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    SaintfulSinner got a reaction from betaguy in Hello ^-^   
    Hello fellow Crow, glad you decided to join us. Hope you will find this game as pleasurable as you hope it to be and more.  
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    SaintfulSinner got a reaction from JamesGoblin in Crafting Master List   
    Cant wait to craft during down time at day, fight cheat and steal at night lol
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    SaintfulSinner got a reaction from IdeaMatrix in Crafting Master List   
    Cant wait to craft during down time at day, fight cheat and steal at night lol
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    SaintfulSinner reacted to palinore in Black Desert worth playing?   
    I bought it to give it a try and have been enjoying it thus far. With it being B2P I'll consider my investment in BDO paid for by the time Crowfall comes out.
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    SaintfulSinner reacted to headlight in Tera (Free To Play)   
    Sold! Will download definitely now.
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    SaintfulSinner reacted to ellie in Tera (Free To Play)   
    Costumes are interesting lol   Or should I what little there are of them.....................
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    SaintfulSinner reacted to FenrisDDevil in Tera (Free To Play)   
    Since Crowfall is going to have similar combat mechanics, many of us decided to give it a try..
    It's painful to level up though, as everything else in the game is pure crap.
    I brought an archer to lvl 15 and a warrior to 10, and I am seriously considering suicide.
    Does anyone have accounts with high lvld chars, that are worth nothing and mind sharing?
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    SaintfulSinner reacted to Voluntas in If you are new to Crowfall, introduce yourself here!   
    Hello ! I am new to Crowfall. 
    I am mostly a killer/achiever type of player
    I am also an archer irl, so you know what archetype I will go for.
    Hope to see you in game a year from now !
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    SaintfulSinner reacted to Arkade in If you are new to Crowfall, introduce yourself here!   
    The style regarding the background graphics isn't likely to change much, but there will be improvements. Check out the pictures in this article for an idea of how things will look in the future:
    1) Be prepared to be bad until you get the hang of playing one or more archetypes
    2) Press Z to exit combat. Out of combat, you will regen your health faster. If you are playing an archetype that uses mana, you will regen mana faster. If you use rage, it will decay out of combat. Out of combat, you move 30% faster. However, if you get hit while out of combat, you will be put into a dizzy state, and if you get hit again while dizzy, you will be knocked down, so when you exit combat, make sure it is somewhere safe.
    3) Stand near a fire while out of combat to heal much faster.
    4) Click on the chat button at the bottom left of the screen (or hit ENTER twice) to open the chat window so you can see what your teammates are typing.
    5) Mobs hit hard. If you find that your health is low, back out of the fight and get some HP back. Seems simple, but many people die to mobs because they don't pay enough attention to their HP.
    6) Have fun
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    SaintfulSinner reacted to Panterus in If you are new to Crowfall, introduce yourself here!   
    Hello there. Just pledged $69 but I have not consumed it. Might upgrade some time later this year. 
    It's been many years since I last played MMO, as my last experiences was with Ragnarok Online, ROSE Online, FLYFF, Guildwars 1 and Granado Espada. I've never reached end game with any of them, you can consider me a casual player. My favorite classes are supports such as healers/archers and sometimes assassins. I guess I just like to move around fast without all the bulks. My PC experiences also includes Neverwinter Nights, Diablo, Starcraft, Warcraft, CnC, CS, Half Life, L4D, Serious Sam, DOTA, Pro Evolution Soccer, Need For Speed, The Sims, etc. So yeah, FPS, RPG, Strategy, Action, Racing, MOBA, bring it on.
    I'm currently a mobile-only gamer, and at the moment I'm at end game of Crusaders Quest (still enjoying it a lot), as well as a novice in Crashlands. I stumbled upon Crowfall on gaming websites when I was looking for new mobile games and I was immediately captivated by its USP Eternal Heroes Dying Worlds. Other features that sealed the deal are destructible environment, balanced power curve and PVP. I'm not really a fan of builder games like Minecraft but I guess I can see what's the hype is about as I believe Crowfall has this element too.
