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  1. The title says it all. I think there should be a skill for increasing the amount of items you can bring back and forth from your EK to a campaign. A lot of people seem iffy about this idea, but as long as you make the skill difficult to build into, and still find a good limit of total imports and exports, it should be fairly balanced. This can really help players who are trying to enjoy the economy side of the game, while experiencing little combat. It can also help people who are combat focused, since players who chose to be merchants can sell good weapons and armor quicker. (PS Sorry if this
  2. Blackwater Trading Company "Buying and Selling Premium Goods from Whenever to Forever" ________________________________ Goals The Blackwater Trading Company aims to create a positive experience for anyone who wishes to join us in our quest to distribute quality goods for bargain prices. Nobody gets stuck with a task they don't enjoy, and nobody is more important than their peers. ________________________________ Policies Blackwater prides themselves on their quality goods (be it armor, weapons, tools, resources, etc.) and their reasonable prices. We promise
  3. My only problem with full looting, is if you spend 2 months in "Spoopy Dungeon No.12" grinding for the "Chestplate of Sp00kyness" then you go into the world, get ganked, and now some random guy has the "Chestplate of Sp00kyness". Not only did you waste 2 months for something you just lost, but it took the guy who killed you no more than about 5 minutes to kill you and take your "Chestplate of Sp00kyness" However, from the information that has already been leaked, it looks like "rare gear" or something of the "rare" caliber, can only be achieved through a high crafting level, or maybe someh
  4. For me, yea I'm gonna get this game no matter what. But I'm trying to convince my friends to get it, they are much more picky with games, so its a struggle.
  5. Its all about that League of Legends, and also Wizard101.
  6. I think what they're trying to do is simplify everyone's request to skill up in whatever you want. I think they want to make it so that if you make a knight, you can only get "knight" skills or "knight" skills do more damage on you.
  7. Please no hotbars, they're just ewwww.
  8. Put music that relates to the theme of the area, if its a cave, but mysterious music, if it's a city, peaceful, and a field would be adventurous.
  9. I just want it to be a game where me and my friends can just jump in, make a guild, and just get into the PvP and PvE world everyday, for a long time. Basically, i want it to be a game that a person and their friends can play for a really long time, without loosing interest.
  10. Fully voiced quests? YES PLEASE. OMG this would be amazing. I really like story in games, and i hope this game will have an amazing one. Also, since this is a game where what you do matters, being able to verbally hear what characters in the game sound like, before you, say, decide to kill them, or help theme out. Voiced quests and characters is almost a necessity for a game like this.
  11. Why not go a little further than that? I think it'd be awesome to have a secondary skill, like crafting, where you can open up an interface and customize what the weapon looks like, but the cost to make it will be increased. As you level up your crafting skill, you learn how to apply certain powers to certain weapons, and you have to buy materials you wish to use for it. So say you want to have a stick as your weapon, and you have max crafting skill. You would be able to buy wood to shape the weapon into a wooden stick, but apply your +30 damage to it, because you learned the "add 30 damage"
  12. But then there's always the "tryhards" who look for the most scumbag exploits possible, and keep using them until they're fixed.
  13. I think it should be like WoW, where you can move with your mouse or your keyboard, but if you wanna walk like a pro, you use both.
  14. Shoutouts to my first hater in Crowfall, GG
  15. I really like the idea of having different channels where you can communicate via voice chat, but also keeping text chat for people who don't have mics, or don't trust strangers.
  16. I like the whole concept of a rare item not being rare if everyone has it, but if that happens, there will be two types of people. 1. The People who somehow always get the rare items 2. The People who somehow never get it no matter how hard they try
  17. I'm all for meta. I follow the meta in every game, and I honestly couldnt play games without it. Even though the meta is not nessesarily made by the developers, they definitely lay down the ground work of the meta. For example, the ice wizards in wizard101 are made to be tanks because of their default health that is hard to achieve for any other school. Also how in MOBA games like League, there are certain champions made to jingled, or made for top lane, but no one ever said you have to play them there. Which a brings me to breaking the meta. Breaking the meta is a concept loved by many people
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