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    Albert Rock reacted to Akineko in Bag space and storage   
    And to the storage point: there won't be banks on account level like in other mmorpgs.
    Instead you'll have to build storage houses in the CW/ you EK/ both. They won't be connected, they won't be accessable from anywhere else, it's just physical storage.
    Logistics will be a huge thing for faction/ guild organisation
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    Albert Rock reacted to Eaden in Bag space and storage   
    So far, it looks like the Diablo serie inventory.
    To the difference of Diablo, the weight you can carry (carrying capacity) may have an impact on your ability to move. To remedy this, you will be able to "summon" carrying mounts (pack pigs).
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    Albert Rock reacted to lask in Bag space and storage   
    Hi all, can anybody tell me how bag space and storage is handled in the game? 
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    Albert Rock reacted to Sadrax in A few of my thoughts and suggestion after the last test   
    During the last test me and friend (@Vontariel) run around farming lots of resources, playing with crafting and combat and here are my thoughts:
    -Hide drops are small, even on plentiful harvest potion (2-3, 4 if we were lucky). Compared to the required ammount of materials it's around 8 monsters per piece of armor (13 for chestplate) not counting optional mats. Also lots of other recipes require hides. I think when the game launches this material will be in high demand. (Not that i'm whining, i like the prospect of highly rare resources, but ores were a lot more available resources) [side note: the heck are hunger shards?!]
    -Cats run around like crazy, and more often you're able to find them roaming far away from spawn point, or stuck on some rocks. (one time we found 5 of them stuck on a parcell edge)
    -Ranger zoom is non-existent, and closing the camera to the character to aim a bit better is counter-productine (camera is right behind the head and you cannot see what you're aiming at). Also the hitboxes are strange when someone falls down [during the dizzy-bugged phase of the test i tried aiming at the fallen player and instead i think i hit the ground (even though i did aim properly)].
    -Bow range is a bit small in my opinion. making it 50m instead of 40 would be better. Or instead make it weapon based, recurve with 40, longbow with 50, crossbows at 35 etc, etc.
    -right now the monsters are few in type. we need spiders, and not some small puny ones. we need big freakin spiders giving heart attacks (and make them rolling downhill like here  )
    So those are my thoughts/suggestions so far after the test. There will be probably more after the next test (and i'll update the topic after that). 
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    Albert Rock reacted to Feur in Lets Talk CC   
    I think a yuge pass needs to be done on everything CC related. Who has it, what skills have it, How long it lasts, the cooldown of the skill, ect. I think some classes are a little rediculous at the moment in that department. Looking at you myrmidon. But it's not just the myrmidon I think needs some nerfs in the CC department.
    Don't get me wrong, I love CC. It's extreemly satisfying to stun, root, knock-down, ect. an enemy and prevent them from running away, or fighting. But in terms of overall fun, it's not very fun for all parties involved. With how the new mobile combat is shaping up, I'd really like for CC's that prevent movement to be toned down a bit.
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    Albert Rock reacted to Mytherceria in Lets Talk CC   
    CC abilities are necessary for when active combatants are trying to run away from the fight or towards a ranged class that cannot be in melee range. I think CC should be applied as a debuff that lasts longer but only activates if they are sprinting or using an escape ability. This will prevent the all popular jump-out-of-the-shadows-stunlock-til-your-dead scenario but will still allow for CC when it is actually needed. I would like to see a lot less hard CC (stuns, knock downs, roots) and more CC slows. The purpose of CC shouldn't be to completely take away someone's control but rather to slow their movement. 
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    Albert Rock reacted to Feur in Lets Talk CC   
    I'm all for slows, or maybe a debuff that prevents RMB dashes, sprinting, and jumping called cripple. But it's mainly hard-movement impairing CC that's a little out of hand atm with either their duration, or low cd's.
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    Albert Rock reacted to Zushakon in Lets Talk CC   
    Yeah I fully agree, far too much hard CC right now. Its not very fun spending an entire fight stun locked and then dying without having any chance to alter the outcome.
