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  1. Think HG is still my favorite as far as abilities go, and half-elf as far as aesthetic/lore, so half bloods it is. EDIT: But Templar is my favorite class, so... guess I'll just be suboptimal.
  2. I would imagine what's been shared is a base and better vessels build on it? Should be interesting to see, but I think that's how discs are working, right? Personally, I'm leaning towards the half bloods, and hoping for a half-giant Templar at some point.
  3. I believe they also got a rather wide discipline selection as well.
  4. As a serious build on that idea, bonus with mismatched weapons (or armor?), kind of a weird metaphor for their parentage. That would probably be terrible though, but depends on the bonus I guess
  5. Or something nuts, an extra discipline. Would like something that really increases character options, especially given how limited half-elf is on classes for some reason.
  6. I honestly didn't compare the stats, so that does improve things, but I feel like it's missing something. Might be interesting to have some type of racial paragon discipline in the future that doubles down and gives it more of the parent race powers, and maybe something special. (See 3.5/3.0, forget which, half-elf paragon, for example) I do like the extra tray slot, but I kind of wonder if +2 tray slots would be too much, because that would certainly make it feel a lot more interesting to me.
  7. Hmm... Looks like the weakest so far. 15% isn't a ton of movement speed limited to survival tray, and roll isn't exactly an amazing power. Hopefully better than I think.
  8. I really liked the original concept (or way I understood it). Kind of hope they don't abandon it. If so, maybe we'll see something later that's similar.
  9. I'd love to see the Templar. I won the signed knight poster and he could use a friend on the wall.
  10. I mean, how did people think the necromancer was going to create new vessels? They need something to harvest....
  11. Sounds like from what they've talked about on the harvesting video and the stream that they intend to let you destroy the resources (as in, the tree that was there is gone, forever). I imagine that helps make things scarce as the campaign winds down and we hit winter.Edit: Should also make where people choose to be and where they headquarter interesting as well. Assuming all resources except maybe wild life is more or less gone forever once harvested, large zergs may eventually be forced to distribute as they devour their resources, eventually spreading out into smaller outposts. Assuming there isn't a large empty part of the map to migrate to, they may not even be able to keep their keeps within a reasonable distance, and lose their numbers advantage at any given keep, pushing them back into a blob with little to no resource as smaller groups take/retake the land. At which point in fighting or simply starvation or lack of reasonable equipment may lose them the day. May be interesting to see how this plays out, especially if at all how I imagine it.
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