to say, but can't think of any currently.  Still analyzing everything in my head lol.
    Awesome first round tho, and excited for the next test later! 
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    Duraeon reacted to Helix in Animation Locking   
    Animation Locking
    I guess now that we've seen the "foundation" (or at least, part of the foundation) of what the devs are going with for the combat, the time is right to ask the question: "How much animation lock is too much?". Personally I'd prefer virtually zero animation lock, even if it mean't less elaborate animations, and a slightly faster pace more fluid combat system (i.e. WS or GW2 or even ESO). Obviously ACE doesn't have a hundred million dollars sitting around, but I do believe they can emulate combat from a triple A game like those mentioned above.
    Currently (and this is from the perspective of someone playing melee), I find combat to be pretty jerky and rigid. That's not to say it's awful (and there are outside variables to factor in, like the current lag). For a pre-alpha combat is actually pretty decent. However with certain abilities like block (for the knight), I'd really like to be able to move around and perform it. Infact, I feel most of the animations currently in the game could do without the locking, and instead have some sort of movement slow down (i.e. ESO).
    Dodge Rolling
    Maybe it's just me, but I really miss dodge roll. 3 of the last few games I've played (well 4, if you include DCUO) really used this mechanic well, and kept from becoming TOO obnoxious, but pretty valuable. Dodge in GW2 let you survive in aoe balls, in Wildstar it let you recover from CC and KD, in ESO it let you avoid attacks, in DCUO it let you break out CC and dodge attacks. Dodging attacks currently in crowfall feels A LOT stiffer in comparison to those aforementioned games. I do believe that dodge roll to a limited extent has a place in crowfall, but I'd be scared to see how it works on the centaur ;p.
    I know what the devs are thinking, "You said we don't want it to be like Wildstar, now you're saying make it more like Wildstar". I actually really like the mobility of the characters in that prototype video, I just didn't like the telegraphs all over the place ;p.
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    Duraeon reacted to Stubbs in Camera and aiming is wonky.   
    Didn't take me long at all to get used to camera/aiming. I like the trade off of being able to look around.
    Biggest problem for me is the inertia on character movement. At best feels like you are sliding on ice, at worst (during lag) feels like you aren't in control of your character.
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