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  1. I have been playing Tera on and off for about 6 mos or so. I started it, to brush up on gaming xp like chaining skills ect. I now have a max Gunner, Reaper and Brawler. (have couple other classes around 50) love the combat, the quest suck though. The End game Dungeons are no joke! Hate the grind to enchant the gear. Must say thou, First game I have played that, I have max so many times and yet still a noob! So with that being said, if anyone cares to school a noob.....teach me teach me!
  2. Nice to meet the new Crows! Welcome to the nest.... for now....hehe
  3. Cant wait to craft during down time at day, fight cheat and steal at night lol
  4. I currently play 2 games, Tera and Wizard101 Tera, well everything said here has been right on. Not much at game's end to hold my attention. And truth is, the ppl are so rude in the final dungeons. Not much team action going on there lol. And the questing end of the game really sucked also. But the combat is GREAT! Not to mention how overly priced EVERYTHING is. Wizard101, is a game I started playing to spend time with family and friends. It's WAS a fun game, and still is at times. Just seems like they are dropping the ball there. Their last world was a joke. Felt like they slapped it together without any previous knowledge of passed worlds boss, cheats, spells or even health for that matter. You spend a year battling dungeons and cheat bosses, learning shadow magic and faming to get the best gear for what? A world that is small, too easy, no cheats really even needing to remember. And the health extremely low. And only thing to farm worth a (beep) is a deck? ​
  5. I hope we don't .. those points should be earned not bought.
  6. In the meantime, enjoy the forum and videos. And welcome to the community of Crows
  7. Hello fellow Crow, glad you decided to join us. Hope you will find this game as pleasurable as you hope it to be and more.
  8. Maybe, that was because both sides made a valid point. And those points are were being raised. Therefore he found the debate interesting. A Life lesson I have learned is, you don’t have to agree with someone’s point of view to respect or appreciate it. And maybe he likes the fact that people are using the forum as it was intended. (going out on another limb here) And just maybe he “likes” people who are making an effort to participate. “Likes” can be a form of encouragement.
  9. He is, who he is… nothing more and nothing less… he is a CROW
  10. I have been called many things but not a filthy casual! Hope to change that. Test I like to have fun. YES (that happens to be my #1 rule in life) I like to play video games Nope ( love to play them!) I hate drama Yes ( life is too short to waste it) My favorite color is blue. well...( could be I guess after enough shots) I accept Jaffinator as my God-King. ROFL ( ok you really asking a woman that) Now to show a part of my filthy mind Did anyone else get a laugh when Alford* answered... Safe Sex? Well anyways, Can I be filthy with the rest of you?​ ​
  11. That is a question that I keep asking myself. lol. Not sure about that paths yet but I do know for myself, I will also have to factor in the fighting end of things. Got to be able to live to get the resources and bring them back. Yes I plan to barter for some, but I will need to be able to acquire them on my own without having to depend on others.
  12. Sounds great, but not sure how you would do the shop thing unless you join someone else EK.. I will watch this and see how this pans out. Like many others has said... just too early.. it's a great idea thou
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