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  1. you havent shown any proof that you are any kind of factor in any game, man. so you know how to read wikipedia and gather facts about your various interests, that don't make u pro. now you're saying MMO's are scrubby and basically not worth your time compared to FPS 'e'sports. earlier in the thread you were saying the exact opposite, that FPS didn't matter (halo 2) and MMO's (WoW) are amazing and godlike and trying to impress everyone about how you know someone that has a job at blizzard. but oh wait? thats a scrubby company making silly MMO's that don't matter, tho right? you fellas know what we got on our hands? WE GOT A FLIP FLOPPER!!! u lame get outta town
  2. you worded that very badly. well poorly made socks, i know jimmy carter. therefore, i was once the president of the united states
  3. So they shot you an email and was like "man you are just the best at our video game, will you come lead our design team for us"?
  4. no they made a but load on presales and beta, not launch. which in turn they messed up everyone that pledged money's 4 day head start and their donators loot for weeks. were you even there? jeez. and it's easy to say you were cal-i, hell i was cal-i too lemme guess u were a ret pally when burning crusade came out and PWNED EVERYONE? are you seriously gonna come here to an open world pvp game and claim glory upon a game that instances their pvp? r u serious.
  5. omg dude, do you even know how the AA NA launch went? it was so horrific and people that play arenas don't exactly get outnumbered.. so they wouldn't exactly complain about even numbers, would they? idk i pray that no one will remember your name in the next game that comes out just like no one remembers u in this one
  6. ^ this guy is a skeleton, don't listen to a word he says
  7. I would love a gritty style polished onto it. Wildstar is a good example of extra cartoony. I think that if you make the Rat people anything like out of Everquest or Shadowbane noob isles, would be pretty sweet. Since this is a what we would like thread; here is what I wouldn't like. What I don't want to play is a super realism sandbox comparably to Life is Feudal. I don't want to have to use torches at night, I don't want realistic first hand PvP where you can see yourself swinging your axe in first person, I don't want walking around digging dirt and mining black meshs to build a castle. Seems there is a lot of people here putting their suggestions in and are banking on this type of action or more or less non-action. In Archeage they had housing and farms, well I am to believe that it didn't work out too great for almost anyone. That ****'s boring and they already have games specific to that nature.
  8. I hope it has all gear for everyone class gear and race gear. It's still always bout that stylebane
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