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    Albert Rock reacted to izkimar in Lets Talk CC   
    Lower the duration of CC (hard disables shouldn't last longer than 1 or 2 seconds).
    Buff retaliate. Lower the cool down, attach it to stamina or some other mechanic. Have to break all hard CCs (stuns, knock docks and MAYBE roots), but not snares. Maybe even have a 1 or 2 second CC immunity on it as well so you don't get instantly CC'd against after you retaliate.
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    Albert Rock reacted to Feur in Lets Talk CC   
    I'm not sure what the current CD of relaiate is, but I think it should be a skill you need to decide on when to use so reducing its CD doesn't sound like a great choice. You still need to let CC's do their thing. The CC immunity for 1-2seconds after retaliate sounds great though. It would prevent a lot of odd stuff happening directly after retaliate.
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    Albert Rock reacted to ZYBAK in Lets Talk CC   
    I like the way CC is currently implemented. However retaliate is super buggy and just flat out doesn't work sometimes. Also I see a lot of people insta-retaliating in situations where they aren't in trouble.
    You really want to hang on to your retaliate as a defensive cooldown. It's very similar to the WoW PvP trinket mechanic.
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    Albert Rock reacted to VIKINGNAIL in Crowfall In-Depth Skill Tree Overview. INSANE CUSTOMIZATION + Theorycrafting!   
    VIP is fine, people that want it to increase power advantage more are just conditioned towards convenience.
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    Albert Rock reacted to Phaiden in FEEDBACK for Fri, Nov 18 – Sun, Nov 20   
    I'm more of a casual player, like 5-10 hour per week. My recommendations would be to have it so you can get your inventory looted, but not items you equip. I like the 1 on 1 pvp aspect and won a few of them, but then when a group came and rolled me for killing one their stragglers....which was cool! I lost morale to play when they took weapons and armor that took time to make.
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    Albert Rock reacted to MyloLothian in FEEDBACK for Fri, Nov 18 – Sun, Nov 20   
    something similar happened to me. seems I was able to bounce them out with flame tornado.  what looked like one was actually 5 stacked cats. ouch!
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    Albert Rock reacted to MindlessMe in FEEDBACK for Fri, Nov 18 – Sun, Nov 20   
    I've attempted to enjoy participating in this playtest, but I've ran into a number of problems preventing me from doing so.  
    1) I do understand wanting to test PvP in the game for balancing, but during crafting tests? It wouldn't even be an issue if you didn't lose everything upon death, but you do. So a single player can get a jump start on the test, then proceed to gank everyone they come across making them even harder to kill. They continue to get stronger while resetting everyone they kill to nothing. If you really want to playtest crafting then at least retain all items upon death. If you really want to test crafting, turn off PvP for just the crafting playtest.
    2) When harvesting some materials the loot will float in the air and be unobtainable. No matter what I did, it would not pick up the materials.
    3) Find it odd that killing a mob or enemy I am able to directly loot to inventory, but while harvesting I have to pick up all the items. If no other play is able to pick them up it isn't a huge issue, but still an annoyance.
    4) Crafting needs to involve less screens. Having to drop the items in the slots, clicking combine, then next, then make item, then take, is a little convoluted. 
      Why not combine it all into a single screen? Slots, name, and all in one place. This way we don't have to spend 2 minutes crafting a single item.
    5) Created a duelist, played for some time crafting gear, logout, log back in, and constantly rubberband back when doing anything. Had to stop playing the character.
    I am really looking forward to seeing how the game is progressing, and appreciate all the hard work you guys are doing! Please just take into account what we are experiencing while participating in these playtests and make the game even better!
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    Albert Rock reacted to MyloLothian in FEEDBACK for Fri, Nov 18 – Sun, Nov 20   
    ok, so my experience with big world sofar. 
    1. the world is really big.
    2. I did not realize that the little turkey legs were indicative of your regen capability. some helpful folks in chat  pointed that out, and I cannot overestimate just how important that is.
    3. lots of whining going on in game.  what part of alpha do people not get.
    4. wasn't there supposed to be a campfire inside of the keeps and not just the war camps?
    more to come later, after I have eaten.
