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  1. Apparently, Crowfall is not compatible via Boot Camp on the iMacPro - works on the Mac Pro but not the iMacPro
  2. No need to get into politics, but if you are referring to the history of Rus' since I see you are from Moscow then it is not the birthplace of Russia. Russia is a successor state of Muscovy not of Rus'. I guess you were looking for a Russian guild. Sorry. The term Kyiv should have been self evident.
  3. I plan on updating this as I myself become more familiar with the game. It is hard to say what I plan to achieve in the game at this point, as the game is still evolving. Once that becomes more clear then I will adapt guild goals accordingly. Thank you for your input.
  4. I am Ukrop and I am recruiting for my guild called Kyivan Rus'. I am a Ruby founder and plan on having a large Stronghold which will be fully equipped. I have not yet been active in the pre alpha but will be starting to get the hang of things soon and plan on being very active once BETA starts. If you are interested in joining my guild let me know. I plan on being on the North American server as I live on the East coast of the US. I am also welcome to input from guild members as to how they would like to see the guild evolve. Once I become more familiar with the game and the possibilities for the guild I will expand this explanation of guild's goals.
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