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  1. I gave the testing of the test a shot. And the community made it sad. Trying to help with a bug I found waiting on Jackal, and of course blood thirsty crowfallers ganked me. Not that I had anything to lose as it's all given. But makes wanting to test the test (still pre-alpha which is a test), unbearable. But just running around looking for fights while we are trying to help find some bugs to get this test on live test. Good luck people. bug Couldn't access ladder to a tower in the wild. Want to call it a fort but it's really not a fort, so wasn't sure in general if people were refering to them as forts or not.
  2. You obviously don't know the guild I'm in. And again keep justifying your stance. I don't care what others have done, you can doubt what we are doing all you want. We are making mulch and other materials to upgrde parcels, we too have calculated and are working on it. We know the cost as we too did the math. But guess what, I still have excess mats, come check my vendor if you don't believe me. Is it a process, hell yeah. And btw I never said anything about cobble, knot, and slag. I said grey and whites. Yes believe it or not named mats come in grey other than slag, cobble, and knot. And I know what parcels are, we've already made sever crypts, which I believe are parcels. Glad you can flaunt your xl skills around. Cause at some point you are not going to build parcels anymore, we already have WAY too many parcels to put in an EK. We, at one point not anymore, had every square filled, and guess what, we still had parcels left over. So once you get your ek where you want it, you aren't going to build anymore. And if someone wants you to build one, you tell them to provide the mats, or you charge an exorbanent amout as they do take alot of mats and time. So I know what I'm talking about, obviously you have no understanding of the game yourself as you believe you'll be making them forever. good luck
  3. No you need grave, mulch, and something else... which is better to grind down and export those instead of the whites. But even as we are doing this, I still have excess whites. And at some point you aren't going to be buiilding those things, so will still have excess whites. I see you keep justifying your stance, and cool. But this is just my opinion on the matter. And as I stated before I will hold final judgement until after I see the effects of it. Maybe it changes maybe it doesn't.
  4. Yes I've considered this. Since it's pre-alpha I totally understand. I am looking at the end product of what selling whites does long term, considering that gold will have a value. By selling whites, in campaign, the take away all reason to even keep whites and/or export them away from any player. No one will want to take whites out to make anything if you can just buy them right on beach head/keep/fort/etc. So 90% of my harvesting time is now wasted on a mat that is just as popular as slag/cobblestone/knotwood with a much higher risk, and very little in the way of useful mats.
  5. There was already an intrinsic value to gold, it's what the "player" market was creating. Just as any supply and demand, early on I saw ridiculous prices but now as I go around I see a more reasonable price. Any NPC stops the player ran market. As for undercutting. It isn't going to work. The majority of players are lazy, and are not going to log out, go to my ek, buy my mats, import them into the game/or craft them and then import, for a 1g difference. And again, it's the game dictating the market value, so not a player run ecomomy. And as I end up with way more whites than any other, I no longer have a way to generate income off of them, unless I want to drastically undercut and people think gold is a challenge to get then maybe they'll head to my vendor. The problem I see is ACE missed the fact that these resources are already available, it's just player base doesn't utilize what's already there. And as Krakkensmacken noted availablity is a problem. But I think that is mostly due to lack of a communciation. If I saw a vedor and the weapon wasn't on there, I'd like to send a message to the vendor owner and request said item, but there is no way to do that either. So an NPC problem solves many of these problems, but also creates more and takes away the "Player Ran" economy
  6. Pre-Alpha is ongoing, 5.7 dropping soon. We are still recruiting, EK is up and running with tables and vendors. Come check us out and see what we are doing, join us and be a part of what we are doing.
  7. Ok. But that still doesn't explain why on human I am only getting 30 seconds for BH bonus. I could understand on the Monsters side, but on the monster side I get 30 seconds on ore and 3 minutes on stone. So thanks for catching that for me, but still does not answer the question for bonus times. I see the lifetime difference for plethera of dust on the stone side.
  8. I didn't call anyone, I made a statement. Again, I used the extreme for months for legendary. So take it as you want.
  9. If that milk is through the battlefield why wouldn't I. I used an extreme and I guess the trolls can't read between the lines. The point is I need to be geared well enough to be able to defend and/or escape if some rando happens to come across where I thought was a safe spot to harvest. It has happened. So I need to be geared and ready. I don't play the cookie cutter fae assasin harvester to just run and hide. I play what I plan to play at launch to be able to support the fight in hostile harvesting areas. So I need to be geared just as everybody else who is out to farm me. As far as risk reward, the nodes I am harvesting are the reward, if I can't protect that in my inventory the best way possible I might as well farm it and hand it over to who ever comes by. So yes I need to be geared just as everyone else, especially since my skills might not be all combat centric.
