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  1. Naiad is really good. I wouldn't give that up for Sun Worshiper personally.
  2. Agreed I'd say Fountain of Life and Soothing Winds are the two best discipline heals (even more so with the Pix Fix passive).
  3. Oh even worse. I forgot about that because I don't use it anymore. Chain heal is bad.
  4. Pixie and Sun Worshiper is a bit of a waste since you'd have Soothing Winds twice. Best to go Naiad/Pixie for the cleanse in that case. Also you don't need and can't use Weapon Finesse on this build because High Elf has Mental Fortitude racial which does the same thing.
  5. Trust me I've tried today and last night a million different ways and I still can't join these newly created "General" chats. It never works. ;( We just need to bring back the regular General chat. If people want to leave the chat they can do that. Nobody is forced to read it but for the rest of us, it's a huge help towards community building and helping the game feel alive. No an Elk without antlers is just a female Elk. This is true for most animals with antlers.
  6. I can definitely agree with this and I've heard suggestions from other people saying the same thing. Here's the link. I think the below suggestion is a good one though - remove or seriously increase AoE damage caps. It would certainly help in fighting larger groups but beyond that I think your comments about how combat is designed really being ideal for small groups really hits the nail on the head. Even with like 8-10 people, if they're all crowded, it's so hard to target individuals. We ran into that issue last night where we were able to kill a few but the rest were all at varying levels of HP loss because they were all in a clump before we went down (granted we had less people but the point stands- targeting was near impossible). Edit: The fact that a good knight makes fights like that so much easier simply because they can pull people for the rest of the group to target really says it all doesn't it.
  7. I can agree that sometimes TTK seems too short but I'm unclear on how nerfing healing will help increase TTK. Compared to other games, they already heal other people for less as well as themselves, and are much easier to kill, so you need more co-healers to back you up. If you feel there's too much healing in group fights, you're not focusing the healers. TTK should be addressed but I'm not sure I see the logic in doing so via nerfing healing. What you need is to nerf damage.
  8. It would only work for so long until inevitably the defenders call more forces to take down the small attacking guild. At that point they'd just quit because they don't have the numbers. People can't help themselves, they'd rather win at all costs but in the process end up killing content and shooting themselves in the foot. You'd need something to prevent people from being able to do that too easily. If you have several forts spread out over 3 zones that all go active at the same time with incentive to actually keep them all, it might work a bit better forcing them to make hard choices and spread out over larger areas.
  9. Wow that setting is incredibly unintuitive. That worked. Thanks Ama!
  10. It's already on by default. There's only a checkbox in game to turn it off. Where would I even find this file on my computer?
  11. I can't actually get this to work. Overlay shows up fine, I made sure to open it as Admin and turn on the setting in game for combat logs (which seems to be defaulted to ON anyway). I can interact with it and change settings, etc. But it doesn't actually record any healing/damage numbers. Am I missing something?
  12. Oh briefly but not much. I keep forgetting about it.
  13. Oh yea sorry, just the other 3. I really wish I could reset my build without VIP to test.
  14. I think so. On a Wood Elf you can get close, maybe 195 if I'm not mistaken. High Elf a bit less. But that's if you take all of the stat nodes in the talent tree.
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