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  1. Yeah was a bit surprised when I first read it too, as mount figurines are so expensive, also thanks for the support, fireworks would be awesome seeing people celebrate should make the game even more lively and fun!
  2. I understand what you mean, I don't expect them to do this, this is still just a suggestion, I am saying it would be nice if they did this, it would be the same as if you bought some scrabbled eggs for example at a restaurant but you suggest to the chef to put more salt onto it, it's a suggestion, the chef doesn't have to follow it but it would be nice if next time I buy the scrambled eggs it was a bit more salty, of course other people won't think so but others would too, where as with the eggs I could add salt myself but in this case, I can't go edit the game. So I can suggest, in the end it's up to ACE on taking any of these suggestions that are posted. But I do feel that I have the right to make a suggestion, regardless off the suggestions, it's not like the suggestions is extremely crazy like i want a gold brick with my game, just something small that wouldn't affect the core game.
  3. Well the right to show off a bit that I have helped in improving the game, isn't all that bad, of course not just showing up and getting a prize but actually helping to report bugs and legitimate ones at that. I feel the same way as you, brilliant idea/concept and all I want to do is play it. I feel that encouraging more players to test effectively to make this crazy idea work, would be great, for it you function well, we need to ensure that as many bugs and glitches or sorted before release and if it means to give a prize for testers reporting legitimate bugs and more testers doing so, I feel it's well worth it. PS: I'll check up on entitlement so that I can correct myself.
  4. Not everyone participates in the forum, but everyone would be playing the game on release, what if the badges are also in game next to your name, rather than just in the forums.
  5. You want to test because you are sapphire pledger, entitled much? Haha now you are entitling yourself as a "real player", entitled much? Yes a form of participation reward now that would benefit the game, originally yes it had openings which would mean rewarding players that do nothing for the game, but now rewarding players for actually improving the game, which is the most important part to us all. By your logic, you don't want maximised number of testers with maximised reporting of bugs, you just want "real players" like yourself, lol, testing. So that leaves a lot less players testing, and actually reporting bugs, the end product won't be as polished because they would need the non real players to test after the full game is released, hence not polished, rather than having plenty of non real players testing and actively reporting bugs, that means the difference phases of testing will go faster, more polished game as an end result. Just because some entitled "real player" wants to niche the game so much that only "real players" are testing and playing. The goal for every player is different you might not feel that cosmetics would useful but other people may do so, and what if a huge group of players think that? That would be excluding those players.
  6. Just wondering, since I know quite a few game companies request that alpha and closed beta products can't be streamed or be post on YouTube etc, haven't read anything that we can't but may have missed something. I'm assuming that we can by this thread? Could someone confirm or point me to the right place, don't want players or myself getting banned because of something we missed.
  7. Entitlement isn't always a bad thing, it's how you use it that counts, someone will always find a way to use something badly. You have your sapphire badge, I would assume you are proud of it, proud of your support, so am I with my Amber, that is already entitlement but this entitlement leads to helping the game, so with the updated idea, wouldn't it be a good win win situation?
  8. *UPDATE* okay since I see a lot of people not really reading/following what has been happening, the original idea has changed, the idea now is Rewarding testers for actually finding bugs and glitches and testers that actively help making the game better. It is not just about participating in the test but rather actively helping while participating, this would mean more testers actively trying to find bugs and reporting them, so that we all achieve the ultimate goal of a more polished game and achieve the aspect of players wanting entitlement. I shall update my original post and give credit to the players whom had given good counter suggestions.
  9. Yes yes! We are getting somewhere, well constructed and a good argument. Yes I agree with your statement but the idea now has changed to rewarding real bug quashers and people whom actively help, does that sound a bit better than the original idea? I shall edit my original idea and give credit where it is due.
  10. Lol "claim", when the 1 post was constructive and the rest weren't, yes I understand you and respect your argument, just none of the other stuff you were going on about. But aren't MMOs pretty much based on entitlement, I beat you in pvp I'm better, the person whom was beaten would get better just to beat the first guy to say he is better? That is entitlement as well. Also the idea on participation rewards has been changed and better to not necessarily just participation but for actually helping finding bugs, so the reward will be if you report legitimate bugs and glitches, hence helping the game, as people whom want to be entitled like me would go about find even more bugs, just to get the entitlement, yes it may be an arbitrary reward but now the that arbitrary reward will have impact on the game, helping to achieve the ultimate goal of a polished and near perfect game. Haha WoW crowd, I don't even play WoW. So wow to that assumption. Love PvP, I would love to have a rubber chicken skin and PK people with it, makes it all that "embarrassing" and fun but of course that would be taking away from the core which I wouldn't like that to happen, that's why the idea has already changed to testers actually finding bugs and rewarding them with non-combat type cosmetics etc, so the PvP stays clean from too many not core things and when you are in your own kingdom, a snazzy statue(you can choose to use it or just trash it or salvage it) or a nice crown or just something cool. Lol now it's your game and it's affecting the game wow again. Please stay on course of the thread or just don't reply. Obsolete ideas, hmm so cosmetics and rewards are obsolete, (using keyboard warrior logic now) the pledge tiers have rewards and there are different mounts and different looking mounts that seem cosmetic only... So crowfall is obsolete by your logic. If there are cosmetics in a game and you don't care for them, then don't bother with them, just go PvP. No one said you have to go and use cosmetics, same as crowfall, some people just want to craft, let them do what makes their game fun.
  11. Hmm, maybe a mjolnir like weapon skin with inscription on the side in runic saying bugs 'quashed?
  12. If you actually read the rules and conducts, it's not necessarily a rule but more a conduct, your post haven't been constructive at all, and if you had been keeping track of the constructive part of this thread other people have been giving good suggestions and being constructive, it's more about rewarding the testers that actually find bugs and glitches, than just participating. Yeah well your point was never constructive so proving it just shows how much keyboard warrioring (made up wordering FTW), you are doing. If you aren't going to be constructive and just shoot down suggestions and ideas then you might as well stop reading the forums.
  13. Haha I did not think it through completely, was hoping for more suggestions rather than flames. Maybe something "techy" but these ideas would be taking away from the core concept of the game but it's just an idea, like a screwdriver skin for a non combat skin which you can hold or a hammer or like a circuit Cape or maybe a tinkerer's hat etc. what do you think? What would you suggest? really excited to get some more input.
  14. Yes I know that, just saying it would be cool to also get something unique for actually helping by testing the game and improving the game (thanks to other posts, other just for testing). We do get a title for our pledge tiers e.g Baron etc but I mean, just something else for actually finding bugs or glitches and not just testing and raging at flaws without reporting the issues.
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