  10. Adreesing the first part of this. It's an MMO, the have (active guilds, large guilds) will always, and should, have more than the have nots. I do not want to see a player come in and 2 days later be at the same place it took a guild full of harvesters and crafters who took hours upon hours to get material to equip their pvpr get rocked by Joe Smo Smucketelly cause he was able to get out of the beachhead/or other common area, gate. Those that work hard will and should, have more than those that do not! Haves and haves nots, as you put it. A regular player should struggle and it should be hard, that is the point of an MMO. I've learned early on this is a game of gear. One of my first battles was a group of Balance (about 8 of us) fighting a Mino mermadon. He dropped 1 of us but we couldn't even scratch him, until finally a geared balance guy came out and tides changed, granted only slightly. But it's because of gear, ok a little known issue with mino merms. But the fact that gear is such a big factor, those working hard on getting it should be better off than those that just playing 30 minutes a day. That guy/gal should not expect to be at the same level as the Haves.
  11. I understand the econ part of what you are saying, I understand those that say winning should still have a consequence. My only problem is my Legendary gear, that took months to get resources for will still degrade as fast as the person who slapped some slag together and is out fighting. Now you all are going to argue well your legendary should have more durability so should last longer. Well just cause I have more points in durability doesn't change the fact that I am losing the same 2pt/10sec as everyone else. Where is the benefit to putting together that awesome gear you were going to help you survive many engagements. Now every time I'm killing a boar cause I need hides I'm taking a hit. For the pvp game I see this as a good thing. As eventually win/lose you will need to replace your gear. But if I'm out slaying tier3 boars/spiders/etc and I know I am not going to lose, but because I have to be wary of the combat peeps out farming harvesters I still need to be geared. This is going to force me to pick lower tiered gear, which then increases my chances of dieing and being looted by a pure pvpr. So the slippery slop is already in place with disciplines and combat skills. Harvesters get wasted day in and day out by pvpr. Yes I know go get yourself some guards blah blah blah. Well this initial spot from my perspective just like the vendors was to help those people solo, solo. I am in a guild, so I know I'll have protection, I know we will be out fighting, but know do we really waste the resource for gear that will break just as fast as everyone else? It seems like we made higher tier ore/stone/hides irreverent other than squeezing a few more hours of game play. And for those of us that play 12+ hours a day, I'm having to get a new piece every 2 days for killing boars. The whole game isn't just pvp.
  12. I agree. I hadn't died this entire campaign in my current set of armor (knocks on wood). But now I am still going to have to worry about replacement because a few bad players complain it's "too hard". I feel like devs are catering to the soloist who wants to do everything on their own, instead of what this MMO is suppose to be, working with a team. Well worded Anthrage!
  13. I am not tunnel visioning. If you can get white resources, which is all they said (not just ore and stone), then those things you mention don't need to be farmed. And since blood and bone have qaulity, we can guess that in future builds it's going to matter. Just as stone masonry currently doesn't matter what they use for mats, later on it will. And day 1 yes I'll be farming r1+, but I also know that very quickly probably within the first day I'll be farming higher tier because our guild is efficient even if using basic tools. We'll treat every node like a motherload. So I am not tunnel visioned. I am looking at what having white resources does to an entire subclass (harvesters). If you are just a combat guy you love this idea. If you are a crafter you love this idea. You can get anything you need right out the gate. If you are a harvester, you lose out on a big part of your income as you have to compete with an NPC, no other subclass has to do that.
  14. No there really would still be no need for farming less than R5. Because R5 would drop those same things, so to maximize efficiency you would still farm only R5+ to get those same items you talked about, with as little junk as possible.
  15. People will pay for convenience. So this as you stated establishes a baseline, which is not a player ran economy. It's an npc baseline aka not player ran. And I would have to undercut so much that people would find the inconvenience of looking for my ek, using import slots, etc. People will pay for convenience as I stated earlier. As far as feedback, I also said I will reserve the rest of what I have to say once i see it.
  16. https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/260541078459908103/466379182365081602/Slide1.JPG
  17. Great update guys thanks, Not so happy about what I heard from Vendors and resources. You all want a player ran economy yet took away the bread and butter for a harvester. Whites are what I sell! People are selling resources constantly, yet you feel there needs to be one on the beachfront/fort/keep instead. So now you have an NPC running the economy. What's next armor as well? Grivyn, Anthrage, and Armegeddon pointed out many of my same thoughts I just had with guildies. There are already resource vendors out there, but because they are inconvienent no one goes. Sad Kat here,
  18. Well one thing to remember is right now at 10x skill progression, most vessels won't even be available at launch. So many people who are killing it after 4 weeks, we still be using basic and intermediate weapons, tools, armor, etc. So yes after 4 years someone who just starts will be at a disadvantage, but isn't that every game. Larger guilds will always have an advantage because more people means more resources acquired. But it also means larger equipment requirements. There is a balance, it's just hard to see right now cause you have many people running around solo, which means you have pvprs smashing harvesters. So all the harvesters are crying so they leave. And then all the pvprs are crying cause no one is around. Very rarely do you have two pvprs find and fight each other in open battle. Sure there are some who will go and find a corner/ek to do battle to test, but in campaign rarely is it pvp vrs pvp... usually it's pvp vrs harvester/crafter. Which is equivalent to special ops vrs house wife.
