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  1. Yay im in the vid, sad thing is i was logging when you killed me haha
  2. Can you make a vid about this, cant read that long concentration problems
  3. Think they will need to make a post on this Item cause they will need to make up for this mistake
  4. Guild criteria: Region: Europe Atmosphere: Mature, fun and some times serious when its called for Casual/Hardcore?: Same as far it goes in line with my real life Size:Medium or small Play-Style: More off a dps, sneaky or support guy Commitment: This game has my full attention atthe moment. Miscellaneous: Love to join a guild that wants to go 110% for fun and wins . Although you won't if u don't have me in it. Experience: +10 years at least for mmo's Voice-Chat services: Dont got any atm, but always ready to download, although im more a listener the talker If there's anything else you'd like to ask me before recruiting, just send me a PM and I'll answer.
  5. Thats to bad, liked that guy
  6. Since you can participate in multiple CW's at a time: Can you still do this as u only have 1 spirit crow?
  7. And where are the Eu guilds , only handfull off them in guild recruitment. Rather not join a US one cause there will be different servers for Us and Eu.
  8. They can be ranged, melee set traps and sutch, just it needs to come with a big cost on the dps part of the char. . Else this archetype will be very overpowerd. So if they do 1/3 ranged dmg , 1/3 melee, 1/3 from trap or beast that would maybe balance things out + to carry all those weapons needs to slow the char. down to like they said the more you carry the slower you should go. That said if u know the cantaur has fast walking, champ had leap, confes dash, and knight has the chain i think it would workout. Also it wasnt ment to balance each archetyps out so they can take the other down in a 1vs1, its more like a group effort. And im also in for the reagent costs for mages, rangers and all range char. .
  9. Maybe there are Npc Castles trueout the campaign, attack and claim these as your own . Dualwield for assasin Ranger thornbow +woolycloak for those frosty hunger nights ?
  10. Well hope so hehe but then again whats up next ...
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