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    Albert Rock reacted to MyloLothian in FEEDBACK for Fri, Nov 18 – Sun, Nov 20   
    yep. and THIS!
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    Albert Rock reacted to Helix in FEEDBACK for Fri, Nov 18 – Sun, Nov 20   
    It's not a crafting test, it's the "Big World" test. We're supposed to be testing several different features simultaneously (as alluded to by the check list posted else where on the forum). This is a "technical" test, which means things might not necessarily be fun and most definitely won't be balanced. Having item decay and looting in the game is a good way for the developers to identify "pain points". What is now, might not be the same come a month or two months later. Maybe crafting weapons and armor will be significantly quicker come release, or maybe they ditch equipped items drop on death altogether. Who knows. Testing one system at a time doesn't make sense when you have several different systems that work off one another. You want to see how they work in tandem with one another.
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    Albert Rock reacted to KrakkenSmacken in FEEDBACK for Fri, Nov 18 – Sun, Nov 20   
    I am pretty sure if I read the patch notes correct, we actually never had any weapons, only the weapons animations, and that the unarmed damage has not actually changed.
    "We found that players just weren't making acquiring a weapon a priority because it looked like they had a weapon equipped..."
    Players who did not craft the basic cheap stuff were just as vulnerable as they are now, they now have a visual telling them that.
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    Albert Rock reacted to KrakkenSmacken in FEEDBACK for Fri, Nov 18 – Sun, Nov 20   
    More bugs/issues
    Login only works from the launcher. Going direct to the EXE will not let me login.
    Hover tool tips will very often go beyond screen resolution, making it impossible to see the contents.
    Had custom damaged gear that appeared to have 100% durability when unequipped and moused over in inventory.
    Ingredient (wooded Blank rune) got visually stuck when trying to drag into craft window.  From then on that ingredient appeared in the main window no matter what happened, even when it was used up and no longer in inventory.
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    Albert Rock reacted to sluce in FEEDBACK for Fri, Nov 18 – Sun, Nov 20   
    In ranger's LMB combo all skills in the chain have the same animation. I think that each skill in the combo should have a little bit of a different animation in order to tell what part of the combo your in, visually.
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    Albert Rock reacted to Vontariel in FEEDBACK for Fri, Nov 18 – Sun, Nov 20   
    Crafting is probably one of strongest point of this game. It's simply most powerful crafting I ever saw in MMO. Only thing which is as powerful, is minecraft mod named Tinkers' construct. It bears many parallels to Crowfall crafting, so comparing both comes natural;

    Crafting process:
    1. It's kinda weird that there is no precise info what item exactly would be crafted on design page. Let's take take basic running tool. I place 3 wood pieces. I have no information what will be result. A runic tool. Which one? Pickaxe? Hammer? Knife?  I need to craft it in order to know what I`m crafting, because that information is presented on second screen...
    2. Currently to craft item i have to select materials and click craft (and watch ~2 seconds of fancy animation of circle magic), then have naming and result screen (or experimentation phase, will get to that later). It could simply be combined to one screen (material selection with result and naming). And there is a lot of space to fit unified data because...
    3. Transmutation circle occupies 1/3 of screen. It is nice looking, I totally give that. But even for most complicated recipes, even, if we use half (maybe even 1/3) of that space to list ingredients it would still look good, and we have still much place to show exact results and naming bar. It's much streamlined, and players are making conscious choices based on provided data during crafting instead of guesswork or writing notes on side piece of paper. They know what they are crafting, and don't have to craft bad items to  experiment.  I think such experimentations are not needed because...
    4.There is dedicated experimentation crafting phase. If crafter wants to experiment with their gear, it should be done here (it's called experimentation for a reason after all). And speaking about experimentation - what is risk? I`m quite sure that risk is just what % of total points i'm investing in that attempt. Maybe it's just me, but shouldn't RISK value tell about my success chance?
    5. I am able to drag'n'drop material to slot. I can right-click material, and it goes to slot. Why it's not possible to right-click on slot for it to take material? And multiple clicks could cycle inventory for all applicable materials.