  19. Good Morning Ladies, Gentelemen, Devs, and Trolls, After reading this artice, https://www.mmorpg.com/crowfall/developer-journals/exclusive-developer-blog-harvesting-1000011183 , I found it very interesting. One thing though that I would like to see, is Node movement. I can already see bots running around harvesting because all nodes respawn in the same place. Now I know the argument is that bots will just get killed and looted, but that can happen in pvp servers in other games and you see them every where. there is already in place a process for moving..... forgot what they are called the spires that come at night that was talked about in the June series ... at night. Oh well hope everyone understands that. But moving nodes goes more into the exploration that Thomas Blair talked about in the article. It means you always have to be looking for those nodes. Sure they will be on the same parcel as node level is tied to the parcel, but it means you can't just run to the same exact spot and start pounding away. For non harvesters I am sure this idea sucks monkey balls cause you hate harvesting for your mats. But for peeps like me who enjoy the harvesting aspec, I would enjoy that challenge for having to continually look for nodes, even though I have a general idea of where they are, instead of just running to the same spot day after day after day. thanks for reading.
  20. Thanks Kraahk, So is there "hidden" benefits in any of the trees. So I mastered Human and working on pureblood, as well as mastered Monster and working on underfoot. Both are almost identical in harvesting stats for ore and stone, just flopped. I also have the specialization node maxed for both of them. However when I am on my hunam, there is a 5% difference in BH for ore over stone, and vice versa when I'm on the giunea. So I am wondering if the skills are identical why is there such a diffence when the only differnce is a maxed tier one skill vice an incomplete tier II (human tier 1, pure blood tier 2 etc). Anyone have insight. I do check the skills with no tool in hand nor any rings or amulets equip. I do leave my armor on, but as I stated when I switch the BH chance flops 5% from ore to stone (human to guinea).
  21. I am told this buff should appear where all the other buffs are. I've never seen this buff in all my time harvesting. I thought it was just a proc after crushing nodes. However some people I run with told me they see a timer on theirs. I've never seen a timer or a beneficial harvest appear in my buff lines. Is there a max showing? Is there a way I can get this one to appear as I believe its very valuable. Have I been missing out by not harvesting properly, which after checking their types of mats to mine, I'm missing out. When checking details our numbers were very very similiar (mine for stone, his for animal). Any useful information would be greatly appreciated. Unsure if this is a bug or just a case of too many buffs, which would still be a bug as I would rather see when I have beneficial harvest over human bloodline. thanks,
  22. 1. I would enjoy knowing the group make ups. (Just want to know if the "broken" mechanics where being used?) 2. If you are fighting an equal group shouldn't the fights have something to mitigate? And food is a good way, especially as it gets scarcer as winter comes along. It basically is all about siege. Fights will be over land/nodes as it's all a siege and about who can get the most the fastest in order to win the long drawn out fights. Why do you think everyone steals food in every singe fight!! 3. If mana users know this requirement shouldn't they be prepared for it. IMO it's no difference than other games and mana management. I only play cleric and never had an issue with food in a fight nor mana problems (granted I suck so probably I will never last more the 2 minutes. LOL) But one thing I know for sure is I always have extra food on me. And in a fight I do not let me food go below where I start having to worry about any thing not regening. To me i'ts all about management. 4. Controlled environments are ALWAYS different from actual. may I ask how many actual fights you have had that lasted 15+ minutes?
  23. There are ALOT of "I" in there. You shouldn't be doing all of that. I gather, and don't craft crap. My combat skills are in survivability, not killing. I rely on others to craft for me. I rely on others to keep me alive so not to lose durability or the cash of mats in my inventory. This is a team based game. Not a 1 man show. I am happy going days without fighting, or crafting. I am happy spending my 8+ hours a day harvesting. You want to spend all your time pvp'n, great! Find a guild that will support you in doing that. You want to craft all day, great!! find a guild that will support you in doing that You want to harvest all day, great!! I am sure any guild will be happy to have you. But trying to do it all solo, is not the intentions of this game. One of our main pvp'r that is all he does, is pvp. We gather for him, we craft for him, and he brings in loots.
  24. That is you opinion, and mine differs. Bugs in my opinion are exploits, whether low priority or otherwise, to me it's an exploit so refrain from doing it. And I believe that things are far enough along that the things I am testing, which are the things I care about mostly, are going to be in the finished product and resemble the intentions of the designers. Is there work to be done and things to be change, yes. But I do not think they will be so different that the things I enjoy are going to make the unenjoyable. I test the parts that I plan on playing, and I test the crap out of them and give feedback. But me throwing out common ore by the hundreds is minor to the outcome of the game design. I only said that to prove a point in my statement about having excess where he was saying there wasn't going to be any. Come live the guild I'm in will have 5 times as many people if not more activly playing, so I am sure I will not be dumping or selling ore as I am atm. But I understand your position and have nothing against it. It's just not my style so don't. But have nothing wrong with those that do. As we all test in our own ways.
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