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  1. True I suppose, would be nice if centaurs got something, like an alt skin perhaps.
  2. Oh, I just thought of something rather glaring. So say we do get to 1.3million and unlock mounts, and some of us get the nightmare mount or whatever. If your character is a centaur or lady centaur, then this reward doesn't actually help you much because you probably can't have a mount as a centaur. (that kind of mounting is not what I'm thinking of) Seems like centaurs kinda get the short end of the stick on that one.
  3. Gratz guys, you deserve it. With any given luck we can at least get to $1.3 mil before this is done, as it seems to have slowed down quite a great deal. I was a little worried we wouldn't get out lovely lady centaurs. Probably going to be my first character as it is an experience I have yet to have.
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