    Recipe book:
    1. Because of nature of crafting, without batch crafting producing identical components is equal to resigning from experimenting. So why some recipes (most notably dual weapons) need 2 advanced items in one slot? I didn't check if it's possible to put 2 different blades and 2 different hilts into 0/2 slot to craft dual daggers (will check tomorrow), but even if it IS possible it's VERY counter-intuitive. It should be broken to 2x blade 0/1 2x hilt 0/1, like it is in most of recipes (eg. plate armor).
    2. Because most recipes are based on advanced materials, it would be VERY handful if it would be possible to view breakdown of what amount of basic resources is needed. Maybe some additional button on recipe list? 
    3. It would be great improvement, if option of quick jumping (let's assume it's control-click) to craft component would exist. Let's say, i want to craft recurve bow and it needs 2 bow limbs, bow string and bow rest. Control-click on bow limb should take to bow limb crafting screen (no need for manual search on list). 
    4. If it's possible, crafting screen should not clear after crafting. Let's say, I`m making planks and have 90 of wood. After making one instead of clearing screen, there should be 87 wood pieces in slot (it is NOT same as batch/thrall -> i would still have experimentation phase every time), it would save a lot of time. 
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    Albert Rock reacted to cuddlesthepanda in FEEDBACK for Fri, Nov 18 – Sun, Nov 20   
    Theres a bug where I'm permanently slowed. I tried to get switch in and out of combat multiple times but it persisted.
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    Albert Rock reacted to Arkade in So I love the CrowFall concept buuuut...   
    Not every campaign type will include full loot. Some won't have any looting at all. Join the ones you are comfortable with.
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    Albert Rock reacted to Viks in So I love the CrowFall concept buuuut...   
    ...this game will not be Balance gear wise.
    So I know there will be realm with different rules set, but from what I can see on the current Test (Nov 18 weekend), some player (or faction when game is release) will completly dominate other faction after a week or 2. Why? Because there will be gankers squad (as there is right now on Test servers) and thats fine, I expect to be rekt when I solo gather / roam arround by these type of group, like any other world PvP MMO but there is where it start being unbalance.
    Now what if I join in the campaign/server, start gathering my components to craft my stuff, so close to get enough item to craft the piece I want, and BAM gank squad jump on me from behind. Stunt lock and its game over. Now, as I said I dont care dying. Its an MMO its normal. But all the work Ive made is lost for me BUT those who gank me grab my component and THEY can craft it for them selves with other component they stole from other players like me, plus all component they gathered themselves. So they get more gear and probably better gear as me (especially if you respawn with 0 items since that squad grab all important stuff) and its even easier for them to gank solo players. This will become boring/frustrating, since I will just die over and over without being able get my own gear.
    I like the way Devs are taking other aspect of the game to make it really balance between everyone, but this could be a major issue.
    The way I see it is like Uncle Bob analogy from Devs, but where the tanks he kills (component/gear) will instead be transfered on his team. His team will now have more tanks to kill other enemy tanks and this will become a chain effect.
    I know, I know, you will tell me: This is a social game where u should group with friends to go out in the world.    Yea I know, and thats what i will/should do. But as some other people in my situation, I work on different shift. I can play 3-4 hour on the morning and 1-2 at the end of the day. My concern is, will I enjoy playing this game solo at morning, where most / all ppl I know will be offline? NO, not at all if we take actual test server rules set as Default servers.
    I think this will be a major issue when game will release or when they are going to test out in couple months what real servers are going to be with actual test server rules set. Also, I actually do not enjoy that much the Test server, since Im hesitant to engage enemy, by being scared of losing stuff I gathered during last hour. My suggesting for actual test servers, are to change rules as we cannot lose items when we die. This will allow us to get gear and test crafting higher Tier armor (not the default one) and weapons and encourage combat so we can test it even more. Right now all Ive been able to craft is Default gear and most people are kitting/running away when you fight them.
    So this is my point of view from what it is right now and how it will be later if it stay this way.
    Hope to not get too much hates and as well, thanks for reading till the end
    [NOTE: Excuse my english, this isnt my primary language]
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