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  1. So I am not really actively playing but I decided to skill up my tree and look at some crafting stuff. Since I am looking to do gathering I was looking into plentiful harvest points on the tree and noticed that they are very far along and also dependent on alchemy. This lead me to think I didn't really need to log in until I got those points and/or alchemy leveled up. This struck me instantly as somewhat wrong and I thought back to Eve and remembered their stats in game effect your skill's training speed along with being able to get boosters in game to increase the stats it gave you a path thr
  2. It's way to deal with the common issues of PvP games with looting and snowballing. Although this version is poorly implemented and causes more barrier/snowball situations than solves.
  3. Jezvin


    Nah, if anything they should just make all the elf races cuter. They really need to push the angle that the fae, wood elves, and high elves are magical. Just make everything associated with them ultra cartoony and extra cute. This way if you want to be a frostweaver/confessor you need to be a super cute elf and in no way resembling anything undead. Devs should listen to my awesome advice on this one.
  4. Minor discipline High Quality Prospector: Critical harvest only give 1 resource with an upgrade in tiers based on your critical amount. Instead of getting a bunch of mats when you clear a node you will get a chance at a higher than normal grade material. This would be a way for people very skilled in gathering to target specifically getting the best materials, you would need a significant amount of critical amount to make use of this skill.
  5. I want to see like Rat's nests or some kind of small animal dens that you just walk up to and skin like all these low tier resources. No need to add or kill animals just a harvesting node.
  6. Just so Weps won't get himself banned and UnDeAd is happy. O yeah join us.
  7. It seems we want similar things here, because I would love a GW1 style system. I took your post as a whole that the skill system shouldn't have a impact on combat, based on the current crowfall system I think I misinterpreted your comment "there is no exclusionary system in place" I thought you were attributing that to the veteran players not the new players. There needs to be exclusion for the veterans so they cannot use everything and have unmatched power, like the guild wars 1 action bar. So far crowfall doesn't represent this way, but there isn't extensive development of
  8. This is a failing model for an MMO. Persistent progress is a defining mechanic for an MMO, as you play you are usually building something up and that thing is expected to stay around. whether it's your character or your castle or w/e that MMO has. Progress works into this persistence and needs to feel relevant for it to be satisfying. Crowfall already runs into a persistence issue with the resetting campaign worlds, also the player vs player looting and destruction. This makes the skill tree one of the more significant progress systems you have that will be persistent. Because of that ther
  9. Duelist or confessor If you are a good confessor(can do the dash jump) then you can get away from almost anything. But as a confessor you can still be chased if you can't get away.(by another confessor) Duelist can actually hide and stop a chase on them before it starts. But if you do get jumped as a duslist you will probably die. So if you want to run after getting jumped -> confessor If you want to try and avoid getting jumped -> duelist Just remember about stealth, they see you at around 28m and they only see you if you are in the front 180 degrees of their character
  10. I wasn't thinking about this before much, but it does preset in a problem in the current setup. I think there is two issues in Crowfall's skill tree, compared to EvE that might cause this to be more of an issue for crowfall. First is the 1 dimensional depth of the universal tree, and second is the Archetype tree limited by class. For the first issue take weapons in the combat tree. This tree progresses like so: Combat basics -> Weapon Basics -> Weapon Familiarity -> Weapon Competency Every one of these trees is specializing in weapon damage, constantly getting better across
  11. Yes that is the general idea. So training in a discipline will allow you to make better use of it, maybe make it so you can use the better quality ones and things they have said about the Vessel skill tree interaction instead applying to Disciplines and vessels being mainly a crafted thing. Option 1: Class promotions would then turn into disciplines, if you have that discipline in your vessel then you are that promotion class. Option 2: Create a new "thing" called General Disciplines that fit a Role, Tank, DPS, Support, and specialist. Where you need to select 1 for every vessel
  12. Edit this was all wrong I don't know what I was thinking, only issue is just the expontial rate of stat increase.
  13. Ah yeah it would be 3x as much then the core mats ratio should be the same though I will fix it. And I think the plank for the handle only takes 3 logs to make so it's not really 3x as much but the point is illustrated I believe.
  14. This was not what I ran into crafting, but my crafting was done only with potions and no training in actual crafting skills. 10 tries to get an amazing success felt right around where I remember it but I have no data for it. But.... Krakken is right about me not taking into consideration blueprints, so while it's a rough process to get the weapon it gets considerably easier. and I figure I will work it out again cause why not. 12 craft pistol, going to assume all ingots, I think there is a plank in there but w/e Barrel 3 ingots body Trigger 1 ingot hammer thing 2 ingots Handle 1
  15. That actually could work. I like the idea of the exponential system, but doing it like this it would be easier to make specific pieces of gear without having to worry about the whole process. So make all your amazing harvesting boosted ingots and then just turn them into w/e weapons since you want them for harvesting not killing. I think it would take out a little bit of the spice in the whole system.
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