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  1. Yay im in the vid, sad thing is i was logging when you killed me haha
  2. Can you make a vid about this, cant read that long concentration problems
  3. Think they will need to make a post on this Item cause they will need to make up for this mistake
  4. Guild criteria: Region: Europe Atmosphere: Mature, fun and some times serious when its called for Casual/Hardcore?: Same as far it goes in line with my real life Size:Medium or small Play-Style: More off a dps, sneaky or support guy Commitment: This game has my full attention atthe moment. Miscellaneous: Love to join a guild that wants to go 110% for fun and wins . Although you won't if u don't have me in it. Experience: +10 years at least for mmo's Voice-Chat services: Dont got any atm, but always ready to download, although im more a listener the talker If there's anything else you'd like to ask me before recruiting, just send me a PM and I'll answer.
  5. Thats to bad, liked that guy
  6. Since you can participate in multiple CW's at a time: Can you still do this as u only have 1 spirit crow?
  7. And where are the Eu guilds , only handfull off them in guild recruitment. Rather not join a US one cause there will be different servers for Us and Eu.
  8. They can be ranged, melee set traps and sutch, just it needs to come with a big cost on the dps part of the char. . Else this archetype will be very overpowerd. So if they do 1/3 ranged dmg , 1/3 melee, 1/3 from trap or beast that would maybe balance things out + to carry all those weapons needs to slow the char. down to like they said the more you carry the slower you should go. That said if u know the cantaur has fast walking, champ had leap, confes dash, and knight has the chain i think it would workout. Also it wasnt ment to balance each archetyps out so they can take the other down in a 1vs1, its more like a group effort. And im also in for the reagent costs for mages, rangers and all range char. .
  9. Maybe there are Npc Castles trueout the campaign, attack and claim these as your own . Dualwield for assasin Ranger thornbow +woolycloak for those frosty hunger nights ?
  10. Well hope so hehe but then again whats up next ...
  11. All will b clear in time, but if its like in wow it would b appriciated by me. Then they will have a little advantage cause the stalker will lack damage so it all needs to happen with "the power of surprise" if you ask me.
  12. Would like the fishing and the naval combat but the diving i rather leave behind.
  13. Yeah would b nice to decorate your castle in the way you want to, bit like wildstar, there u can decorate evrything in a way you want to, and some stuff you get true pvp other true instances and some true ppl building the things. Would b good for the economic aspect of the game, and a little bit for your ego boost against ur friends and guildies hahaha
  14. Nice would like to see the option of crafting funiture and place it however u like +setting up catapults in towers or, and scorpions, making traps and sutch. would b good for the economic aspect for the game ill guess
  15. Welcome Rese Gl and HF
  16. I would understand owning a inn and pay weekly for the stock or something like it, and get the income off players who buy food, drinks, potions etc. But to be in the inn the whole time and running it, wouldnt be my cup of tea tbh. Though i would like the idea, and the ppl who would do this well they are supperstarroleplayers in my eyes Epiiiiccccc
  17. Coldfusie

    Can't wait

    Welcome, Have a blast and ill hope i see u ingame Greets
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