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  1. I hope there's room for both. Still having a front but perhaps locking capture to let you keep what you fought for for a time.
  2. You can restrict campaigns, and if the rewards for winning are enough large guilds won't want to be in small campaigns because if they tried to loophole the system most of their players would receive no rewards (and 100x given reward > 30x given reward, or whatever)... assuming you can make people want the rewards.
  3. While I don't feel like I have quite enough experience or context to create a complete solution, I feel like a lot of the focus has been on PoIs, but not the overall control of territory. I wonder if the strategy should be more focused on territory control (not that it needs to be as... visually vibrant.... as the below example) If we look at Planetside 2, for example: It's really clear on the map who controls what, and moreover you can see that, for the most part, territory is contiguous - sometimes there's a bit of red in the middle of the blue, but generally speaking the edges of territory are attacked/vulnerable while deep inside would be difficult/impractical to take. Perhaps controlling territory should be more important, but not directly for resources (that should happen naturally - if you control more territory, you should have access to whatever natural resources are in your territory... you shouldn't need extra resources showing up on their own beyond nodes explicitly for that purpose - say, a mine/quarry whatever). Maybe siege mechanics could somehow be connected to the smaller territory PoIs such as forts. Maybe even borrow from MOBAs and have NPCs trickle to defend/attack based on PoI control surrounding an objective. That is to say, a given fort might be linked to a keep, and thralls from that keep will attack or defend that fort - augmenting or harassing the guards - as appropriate (or some other siege benefit). Essentially, capturing a large objective should at least somehow be connected to the surrounding smaller objectives, and trying to strike at the heart of your enemy's territory should be impractical if you haven't carved out a path first. Power isn't about controlling a castle, it's about controlling what sits outside. A king that is afraid to leave his castle has limited power beyond his sightline.
  4. Agree with the notion that we shouldn't make up our own fanfic about how an idea isn't possible. As someone who more or less does nothing but solve problems, hearing "we can't" do x or y drives me nuts, because it's often with no basis.
  5. There doesn't appear to be any kind of description on the character creation screen to indicate what a class is aesthetically, which roles they fill, and what their promotion classes look like. The same goes for the non-visual differences in races, or any kind of lore. Would be great to explain "Yeah, these are crazy arson humans" and "this is the perfect class for an arson human, it makes fire tornadoes!"
  6. I want to start by saying you've made so much progress since hunger dome/siege perilous/big world, there's a lot of promise. Having just started playing for the first time since big world I believe 3 days ago now, I find the beginning of the passive trees super underwhelming. The idea that my first choice *isn't* a choice (but still takes hours or days to get enough pips to continue) really removes the feeling of momentum you usually get when starting a new game. I feel like I remember starting EVE (picked since it's the closest analog in this regard) and having skills that only took 30 minutes or so per point in the beginning - this meant I very quickly got to see things start to progress. You also have quite a bit of choice of where you are going. Taking Exploration as an example, I believe it takes 40 hours of a non-choice middle node (that gives you the super exciting perk of finding more apples... /s) to advance in the direction you are actually interested in. I totally understand not wanting to make someone make a choice the moment they jump in, but the intro experience doesn't take 40 hours, you can know within a few hours whether you want to head towards gathering proficiency or survival proficiency, or perhaps mount speed - or you can even wait to make that choice while still training because you've already built that into the system. Being stuck in a non choice for that long makes me feel like people will just bounce off rather than stick because they aren't getting those little dopamine hits of progress. I think the trees need a more gradual increase in points required. Why are points 6 per minute? I assume it's arbitrary, but once you settle in, I'd suggest moving towards scaling things to 1 point per minute or something that's just easier to look at and understand - perhaps even just put in the tooltips how long something will take. Generally I can do the math in my head, but I do find myself double checking now and then, and there's really no reason I shouldn't be able to tell that at a glance.
  7. Nothing is safe from being wiped until the product actually launches - it's part of using an unfinished product, unfortunately.
  8. Think HG is still my favorite as far as abilities go, and half-elf as far as aesthetic/lore, so half bloods it is. EDIT: But Templar is my favorite class, so... guess I'll just be suboptimal.
  9. I would imagine what's been shared is a base and better vessels build on it? Should be interesting to see, but I think that's how discs are working, right? Personally, I'm leaning towards the half bloods, and hoping for a half-giant Templar at some point.
  10. I believe they also got a rather wide discipline selection as well.
  11. As a serious build on that idea, bonus with mismatched weapons (or armor?), kind of a weird metaphor for their parentage. That would probably be terrible though, but depends on the bonus I guess
  12. Or something nuts, an extra discipline. Would like something that really increases character options, especially given how limited half-elf is on classes for some reason.
  13. I honestly didn't compare the stats, so that does improve things, but I feel like it's missing something. Might be interesting to have some type of racial paragon discipline in the future that doubles down and gives it more of the parent race powers, and maybe something special. (See 3.5/3.0, forget which, half-elf paragon, for example) I do like the extra tray slot, but I kind of wonder if +2 tray slots would be too much, because that would certainly make it feel a lot more interesting to me.
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