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  1. But the guinea pigs are the cute race. Every game needs a cute race, and every game also needs a tiny race. So it fits both for those players that always look for that.
  2. I think the problem here is they are mixing the idea of a dwarf with a stone golem and those are two completely different fantasy ideas. But when your playerbase is expecting a dwarf but gets the humanoid version of a stone golem, expectations are not met. The proportions are exactly those of a stone golem in any game, but it has skin and hair instead of a blocky, grey stone body. This is some sort of new fantasy race but too close to existing fantasy races for it to really be appreciated for it's own thing. I think it just needs adjustments in one direction or the other and commit to the idea. Unfortunately, more people are going to want to play a dwarf, so the idea of a really tall, muscular dwarf should be the way they go, and adjustments to arms, waist, and feet need to be made so it looks less cartoonish.
  3. It's not about beer bellies and I don't think anyone is suggesting that. It's about the overall proportions giving a better shape that looks better visually for this type of race. I mean let's just re-post this picture so we can compare.
  4. Completely agree with both of @Regulus's posts. That was my first thought upon seeing the art as well was that it was not right in several ways. A bit disappointing so hopefully it's not too late to go back and make some adjustments. I think the overly exaggerated look isn't going to feel right in this game, but Regulus's ideas are on point for what needs to be done.
  5. Do movement abilities have iframes yet or is it still just weird other skills that have the iframes? Because if they did that then roll would be really good, and adding iframes to the movement abilities just makes sense anyway.
  6. Some interesting ideas here that I wish were being discussed more. I also just heard that apparently Dofus is getting a mono-account server. Not a game I've ever played but an interesting idea nonetheless. From what I can tell they're doing a few things, but aside from IP restrictions they're requiring players on this server to register their cell phone number (and they get text verification, etc.). It seems really obvious to me now so I don't know why I haven't seen this discussed much before, but that's a great way to limit people - as an addition to other efforts - because nobody is going to buy numerous permanent cell phone numbers just to have numerous accounts. That brings me to another question - do required security keys prevent this problem? I know a lot of games have optional keys, but would requiring an app download or phone number text verification help prevent multi accounting? I mean assuming each account would need a different registered app or number and would need to access that phone upon every log in - am I missing something or does that make sense?
  7. Yep, PUBG is run by En Masse as well. Same company that runs the NA TERA I was talking about. And both were developed by BHS.
  8. I'm sure if En Masse Entertainment can figure it out, then ACE can, too.
  9. I've said this before but I don't think it would be hard to control. TERA had a problem with people multi-accounting for a while and what they did was limit the amount of different account logins per IP per day. So if they limited it to 2 accounts per day let's say, you could have 30 accounts but would only be able to use 2 per day because once they see 2 accounts logging in from the same IP, they cut you off. You can still log in repeatedly from those 2 accounts, just not any more. Even if you went to the trouble to change your IP, you'd still only get 2 logins unless you kept on changing it throughout the day just to gain access to your numerous alt accounts. I don't see most people bothering with changing it even once. Unless I'm missing something, the multi-account problem is not really a problem. It's just up to ACE to track IP logins and decide on a limit. I only say 2 because if a husband and wife are logging in from the same IP that might be a problem. Besides, isn't this something a lot of game companies track anyway for security purposes? Like if some Chinese gold seller gets a hold of my log in info, for some games you get an email warning that another IP has tried to log in. I believe GW2 does this.
  10. The only game I played that did this was TERA and yea it worked there to keep gold sellers away, but what you get instead is whales earning tons of in game gold to get the best gear. I'm sure jasta85 will hop in and say it's not P2W because you can earn the gear in game, but that's not going to stop people from hating that type of system and calling it P2W anyway. It's ok in a game like TERA and didn't feel like it had a huge impact, but here it would.
  11. I actually don't think it's less casual, I think it helps casual players. For one thing it allows players to catch up when it suits them which is one of the things that makes someone casual - limited time schedule to play. So you have a free weekend or a day off work and want to grind your eyeballs out all day to catch up? Great, a casual player can do that. Plus it also allows them to introduce various xp bonus catch up mechanics. ESO has something I forget the name of, but depending on how long you've been away from the game or just logged out, you basically start saving up XP boost for Champion Points when you log back in to play. So it helps you catch back up in CP by playing once you get a chance to - faster xp gain for a period of time than someone who plays every day. They could easily apply these types of mechanics to skill gains in Crowfall with an active leveling system. Edit: Sorry the ESO system is called Enlightenment and apparently works on reducing the amount of XP needed, instead of direct XP gain bonuses. But I can tell you it works quite well. Logging in after not playing for months and you start earning CP super quickly. And bonus - it doesn't involve buying or selling anything and requires actual gameplay to gain advantage from it. I mean if ACE wants to get money out of it, they can just make it so VIP gets more XP reduction from it or something. I'm ok with that. But here's how it works:
  12. I would love a system like this but not limiting it to when it was crafted. Something like a WoW or GW2 type thing where you can change the look of your gear at any time (with some gold or some random consumable). People will want to change their look at lot even on the same piece of gear, and for campaigns where you can lose your gear, people are going to want to be able to replace their look quickly. GW2 and WoW also have a wardrobe type thing that saves the look of gear you've already earned or worn, so you can easily re-use it. For something that is purely cosmetic and not related to character power, I think it should be a fairly uncontroversial system to have. I mean I'm all for crafters being able to customize how something looks during the crafting process, but this would be an additional system on top of that.
  13. I would like to see the keybinds for trays simplified. So Z would take you into or out of combat, but then once in a combat tray, players could use ` or whatever their preferred single keybind to swap back and forth between combat trays. It's much easier to hit one key to swap constantly in combat and Z is something I've seen before as an in/out of combat toggle anyway. Most classes would only have two combat trays anyway so this would work fine. For those with 3 I suppose they could have the ability to add individual keybinds but don't make that universal. It's just that right now with other games that have weapon or tray swap, (GW2 and ESO come to mind) this is the way I'm used to doing it so it's much easier.
  14. Well on the second point people could trade friends or guildies just starting the game a tome for free. I mean people help out their friends anyway with other things. It would only be newbies who have no friends that have trouble, but they're going to have trouble playing alone in other areas anyway so that's not really anything new.
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