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  1. No it shouldn't have worked but you have to test and see if stuff does work and then report it otherwise things like these would never be found and fixed.
  2. Would you like a warstory on how I killed all the mobs in the Duchy of Marconia zone?
  3. As a Frostweaver sometimes when you use frost armour while being hit the ability cancels itself out and doesn't cast and the same thing happens with free weave but its more rare to happen with free weave i've found.
  4. But the frost armoury won't just be used to pick up the armour, it'll be used to convert the armour into one of the ice abilities, useful for healers to stack the armour in one spot and then convert it to cool ice or refreshing ice depending on the situation and same goes for the dps and tank specs
  5. Is it a known bug that when in the temple and you stand on the wooden boxes next to the walls and face the camera away from the wall that you teleport somewhere in the direction that you're facing?
  6. Its not buggy, its supposed to work that way. The higher you raise your reticle the further away the spacing will be inbetween the frost armoury.
  7. Fury would like to have a word with you.
  8. The most addictive thing for me is the amazing fights that happen when the game isn't dead lol. Sieges are a ton of fun, some of us from Vanguard even stay up until 3am / 4am to play the NA sieges on Fridays or Saturdays just to fight because EU is currently dead. If I was you and this is the first time you'll be playing Crowfall then I suggest actually playing now while theres down time so you can figure out which class you want to play and get used to the crafting, gathering, combat and the passive skill trees. Theres a lot to learn in this game and if you're waiting for the next patch
  9. I think Templars are in a great position at the moment and if they were given more slows or even gap closers then I would consider them to be a bit on the over powered side but I do play Fury so I have more CC than other promotions and like the other guys said, know your environment, your groups classes and call out your divine light so people come to you instead of you chasing them ^^
  10. I wouldn't mind if they had an option to remove the factions shield above their head as well and either make the players name their faction colour or change the colour of their clothes.
  11. #11 skirmish and practice fighting other guilds to improve your skills in PVP
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