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  1. That would help but if people can run and gun almost nonstop it'll just turn into GW2 style roving zergs where they throw down AoEs and dodge out of them a second later as the zerg just keeps moving. It's stupid to watch and even stupider to participate in, and that game doesn't even have healers. Granted I'm glad we have healers here, but less mobility during combat and collision between friendlies in combat/not in towns are the sorts of things that typically make AoEs more impactful and help force people away from each other. I know they made an attempt at the former in an earlier iteration of combat, but the point still stands.
  2. We're already here, or at least I suspect some of us. I did pay $5 years ago for the ability to post on the forums, but nothing more. The only reason I have testing access is because I signed up day 1 when they had that teaser site pre-Kickstarter. So I got put in Beta Group 3 that day.
  3. There was a post elsewhere but I wanted to repost it here just so you guys see it. It's in regards to the targeting reticule being way too low. This has to be the most jarring thing to me and personally is a huge problem because it affects how you see the entire game. The zoom in this game is already super close which feels off, but I could get used to it if the targeting reticle is higher up, so then I'd be able to move my camera to a more comfortable position. Right now, however, the low reticule forces you to angle your camera down low and close so you're looking up high enough to target the enemy. Side note - trying to play a Fae Druid with this camera angle was impossible - my wings blocked my vision and I couldn't even see what my character was doing. Moving the reticule much higher, directly above the player (not to the right) - or at the very least allowing us to customize its location, would make the game feel 20x better than it does now. Here's the thread in question, worth a read to see the rest of the feedback on it -
  4. I completely agree - I've tried both Cleric and Druid and it feels way too low. They should just let us choose where to place our reticule since everyone will have a different opinion. I believe TERA did that - let you move it on screen? Either way I'd prefer it much higher and above my character, no over the shoulder stuff. I agree I'd love collision. I think it would solve a few problems and I've seen a few more modern games do it well enough that I know it can be done and feels much better.
  5. I don't even mind having random player vendors but the lack of text drives me nuts. Unless I'm totally blind I didn't see an option to turn on any nameplates. I'd love to have nameplates - perhaps customizable open text with reasonable character limits to keep it from getting long. That way players could have a quick name to identify what their shop is or what it sells so I don't have to click on everything. I know some people prefer no nameplates and that's fine, but at least make it an option. I understand it would be a screen full of text and I'd definitely prefer that.
  6. You can always split the loot and if that means a 5 person party killing 1 mob only gives loot to 2 out of 5 that's fine. Might encourage people to take on more mobs. But in situations where you're trying to cooperate, it makes it easier to actually do that and figure out who loots what. If you're out with a friend or two trying to farm crafting mats, it makes it much more straightforward to keep track of loot when it's automatic and you just look in your bag to see how much you have.
  7. Completely agree with this. I think there's a few issues with this. First I think reactive healing is fun and a lot of people do - and usually involves a decent amount of skill in choosing targets, skills, and timing. But secondly, adding too many shields and CC just makes it easier. I think some of that is good to be used situationally and the variety makes things more fun. But with too many shields (or CC) you can just mindlessly prevent too much damage and that's not fun for anyone.
  8. Other games have tried heal combos and it's terrible. Most notably Bless. The problem is that healing just does not work like damage does. We need all our skills at our disposal with one button press. It's a much more dynamic playstyle so you don't necessarily hit the same buttons in the same order all the time when healing, especially with PvP. As the situation changes, you adapt and use what skills you need at that moment. So having to go through a 2 or 3 skill chain to get to what I need may mean someone dies in the process at worst, or at best I just sit there and waste mana and time using skills I don't need at all to get to the one that I do. Terrible idea. I really cannot emphasize enough how terrible of an idea this is and it needs to never be done. Not with healing skills - damage sure give me some damaging combos and maybe add some passive debuff effects or heal on damage combo, that's ok. Just not regular heals. But on topic, I hate smart heals. It takes all the skill and thought out of healing. It's one of the reasons why ESO healing isn't super fun. I don't want it to be hard, but I do want to be choosing who I heal and who I don't. That can be done in various ways - making AoEs with a small radius is one (and I only just logged into the game for the first time last night but I did see some small AoEs). I'm not sure how clumped people get in this game (can someone answer that for me?) but in past games I've played - and partially due to collision detection - you couldn't get more than 3-5 players in those which was good. I shouldn't be able to hit a ton of people with an easily placed AoE unless it's a skill with a CD (like the Cleric ULT, that's fine cause I can't spam that). I also think for targeted heals that OP is concerned about, just do what TERA did and allow the "targeted" heals to hit 2-3 people. It worked well there for the primary "single target" heal, so if people were clumped you were still guaranteed to get the one you needed and if you hit 1 or 2 next to them that was ok. How it worked was upon the first button press you would choose your heal targets via mousing over them with the reticle, and it would highlight the players, then a second press casted the skill. This personally I thought was great skill design that could be explored here if that's an issue - definitely before considering any smart healing. They also had a targeted AoE that worked similar, where you'd target one person and it would hit a few other people within about a 5m radius, so melee range. That's another way to do targeted heals that doesn't allow for mindless button smashing.
  9. But the guinea pigs are the cute race. Every game needs a cute race, and every game also needs a tiny race. So it fits both for those players that always look for that.
  10. I think the problem here is they are mixing the idea of a dwarf with a stone golem and those are two completely different fantasy ideas. But when your playerbase is expecting a dwarf but gets the humanoid version of a stone golem, expectations are not met. The proportions are exactly those of a stone golem in any game, but it has skin and hair instead of a blocky, grey stone body. This is some sort of new fantasy race but too close to existing fantasy races for it to really be appreciated for it's own thing. I think it just needs adjustments in one direction or the other and commit to the idea. Unfortunately, more people are going to want to play a dwarf, so the idea of a really tall, muscular dwarf should be the way they go, and adjustments to arms, waist, and feet need to be made so it looks less cartoonish.
  11. It's not about beer bellies and I don't think anyone is suggesting that. It's about the overall proportions giving a better shape that looks better visually for this type of race. I mean let's just re-post this picture so we can compare.
  12. Completely agree with both of @Regulus's posts. That was my first thought upon seeing the art as well was that it was not right in several ways. A bit disappointing so hopefully it's not too late to go back and make some adjustments. I think the overly exaggerated look isn't going to feel right in this game, but Regulus's ideas are on point for what needs to be done.
  13. Do movement abilities have iframes yet or is it still just weird other skills that have the iframes? Because if they did that then roll would be really good, and adding iframes to the movement abilities just makes sense anyway.
  14. Some interesting ideas here that I wish were being discussed more. I also just heard that apparently Dofus is getting a mono-account server. Not a game I've ever played but an interesting idea nonetheless. From what I can tell they're doing a few things, but aside from IP restrictions they're requiring players on this server to register their cell phone number (and they get text verification, etc.). It seems really obvious to me now so I don't know why I haven't seen this discussed much before, but that's a great way to limit people - as an addition to other efforts - because nobody is going to buy numerous permanent cell phone numbers just to have numerous accounts. That brings me to another question - do required security keys prevent this problem? I know a lot of games have optional keys, but would requiring an app download or phone number text verification help prevent multi accounting? I mean assuming each account would need a different registered app or number and would need to access that phone upon every log in - am I missing something or does that make sense?
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