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  1. Yeah, I'm done. Just got finished with watching the uploaded stream of the crafting system, and it was exactly as I expected. Utter garbage. I had zero expectations going into this, and that's evidently exactly what I got. And whole lot of hot air and bluster over nothing, it's exactly the same mechanics as every other vending machine crafting system I've ever bloody seen from this industry, but with more steps. Depth without engaging is largely pointless, as you won't experience any of it if you get bored 5mins in. All born from the same old tired mindset I always see from these hack
  2. Since we've switched gears into a discussion on harvesting I'll weigh in. First, not terribly impressed with what has been shown so far for most of the same reasons I've already given on crafting, and this node based approach has been shown to be exceedingly boring. Period. I am in agreement with people here where I think 'Discovery' should be a central element to harvesting. That it's about know how and where to look, then being able to get at it safely and get out with your haul. My particular favorite harvesting games in terms of gameplay are the ever popular Minecraft, Terrar
  3. I'm not entirely sure what "Blixtev's system" is, I assume somebody has a list of mechanics they want to see. Do you happen to have a link? Generally agree with everything else except the idea of implementing it after launch. I don't think that is a good idea, since you only launch once, and it's an unprecedented time to draw a lot of attention. And if the game doesn't have the core features polished enough to where they will engage and retain that audience, what tends to happen is that a lot of people will take a look, realize the game is kind of a little boring and leave. And most of th
  4. I could come up with a witty response, but that would give you too much credit for rational thought. But go ahead and use your emotional appeals and ad-populum fallacy if it makes you feel better.
  5. Based on what? I'm sorry, but the preponderance of evidence simply doesn't support you. Archage, Darkfall Online, EVE Online, Mortal Onlne, Starwars Galaxies, Ryzom, Xsylon, EarthRise, and many more. All sandbox MMO's, all either mediocre combat or just out right terrible. And this goes for most MMO's in general with only a handful of exceptions, and the only ones who have risen above had far, FAR larger budgets and teams then this one does. What are they going to build combat out of kitten dreams and unicorn farts or something? Good combat doesn't 'just happen', and it doesn't matter
  6. Well I presume you need to be a tester first. And If I am not mistake that is tide to how much money you've invested into the game, I'm not entirely clear on how that works. Thing is that I am fence sitting in a major way atm. I'm waiting to see if Artcraft have any intention on actually making crafting engaging from a moment to moment gameplay perspective, not merely in a metagaming sense. And until they commit to the idea, I have no intention of giving them anymore of my money. I've seen far too many sandboxes do what they are doing right now, where it's all about combat and nothi
  7. Idk, Cooking, maybe Alchemy or Necromancer. Depends if there is any mechanical difference between them or not.
  8. If they are going to have cooking, I would kill for it to play like Cooking Mama. I would play the tar out of that.
  9. Sounds like it has a lot of depth. But depth without engagement doesn't get you very much. Still waiting on news on that front, and I am honestly getting sick of them dancing around the issue. I'm happy to take my time and money elsewhere. Hopefully they will put up the stream on youtube before too long.
  10. Your just wrong. Yes this game is a PvP game, that doesn't mean that direct player vs player is the only form of engagement or even the only form of PvP. As competing via the market is a form of PvP, or the haves and have nots of gathering. For some to have resources other don't, thus a form of PvP. And saying that because it's non direct that therefore it should have no principle form of engagement is quite frankly silly. Let me make this abundantly clear to you, no matter how much time or money they pour into combat it will be mediocre. Combat is an unbelievable resource hog. And w
  11. On your first point, you are just completely and utterly wrong, and so is everybody who thinks you can't have minigames. A minigame is just a game within a game. Like Gwint from the Witcher 3, or the several minigames from the Final Fantasy franchise, or even ones from the Legend of Zelda, Anybody who thinks you can't have a game within a game and have it be fun or deep is wrong. The question isn't whether or not it can be fun, but HOW. And saying that you can't apply it to crafting, ie non combat, is utterly ludicrous. Of course you can, and it can be done well, again it's a question
  12. Admittedly I am pretty jaded at this point, but given an shear level of insanity I witness in this industry year after year, It's bloody hard not to be. When you see sandbox after sandbox come out one after another, all boasting how they are new and different, but when it comes down to anything that matters they are 95% identical to every other sandbox that came before them, and then people expect different results? You kind of just get fed up with a genre and industry that refuses to have meaningful change. Now to be fair a lot of this is the result of publishers and investors often time
  13. After reading through the FAQS, I am rather unimpressed. I noticed something was curiously absent, fun and engagement. At no point does it elucidate that crafting will have any principle form of engagement, or that the system will be in any way fun to participate in. Like every over crafting system ever made in an MMO over the past couple of decades. Which is very telling. That despite being a 'primary role', having any form of engagement or enjoyment of said role is at best an afterthought. Like every other sandbox I've ever seen. While Blair did say they were at least having a conv
  14. Lephys more or less covered what I wanted to say, but I will say this. It's not a slippery slope when you have a evidentiary basis. It's a logical inference. If you see a house that is lit of fire and it burns to the ground, and you see that happen repeatedly, wouldn't you conclude that lighting houses on fire will (without interference) burn them to the ground? And if you did have the experience of the past decade of sandbox MMO's trying and often failing to greater or lesser extents when trying to do the exact same thing, wouldn't you start to conclude that maybe it's a bad idea to do
  15. I can't speak for Lephys, but I fall into the camp of 'I'd love to do it, but only if it wasn't completely agony'. Normally non combat activities don't interest me, specifically because they get the least amount of mechanical engagement of any feature. For the same reason I don't like cutting myself. It's painful to do. As soon as it's fun I'll gobble that stuff right up.
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