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    Computer Science, Art Deco, Rock and Jazz, Soda, learning foreign languages (currently learning Russian, Я люблю говорить по-рускии).
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  1. As someone who is interested in making games, and has been learning to use the Unity Engine specifically, I'm interested in having a forum, or at least a thread, dedicated to talking with the developers about the technical side of making a game. For instance, how did they approach saving user data? Assuming there is a database for many of the online components, how did they get that to work with the Unity Engine. Of course, I'm not looking for implementation details, just high level discussion I believe.
  2. Hmm... Recent likes from James Goblin led me to this thread about JamesGoblin, leading me to talk more about JamesGoblin. This feedback loop may end up making him the most powerful user on the forums.​
  3. Alright, cool. That should make it easier to get into the game.
  4. While I think rudimentary pistols could fit into the setting, depending on how late of a Western European style they're basing their world on, I agree that Steampunk-esque elements would not be welcome in this setting.
  5. I think a look at shooter games and plane simulators gives a better idea of why guilds are so engrained into MMO culture. Your average shooter game does not have a formal "guild" system, yet clans pop up anyways using third party communication. The structure isn't always the same (it will adjust to fit the style of game), but people naturally want to create formalized groups of like minded individuals. However, MMOs are unique in that they quantify this tendency into an actual game mechanic. In games that feature large numbers of individuals in the same space, such functionality isn't required it's demanded. The more reliance on social interaction there is, the more of a demand there will be for tools to create a place for one's self within that social space.​ Now, while I think the high-level concept behind guilds will never go away, they will certainly change at the implementation level from time to time. For traditional MMOs the traditional guild model works, and is unlikely to change until the game changes. Which is something I look forward to with this game. The classical guilds will be around, but I believe new kinds of guilds will pop up as well (not that I have much knowledge of how guilds work in MMOs).
  6. I need to grab some of the Persona games. Should I start with the first ones or is it the kind of series you can pick up anywhere?
  7. What? RL never changes. What are you, crazy? We never go to college and need to start looking for a long term career. That's just absurd. You won't catch me trying to do something productive with my life. No, sir. Totally just sitting here on the internet. ... ​ I don't understand why that provoked a sarcastic response, but what you said is pretty relevant to a lot of us, I'm sure. Classes at UW start Wednesday. Here we go.
  8. Sounds like this will be quite the game for PvP MMO fans. Welcome to the pre-game community!
  9. I'd be in that guild. Aside from that, I'd be interested in being in a small (max 30ish players) mercenary guild where I am the Head Blacksmith. We'd go gain a good reputation then sell our man power to the highest bidder in a conflict. Meanwhile, I develop signature equipment for our guild that makes people jealous of how slick we are. Guild leadership would be more of a set of guidelines than any real rules or organization, with one or two people acting as the "head" of the guild determining which army we get paid by during the given week.
  10. I don't think this is the headset that will usher in the beginning of SAO, but I think we're closer than some might think. Granted, I don't think we'll be playing the games we wish we could for a few more years.
  11. C# or UnityScript? I've never actually met anyone who considered using UnityScript. More likely they use JavaScript. I also wouldn't be surprised if they leave the choice mostly up to the programmer. I haven't tested myself, but I believe I've seen a mix of JavaScript and C# in people's projects before.
  12. Well, its enchantment causes anything it hits to become covered in dirt. Also great for mowing the lawn and other gardening tasks.
  13. I had no idea this was an issue in MMOs and it sounds flippin' hilarious. It sounds like the key issue is that armor for these kinds of characters does offer enough bonuses in these situations to warrant the risk of losing the armor. Thus to keep people wearing their armor a few actions could be taken: Armor could provide a legitimate defense bonus. Armor could provide bonuses vital to carrying our your combat role. Looting could be taken away (Which would be a bit of a cop out) As stated above, Armor could have innate survival mechanics attached to it. (Wear some long johns so you don't freeze to death.) Of these ones I can think of, I'd personally make armor provide role bonuses and protect from weather effects. Of course, armor should help with defense, but on glass cannons the effect will always be to small for it to be useful to spend a lot of resources on it. Let me rephrase that, the effect of armor on a high DPS type of character should be too much of a trade off on damage/maneuverability. In MOBAs, the meta becomes a nightmare when insta-gibbers get armor. I feel that armor for these kinds of characters is at its best when its only buying these characters just enough survivability to escape after an attack. Prolonged fighting should get them killed.​
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