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  1. Aaah want this patch so badly! I thank you for the update, that will take some hype off the hypetrain. I wonder if you try even harder to get this out or take the weekend off like normal people...
  2. ArneAnka


    Omg it aint noon...
  3. Oh Pann didnt close this thread, thursday at noon, confirmed! Those needles still hurts though...
  4. You are right, no launch before may, not that Im surprised since we don't have 5.110 yet. Still, I cant help myself I have that fussy feeling of building hype when a longed for release is getting closer...
  5. Please, why autotargeting, its a gamebreaker for me!😥 Tabtargeting / autotargeting is no skill an so early 2k in development Im waiting for Alpha before testing again to avoid being burned out, see you soon.
  6. Just came back after more than 2 years and have a small question. Will vessels also wipe or should I lvl them with my remaining frames? (heh I dont know if the server is down yet )
  7. I doubt there will be a release this year, q1 next, they will miss the christmas sadly. They wont have any more big income like in the past so I expect them to have a hard date when it have to release, we wont know though. I for one want this game soon since I dont se anything else as fun out there...
  8. So sad and to early, condolences to those he leave behind. See you in the afterlife!
  9. will be nice with those artifacts in my ET...
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