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  1. the 5.8 changes are phenomenal, really exciting and inspiring. unfortunately, today i'm experiencing a lot of lag compared to earlier last week. and i just submitted a bug report that many issues may be related to lag or simply need adjusting from my point of view. hope some of the distances will be improved for gathering, especially.
  2. only thing i've been able to do is skill up so far, hoping to get into the game and check things out this weekend.
  3. after a long absence, i've been really excited to start getting back into the swing of things. loving the improvements since last time i was around and really hopeful for the future. definitely feeling to draw of honing in on particulars that i'll want to establish for my progression path. all subject to change :TM: ;p
  4. gathering is looking like it could actually be fun. i love that gatherers will be the ultimate tree of life killers
  5. it concerns me that, from the sound of it, we'll be put on teams depending on what god you align with. maybe i'm getting this wrong. i hope being assigned to a team is not being assigned to a faction, in the traditional sense. i was under the impression this would be a factionless game. if being assigned to a team still leaves everyone open to killing and being killed by everyone, then np edit: just realized that if friendly fire exists, the concept of factions that is worrying me is a non issue. awesome!
  6. i don't think he was literally joking (i hope not at least), i suspect it was a halfhearted idea he wasn't that attached to. i think zinnie's point regarding the fact that it would be confusing if multiple characters existed in the EK for a single player illustrates why this just can't happen.
  7. if tax collection were automatic, and anyone who didn't pay their taxes evicted automatically, several of my suggestions could be eliminated for a more economical minimum value product (and most likely a much smoother in-game experience). if baron/ness land owners made use of the current Crowfall forums effectively, the inn suggestions wouldn't need quite as many features for a more economical mvp. editing OP for clarity
  8. +1 i'd place 1 greybox tree somewhere in my kingdom i love it
  9. i like the idea, and to be fair - they are offering several different forts, keeps, castles, palaces, etc already (visit the store). the racial styles is a cool idea, but likely one that wont show up until the game is well established (if at all). the best thing i could imagine for your suggestion would be to allow player designed fortress building. a tool that included various fort elements and different skins to wrap them in.
  10. i can honestly sympathize with the OP on this. my first reaction was exactly the same. why create an area that distracts from the whole point of the game? the most in your face part about it all is how important is that everyone understand that EKs have NO affect on the campaigns. so... like... wtf? i did some more research and realized, right or wrong, the devs want to provide more than a simple moba. since the campaign worlds will die, go away, never to return, the eternal kingdoms provide context for the characters' progression, adding an mmo aspect to the moba style play. but more importantly, imo, provide an environment for politics within the community to play out beyond the game board. in this respect, they (EKs) become an essential aspect of the health of the game, budding a robust community. to illustrate, your alliances, rivalries, and feuds now spill out of the game board where simple helping/killing each other is the entire experience of the game. in the EKs your connections are tested, proved, built, ruined, etc etc. we play these games, those of us who are competitive, to dominate. your dominance is just a name on an impersonal leaderboard with just the campaigns, but with EKs your dominance impacts the community, drawing some together, others apart, etc.
  11. the more i'm learning about them, the more i'm getting excited for the possibilities. to truly excel, i believe these features would be ideal for Eternal Kingdoms: - taxation; housing districts: to be able to designate different tax tiers for housing by Superlot (hopefully), Cell (minimum). ie: location, location, location...! i want to provide affordable housing for more rural and modest players as well as rewarding others with conveniences for their expense - taxation; goods distinctions: to be able to designate different tax zones for marketable goods. ie: you can buy your veggies in town, but they would have been cheaper had you bought them at the farmer's market in the next town over. i want ALL of my kingdom to boast value in one way or another - pvp rules; shades of grey: i want my kingdom to be wild, therefore pvp on everywhere. but i also want my kingdom civilized, so some areas should be respected - else face the consequences. while i would like pvp on everywhere, i would like to establish areas it is frowned upon, at the Superlot level (hopefully), Cell (minimum). - civil servants; npc peace keeping: i want my kingdom to be wild, but i want my tenants to rest assured that their relative safety is provided for by well trained (relative to the kingdom's resources) npc guards. these guards would establish relative safe zones, being highly effective (yet not god-mode) at establishing justice to anyone disrupting civilized areas. truly mind blowing would be: both stationary and pathing guards; along with changing of the guard at dawn, noon, dusk, and mid-night. - HUD; Combat Log: a customizable (size, shown/not, x # lines of history, etc) window that displays, action by action, all combat the player encounters - system; screenshots: the ability for players to screenshot their current view of the game - management toys; court: a structure that grievances can be aired, heard, and judged publicly - civilly - management toys, arena: a structure that grievances and challenges can be sorted publicly - uncivilly - management toys; inn: a structure that provides a social center --that the kingdom owner can name, including seeing the name on mouse over of the sign in game-- that could provide for meeting/socializing - RP conveniences like sitting in chairs at tables, a bar with staff, rooms for rent (both sleeping and meeting - management toys; property naming: the ability, and in game mouse over plaque, for the kingdom owner to name palaces, keeps, forts, and villas. (not cottages, just larger more austere structures) - management toys; district naming: the ability, and in game zoning notation, to name areas/neighborhoods/districts/forests/villages/etc by Superlot (hopefully), Cell (minimum). - content; dungeon maker, urban: either player made or a few templates of dungeons in an urban setting. ie: stairs, rooms, halls, etc. mobs hopefully scale against characters' skill levels - content; dungeon maker, rural: either player made or a few templates of dungeons in a rural setting. ie: caves, mines, etc. mobs hopefully scale against characters's skill levels if it's not clear, i'd be interested in managing a very interactive and robust community. my feeling (without being an expert on game development) is that there is a way for all this to exist for those interested in a similar style venture -- yet not impact anyone who is not interested in this level of detail. your EK is yours to define! i just would be interested in defining something extraordinary if possible. it would take tools and features to get there however. if you like, awesome!! please add your voice. if you don't like... rip me a new one. i probably will recline from too much debate however. these are just MY ideas. i'll be happy to read all of yours. it would be sick to know that someone at ACE even just saw this for consideration - even if this is just too ludicrous to truly consider realistically. thanks.
  12. in TERA this is was addressed by the character pivoting quickly to cast/swing in the direction of the reticle. after the cast/swing, the character would continue running in that direction, or where ever you wanted to go.
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