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  1. Yeah, that's a very interesting talking point. 4, 5, 6, 8, 12, 16, 32, 64, 128...3? I'd hope for at least 6 for groups, 32 for raids...8 and 32 would be great, but who knows. There isn't really 'group' content in the way of dungeons, so group size isn't limited by how many people they design dungeons around. So anything is possible.
  2. I consumed mine because you cannot upgrade further afterwards. Else I'd spring for the Sapphire bundle in a week and cry my way out of my rent money.
  3. Yeah, I did the same thing last week, before I realized the DRASTIC difference between KS Amber and 2015 Amber. Like 5 years of subscription difference, and no CE
  4. I won't lie, I'm more than a little bit upset that I backed at number 1200 and some for Contributor, and later upgraded to the Amber 2015 pack, for a total of $305, but I'm still not getting a physical Collector's Edition :/
  5. I've seen some textbook abusive posts towards others in my....couple hours of browsing here. I didn't realized we had mods. I guess that's good for the anonymous part though 'eh?
  6. Oh, here you all are. I hope I get my nifty badge soon. I need some sort of mix between the Contributor K badge and the 15 Amber one though... -edit- Oh, you put it on over on the crowfall website. Weird. Weird indeed. I'm going to throw a little picture of my kickstarter one in my signature...
  7. I have to say I'm a little taken aback by a large part of this thread. All combat systems in MMO's have brought something else to the table, they've added or removed, and have frequently made or broken games. Saying that we NEED a Telegraph system and that the combat must be like WildStar's in incorrect. So is saying that we NEED to NOT have a Telegraph system, and that animation lock like TERA is the only way to go. What we need, is a smooth combat experience, where attacking has a risk if done correctly, and where you can, with some time, learn to dodge enemy attacks, or at least know what is coming. I don't think Telegraphs are the answer, but the smooth combat from WildStar definitely is. I don't think always animation lock is the answer either. From what I've seen in the pre-alpha videos, there is a lot of work to be done still. Which makes sense, it's pre-alpha. The biggest things for me would be turning animations. Watching centaurs instantly go from facing left to facing right doesn't sit well IMO. Horses can't do a 180. And players that can 180 in mid air...I'm not sure there's a fix for this, but it turns a lot of PvP into a button mashing contest while flailing back and forth at your enemies.
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