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  1. There seems to be a link between being a survivalist in the skill tree and foraging for food. I would like to suggest being able to use foraged meat (grubs and the like) to make a survivalist campfire with the 4 meat additive. Thanks
  2. You're going to want to choose #4 cause the rest of them are coming down.
  3. did the solution provided by @Jah fix your issue?
  4. If I could I would macro "toggle [z] to exit combat mode then use [F] to interact with a tree" in response to new players asking how to get started with making weapons and gathering. A proposed solution is to make the beginner default stance be that of not in combat (swinging a weapon or left clicking still puts you in that mode). With this small change it will make it much easier for new players to get started. Thank you
  5. I understand this post alot better than the previous one in regard to your opinions about the state of the game and p2w. It makes sense to me. <3
  6. The idea that all characters should be equally balanced in all situations is not one of our design goals. (so you're correct but that's okay) Pay to win means that if you pay you win. If you pay and you don't win then its not pay to win. Having an advantage doesn't mean you'll win. I'm not saying your opinions are wrong. I'm saying that I feel like your reasons for them don't make sense to me in the way they were presented.
  7. If you don't want to double dip, you don't have to. Just train one slot. Solved. You can have your game be exactly as you just described. YAY!
  8. The game can easily have this restriction for anyone who wants it. Do it yourself. Count up the time and do the math and if you're going to go over the restriction then don't use the tome. If that's what you want for your game play, you can most certainly have it. It can make the game as hard as you want. If you want hardcore death mode, you can have that too. Delete your character if you die. If that doesn't work then make a new account if you die. Your imagination is your limit. If you want your game to be a certain way, it can be. If you want my gameplay to match your, well, tough breasts. Just think of it as another challenge you get to overcome and when you do, you'll be having that much more fun. YaY for self imposed, player driven restrictions.
  9. LoL @srathor this is really great I was in Geosh's guild on Fennin ro called sanctum of exiles. good times.
  10. if that one sword turns out to be poorly made socks then you'd have to rinse repeat the process if you wanted a better sword. All the while the blueprints then won't make as many items.
  11. Ive been trying to find out if blueprints will be tradable. I'd love to know for sure. *edit* on second concideration to what you said Krakken, you can't produce an item with a blueprint unless the components have the exact same serial number. meaning that suit of armor would need the exact same metal bars and armor layers and everything the original crafter used on the suit just to make it. that being true, you couldn't just import 1 blueprint and be able to make 40 armor pieces. you'd have to import all the exact materials with the blueprint. still would like to know if they are tradable though
  12. Will there be a parcel tax in testing when the ek system launches? Or will it be free of cost? Or possibly really cheap? 2 apples?
  13. Cant wait to test the blacklist feature. *Edit* What is griefing in video games? A griefer is a player in a multiplayer video game who deliberately irritates and harasses other players within the game, using aspects of the game in unintended ways. @srathor I'm not commenting on the situation for you. I'm commenting because of my own opinions on the situation and that other players are trying to spin it into something that it wasn't.
  14. Let him own up to what he did. Don't blame srathor for being a tester. Blazzen didn't do the right thing. He violated the rules of conduct.
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