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  1. Perhaps a bit belated but. Happy Thanksgiving everyone at ACE and all the crow out there. Hope you had good meals and better company.
  2. I know, and agree it is probably a fools hope. But the only way to guarantee getting what you don't want is to not voice your opinion.
  3. I disagree the only solution is 1/1/1 and vip 1/2/2 no one should get access to multiple vessel independent skill trees. Personally I think this diminishes the choice of being in combat exploration or crafting.
  4. Ok my two cents. This current skill split is a terrible idea for everyone but combat focused players. As a crafter what incentive does someone have to go to me for items. Either it is because I can craft better than them or because they cant craft. If any combat person chooses to focus combat and crafting they are now just as good as someone who whats to just be a crafter this also applies to the other set of exploration. This becomes even worse as you then can use multiple accounts to farm skill time with the training tomes so now each account can go a different path and just split off pips f
  5. Some minor glitches. If dead and at the graveyard screen if you log out your character will fall through world Ranger Icon for swapping kits does not change Knight sword not matching sheath ok that one is me just nitpicking a tad too much.
  6. Lets use Dark Souls as an example. In that game you strafe and run in circles yes but it is not running in circles swinging like an angry monkey. This is were the difference lies you are disincentivised in Dark Souls from doing that blocking and dodging are more important than just swinging. In the current combat system you are given no reason to not just attack wildly there is no meaningful dodging or blocking. As to your example with the confessor that should never happen in the full game 1 on 1 fighting will be quite rare so I'm looking at these fights as if they were happening in a 5 on 5
  7. It makes sense that you would start with no weapons we are corpses possessed by ravens. Two perhaps its not the best intro balance but once people start getting skills (which persist between worlds in the full release) these imbalances will be a moot point a good harvester (or right now ones with the potions on) can get 6-8 wood per knot wood tree. Also this is one harvester as the main game is focusing on group play the amount harvested could go up many times that with a small group and the group bonuses from leader skills.
  8. It might have been speed up a bit I just through it into a converter real quick. As for the changes while anything would be better than what we had before this is not the direction I was hoping for. Honestly just rooting a person or even slowing them down massively while they use a skill would be enough to fix most of my issues with combat. It would disincentivise the whole issue with spinning as a prime tactic. My issue is with the amount of freedom leading to oversimplification of combat and a reliance on a small few prime tactics such as circle strafing. I did fight a couple people w
  9. Add training queue. Remove hold to harvest make it a toggle stamina and node health will stop any afk mining the hold would. Allow the ability to look at inventory while harvesting. Change coal to charcoal if its crafted from wood rather than dug out of the ground just a personal thing took a while to realize it wasn't the black stone I couldn't harvest.
  10. This GIF I've made describes my issue with the current combat style and while it was truncated before I did the ability casts you can cast and spin. This spin strafing will become the most powerful strategy you are harder to hit from any ranged class and twisting vortexes of melee characters will make for a stale, boring, and simplistic combat system. This combat is the same as the terrible combat used in almost every past MMO that people want to get away from the WoW, Blade and Soul, and Guild Wars 2. Except here it is worse as with no tab targeting there is much less chance for ranged charac
  11. After experimenting for durability on a copper pick rune could not experiment on a wood rune stone blank as pips were full yet could not experiment pips had the post experimentation blue look. Has happened 3 times, going from sigil to sigil did not cause this and going from an unexperimented sigil to wood rune stone bland did not cause this and going from full experiment blank to sigil did not cause this. Has happened from axe pick and hammer sigils to wood rune stone blanks.
  12. You and me both waiting for that A3 access. Heck if all the tests go this well we might catch up some lost time on the combat reworks.
  13. Couldn't agree more its what made EVE so fun for me. I'm just glad there are people still willing to risk creativity over the false idea that if wow did it it must sell. This so much of this. I've been on projects where 2 weeks seem to go by where nothing changes then all of the sudden that last bit of code or art gets put in and it all comes together it is the best part of design for me. Just that realization that all that work just did create something that before was just a thought and a sketch. Of course there are also weeks where every day seems to be a leap still a good feel
  14. Soo much excitement, this is the update I've been waiting for. Or will be the update. So excited for all the crafting. Love the idea of tables in homes kinda reminds me of Wakfu slightly.
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