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  1. Does the 9 parcels vary based on which stronghold tier you have?
  2. Great research and great question @preston. I was wondering this myself.
  3. Title says it all, couldn't find an answer anywhere, and the deadline looms!
  4. I have ruby 2015, but it's not in my rewards anywhere, can someone put a screenshot of where it says your supposed to have it?
  5. Question : Will the individual pieces of forts/castles we get after September 1st be redeemable for store credit?
  6. Valor, I need you to contact me. Also, your PM box is full or something.
  7. Another reason to do refunds most people are not thinking about is, if someone wants a refund, and they can't get it, they will instead do a charge-back on their credit card. This is more damaging than doing a refund in the first place.
  8. I've found answers that imply this, but not an actual official response. Hypothetical situation : If I gift a $100 bronze bundle to someone, can that person turn it into $100 store credit and use it to buy something else? And if so, how does one do this? Do we have to contact support to turn pledges/vip into store credit?
  9. Not sure if Pann is that kind of "user".
  10. Let's take a look at some other games that use a hostage/prisoner system. Swat 4 and All Points Bulletin had a system where you could use less then lethal weapons to down an opponent, and then handcuff them. The handcuffed player would be stuck in place, during which time a teammate could rescue them or they would de-spawn after 15-30 seconds. This method favors faster paced gameplay, as there is less downtime, but some incentive to do so. Applying this to crowfall, a player or team of players could use special non-lethal weapons (Nets, clubs, saps, special abilities, sleep traps, what
  11. There was no requirement to be a backer to enter the contest, it was open to everyone. Also, as far as the competition goes, I like to think that as a skill based game, they tried for a skill based contest. I know that doing a lottery for a winner is the easy and reliable method, but it is also very dull. Being in a contest where you can effect the outcome is much more exciting to me, but much harder to run properly. There were flaws in the cawstume contest, but it was a more unique approach than being a 1 in 10,000 chance of winning by random numbers.
  12. Column B is before the like bombs. Column C is after. Column D was the last one I had before I went to bed. Column E was either at 8AM or 11AM before I went to work. Column F is the Final tally.
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