    One funny thing is that my old PC was long gone and I'm currently using a Macbook Pro. I know that I have to get a PC to play Crowfall so it's just a matter of time lol. I can't believe that I actually pledged without having a PC right now.
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    SaintfulSinner reacted to purehe in If you are new to Crowfall, introduce yourself here!   
    Howdy All.  I spent 22 years on nuclear submarines, and then worked for the Navy for the last 20 years.  While at postgraduate school in California in the early 80s, I created a hobby computer club to help people assemble and use HeathKit personal computers.  Ahhhh, cpm and 8" floppy disks were so much fun!!  I have been a gamer and computer geek ever since then.  I have lots of hope this innovative combination of playing styles just might give the PvP game the legs it needs to run for the long term.  Here's hoping!!
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    SaintfulSinner got a reaction from courant101 in If you are new to Crowfall, introduce yourself here!   
    Nice to meet the new Crows! Welcome to the nest.... for now....hehe
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    SaintfulSinner got a reaction from courant101 in If you are new to Crowfall, introduce yourself here!   
    In the meantime, enjoy the forum and videos. And welcome to the community of Crows 
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    SaintfulSinner reacted to Caenth in UI Update: What's new, what's coming - Official discussion thread   
    I welcome all those who want to use a controller. Welcome to the slaughter. 
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    SaintfulSinner got a reaction from Nikbis in Who the hell is Jamesgoblin   
    Maybe, that was because both sides made a valid point. And those points are were being raised. Therefore he found the debate interesting. A Life lesson I have learned is, you don’t have to agree with someone’s point of view to respect or appreciate it. And maybe he likes the fact that people are using the forum as it was intended. (going out on another limb here) And just maybe he “likes” people who are making an effort to participate. “Likes” can be a form of encouragement.   
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    SaintfulSinner got a reaction from Tyrant in If you are new to Crowfall, introduce yourself here!   
    Nice to meet the new Crows! Welcome to the nest.... for now....hehe
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    SaintfulSinner reacted to nick in Tera (Free To Play)   
    It has a melee attack. Called "point blank" or something, similar to close quarters for Archer but with an added backstep on double tap.
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    SaintfulSinner reacted to daworf in Tera (Free To Play)   
    Running dungeons daily, with instance reset scrolls.
    If you instance reset x2 daily as an elite subscruber, you can run x12 RG, x6 BRNM, x6 SCNM, etc etc etc.
    After each instance, remember to claim the Vanguard quest rewards. This will gain you the t5 feedstock which can be converted to t6 (for free), but at a loss of ~84%.
    The alkahest needed to go along with the awakaned enchanting is pretty common in-game, there were events on the lead up to this patch that gave "jackpot" prizes of ~1k alkahests to help this process. Although having said that, I have now failed 45 times to awaken enchant one of my items, I hit a +13, but as you know failing after resets it to +12.
    Approximate maths for the cost of this failure (excluding the alks);
    1000 feedstock to awaken 9000 feedstock in failed enchants (45*200) 20 gold per t6 feedback (per current broker price) = 200,000 gold. It's a shame, exactly the point made by Nick, the PvP content is fuelled by PvE. But the combat is awesome.
    TERA is ruined by its awful reliance on RNG.
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    SaintfulSinner reacted to Lastgirl in Tera (Free To Play)   
    I just started playing on MT and I've been PK'ing some people here and there in between quests. I hate how sometimes they just run away into a safe zone. Looking forward to Crowfall for that reason, my god. I got denied a glorious kill mere inches away from his face by some high player one shotting me, it sucked. So I made up for that by killing more people~
    Feel like it's straight out of a .hack textbook Player Killer role.
    Anyways, I'm a level 20 slayer, and I love the combat at least. Looking to do dungeons soon, add me, IGN Saesia. Am also playing with a friend, so we can party up.
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    SaintfulSinner reacted to zinnie in Tera (Free To Play)   
    Its a game with fantastic combat and absolutely awsome graphics destroyed by the grind and lack of end game content.
    Tera could have been so much more, but it falls in the korean style mmo trap of having to grind for 50 years to get the best stuff.
