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  1. A centralised search engine would be a good start. Even better would be an NPC in game to search on and buy from so you don't have to log out and EK jump. DAOC had that option, you could buy from a vendor that charged an extra fee for the item, or find the item on that vendor, note the seller and then travel to the seller's house/villa/mansion to buy from their npc. That was good game mechanics. There would still be some motivation to go traipsing through people's EKs to get the best value - hence retaining motivation for people to spend on the development of their respective EK's, while providing an option to avoid doing so when all you really want is a low price mat item and don't feel like waiting forever for an EK to boot.
  2. Aussie ones take for ever to load, if at all.
  3. Good point. And good idea. A lot of the problems would be fixed by a vendor in conjunction with a working marketplace.
  4. Love the game. Quality of life improvements are needed though, particularly for solo players and smaller guilds. Suggest as follows: rework the chat function so you can have multiple channels of your choice in the one panel. It is incredibly difficult having to cycle through the tabs to see the different chats; the harvesting and crafting is great save for the fact that one cannot jewel craft without mining major nodes, there should be a lower percentage drop chance for gems from standard nodes - or anyone with foreman talent should be able to solo mine the majors - yes its a sweeping change but without an easy and accessible marketplace, you're depriving the majority of the player base from being able to meaningfully advance this skill; further to the last point, we really really need a centralised marketplace -yes maintain EK vendors, but have a central purchase point to which they are linked - trolling through VIP public EKs is untenable both for the the prospective vendor and purchaser, moreover, the costs of placing items on a vendor, taxes etc are prohibitive - cannot see why there should be any upkeep at all, though would be easier to live with if there was a central market and therefore more sales. finally, the player pop is low, likely partially as a result of the foregoing, but also I suspect because people other than backers are not fully appraised of everything the game has to other - needs a marketing push.
  5. This is my problem exactly. Seems better on US West - but once you crash you can't get back to the world select page to even select there.
  6. I'm spending more time trying to log into the game than playing it. Servers all say light pop for me, but when I try to log in its tells me I'm first in queue and crashes OR just crashes. Then when I try and relog, it doesn't take me to the world select gateway, rather it takes me to a zone load in screen, does nothing, then crashes and reports a critical error. Would love to play - just can't:(
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