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  1. Update 3/20/2017 As Crowfall goes forward, we will be organizing our Division for Crowfall more and more. At this time, we are looking for 2 Other Guild masters whom wish to help run the Division in a Guild Council Style Leadership. We are also looking for highly organized members who wish to become Officers to help maintain and run the Crowfall Division.
  2. Update as of 11/19/2016 We are currently at 16+ Members with Crowfall Alpha, and other members who plan on playing in the future. We are also Looking for 1-2 Officers with One of them being a Recruitment Officer, Please Join me on Discord to talk about options.
  3. I have no problem with people Streaming at anytime, as long as they use Virtual Mixer like Raven said to cut out Voice Chat. Even during big PvP and other Events i welcome people Streaming. If a Guild is going to have someone watch a Stream with no voice chat on it and deal with the 30 seconds delay that's on them. We let people do that in Black Desert Online, and it made absolutely no difference.
  4. Care to Explain? These are rules for joining our Community and how you conduct yourself while you play with its Members. I'm pretty sure just because it's a PvP game doesn't mean you shouldn't stop being a decent human being to your fellow Guild members?
  5. The types of Members we usually have play in the Range of 20+ Hours a week normally, but we do not require a set amount of hours, just you log in and join us often.
  6. www.LethalityGaming.com We're looking for Mature Players who are Semi Hardcore or Hardcore in the games they play. We are Offering a great set of new friends to play Crowfall with for years to come. We recruit players based on their Maturity and willingness to help one another over Skill and Elitism. About Lethality Gaming Lethality Gaming is a mature gaming community with many long term and diverse members. We were formed on May 15th, 2003 on the Planetside launch. We’ve had a few name changes before settling on Lethality, but the membership has been strong and growi
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