    We are going to see this with newer mmos coming out of Korea aswell, Black Desert is shaping up to be a Tera clone.
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    SaintfulSinner got a reaction from JamesGoblin in If you are new to Crowfall, introduce yourself here!   
    Nice to meet the new Crows! Welcome to the nest.... for now....hehe
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    SaintfulSinner got a reaction from JamesGoblin in In a brave new world - Official discussion thread   
    Keep up the great work!
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    SaintfulSinner reacted to Harrstark in If you are new to Crowfall, introduce yourself here!   
    New Backer here.
    Looking forward to engraining myself in another MMo community
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    SaintfulSinner reacted to Alyriel in Crafting Master List   
    My thralls will do what I tell them, and be thankful I dont send them back to be devoured by the Hunger.
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    SaintfulSinner reacted to Audit in Why did you leave your other Game(s)?   
    World of Warcraft
    Played for years but quit after WotLK, the game just lost it's magic for me. I keep coming back for each expansion, hoping against hope that the game has regained that magical touch, but it never does. WoW will always have a special place in my heart though, and I will always yearn for those days of yesteryear.
    Too much like WoW, not enough it's own game. The raiding was decent, it filled the void temporarily after WoW's raiding went down the drain after Ulduar.
    Being in the military I just didn't have the time to dedicate myself to playing this game for as long as it demanded in order to be decent. I enjoyed it, it is a fun game with an interesting class system.
    Still to this day one of the best leveling experiences I've ever seen in an MMO. But the game had one of the worst endgames I've ever seen. The story literally falls off a cliff and just stops on a dime at lvl 50. And the only thing you were left with was horribly buggy dungeons and raids, one sided Battlegrounds or trading kills/objectives for the daily quests on Illum. And then when Bioware tried to "fix" Illum it resulted in the base camping fiasco. I quit shortly after this.
    For those who didn't play SWTOR at release: http://www.ign.com/articles/2012/02/17/star-wars-the-old-republic-the-ilum-problem
    The giant "Alliances" controlling the outcome of WvW ruined the only really appealing thing about this game for me.
    Loved this game, it was both challenging and rewarding on top of the game being funny and not taking itself too seriously. I wanted this to be "my game" for the foreseeable future. But, unfortunately the game required way to much coordination for your average MMO goer (80 man premade battlegrounds), so the game steadily lost subscriptions until they were down to just two half populated servers. Not to mention the raiding was way too difficult for your current generation of instant gratification "hardcore" raiders. So all but a handful of Guilds even managed to get any meaningful progression done. Everyone else was either stopped at attunement or just wiped endlessly on the first few bosses. And if you weren't a member of one of those few guilds that could progress, which I wasn't, you weren't going anywhere anytime soon.
    Played it until lvl 40. I enjoyed all the FF nostalgia, but it just wasn't my cup of tea.
    I absolutely loved the combat system, the PvP was also incredibly fun. The problem was in the RNG on upgrading gear. End game gear could be enchanted up to a level of +15. The two materials needed for enchantment were available naturally in-game but were incredibly expensive/hard to farm, or you could purchase them from the in-game store for real life money. Most people chose the latter. The problem arose in that enchanting had an incredibly high failure rate, and if the enchantment failed it ate all your materials (the Korean version destroyed your item as well, brutal). Due to the massive time sink it would take to naturally get all the materials to enchant all your gear +15, most players felt pigeonholed into paying for the materials. It ultimately came down to do you want to spend hundreds of hours enchanting gear and failing to get BiS or pay money and make it faster while also failing just as much. Great game, terrible end game gear system.
    This game got me into MMOs. Enjoyed it as a youngster when I didn't know there were other better games out there. Moved on to WoW and never looked back.
    Elder Scrolls Online
    Played the Beta. Anyone else who played the Beta will understand why I never touched this game after that. I have heard it's improved a lot though, but the Beta ruined everything for me. Yes, the Beta was that bad.
    Same story as TERA, but this game didn't wait until endgame. Do you want to succeed? Yes? Pay money now or prepare to grind for hours on end.
    LOL. This game. Hope you like grinding, because it is all you will ever do in this game.
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