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  1. Ahaha,thats fine,i wanted to quote the entire thing but i thought it would be bothersome to post it twice since it is quite big.
  2. So true,i'm so behind all the games i want to play. I still haven't played the witcher 3 and fallout 4. I need my school days back T_T. This is also very true,and as a matter of fact i won't be able to test anything until september/october since i'm going away in a month or so. I don't need a perfect game,just one where i can have fun for more than 3 months without all the crap of today MMOs and i think the idea of this team are worth following. P.s. Never really wanted to make this about money by the way,i was asking mostly from an emotonial point.
  3. I really like your posts,they're well put and very thought provoking. That said i agree in all points apart from the attributes buff/debuff depending on being ambushed or ambushing,i believe it would be too artificial. I think it is a matter of course that a big group will win most of the time against those with fewer numbers,the point is that having numbers shouldn't make you invicible and that there should be viable strategies to counter the disadvantage in quantity with tactics or proper preparation. I for one think that a group of 400 that keeps itself whole should lose to 10 groups of 20 people who use guerrilla against them for the very simple fact that this is the most effective strategy against a big blob. What i would like to see is for Artcraft to bring this to Crowfall. The no hose healing is a good step towards it as it makes a big undisciplined group less sustainable. Friendly fire and no limits of AoEs targets would also give a lot of depth to it as the smaller groups are more mobile and can target the big blob easily while taking fewer risks,but the zerg with double the players would also be albe to bombard those less populated groups,and with enough skill obliterate them with sheer number of attacks depending on the skill of those inside the zerg. Friendly fire and physics would also make flanking attacks much more effective on an undicsiplined zerg as it would lead to people panicking and blasting away to save oneself (do remeber that death in this game is really punishing,i feel like people often forget that) and eventually stop large scale attacks on that flank. But if someone is capable of leading a big group with proper coordination and effectively use tactics i think its a matter of course they should be extremely hard to beat down.At the same time i want to see small and skilled groups take apart bigger but disorganized groups without too much trouble. There are lots more points to be made but i think i said what i felt was most important. All in all i want tactical plays and proper positioning to give an edge as much,if not more,than numbers.
  4. I agree,and i think this is incredibly important to make combat flow properly.It is much more satisfying hearing a proper hit feedback,gives combat much more flavor. That said i don't think this is a priority yet,the point here is to test combat,i believe its a bit too soon to worry about hit feedback.
  5. Most of us have played plenty of MMO. Some have played WoW type of games to exaustion,some prefer action type,other eve-like,some maybe even Ultima online the first to be called MMO (man the memories,i feel old). I had a lot of fun with all these types of games for a reason or the other,but most of all because of the communities that formed around them, if had friends there that would be all i would need to keep playing even if the game was crap,and they are what i always miss when i leave one of those games when boredom kicks in. But alas its been more than one year since i've last played ANY kind of MMO. The last was GW2 before its big updates;had a great guild there,plenty of fun and messing around with them but the game got so tedious that i just wasn't having fun anymore without them to spice things up. After i gave them my goodbyes i left and never returned. So,for all the brave people that kept reading all this stuff i pose a question: How much are you invested in this game? For me its everything. The devs have put their money in and i'm betting all my hopes and my desire to have fun in an MMO like i did before. I had already stopped searching for interesting MMOs but this one caught my attentions and still keeps me pinned. I don't like hype trains,they tend to take things too far and then blame the devs because its not up to their standards. But still,i'll jump on this project and hope to find whats been missing for a long time in MMOs,i want back my games with a soul in them. Keep it up,i'm rooting for you guys.
  6. Io fossi in te non mi arrenderei. Adesso il gioco è ancora in testing e i requisiti adesso sono probabilmente maggiori di quelli alla release. Magari anche solo con un piccolo upgrade alla ram riesci a cavartela. P.s. Potresti scrivere il modello completo del processore? Ce ne sono una caterba di athlon 2 e se il processore è abbastanza nuovo c'è una buona possibilità di cavartela usando la ram del pc invece che quella della scheda video.
  7. I'd rather have these animals in the campaigns to create proper food chains,i don't see much of a point of it in the EKs apart from an aesthetic point of view. Would still be cool,but not really a priority in my eyes.
  8. Honestly i'm in the no-op-healing camp and i disagree with your view of how heals are absolutely necessary,but i think pots are fine as long as they don't become a necessity. I wouldn't want top tier potions to heal 30-50% hp,even on a 60sec cooldown. I'm tempted to throw down all my ideas regarding potions and crafting but i think i'll refrain until we get more in-depth information about them. Still,i would love to see potions and food buffs with a plethora of effects,and of course limitations,as long as they don't give too much of an edge they could work both as a money sink and as a fun and useful mechanic.
  9. Madonna non me lo dite a me,il mio povero pc non ce la fa a far partire Crowfall T_T. Tutto il resto è nuovo e ben funzionante,ma come scheda video ho ancora una NVIDIA Geforge 250 GTS,appena posso mi recupero una 970 e via con questo pezzo d'antiquariato,mi ha servito bene negli anni ma ormai non mi va più niente. Questi sono i requisiti minimi (me li ha mandati Gordon per mail quando ho chiesto proprio perchè Crowfall non mi partiva): 64 bit OS dual i-7 or equivalent 8 GB RAM 3d card with 2 GB of VRAM that supports shader 5.0 Se tutto rientra e ti da ancora problemi ti consiglio di mandare una mail al supporto di artcraft,sono velocissimi a rispondere e molto disponibili. Io d'altro canto non vedo l'ora di provare siege perilous.
  10. A parte come li mangerai vivi per lo stato del combat adesso? Onestamente le cose che mi interessano di più in questo momento sono il bullet-drop che considero una parte essenziale del gioco e le coseguenze ha la vittoria in una campagna. Per esempio se avremo una scoreboard con tutti i punteggi sommati di ogni crow e del dio a cui hanno prestato giuramento e se il tutto avrà conseguenze sul gameplay,insomma,se le nostre azioni ingame hanno rilevanza nella storia e nell'ambientazione. Mi verrebbe anche da chiedere spiegazioni e chiarimenti su dove vogliono portare il combat ma dubito risponderanno in full alla domanda considerando quanto ancora è aperto a cambiamenti. Un'altra cosa che mi interessa è capire quanto piccole gilde possano partecipare al gioco politico o se ogni volta le gilde minori dovranno inginocchiarsi a quelle più grosse. Io sarei interessato in un sistema che promuove alleanze e magari anche gilde mercenarie,magari tenendo questo tipo di giochi politici aperti solo fino all'estate/autunno e lasciando che in inverno ci siano solo sottomissioni o sconfitte. Ma per quando hai pianificato questa intervista a proposito? E' un paio di giorni che intendo rispondere ma ormai faccio più fatica a scrivere in italiano che in inglese .
  11. I'm for properly done trebuchet,would love to see some of them smashing walls to a pulp.
  12. *Shrug* I won't repeat myself anymore,if you just try to distort what i say go on,but i tire of this kind of stuff,you're welcome to keep quoting only the parts that interest you and ignore all the rest.
  13. Really? If you're heavily outnumbered you lose most of the time not because you're less skilled than others,but because the sheer number overwhelms you,and lets not kid ourselves,if you get attacked on all sides with cc,traps,snares or whatever,you can react as much as you want but you usually end up dead. You can implement stealth in lots of ways,you can make it so it is not possible to enter stealth if an enemy is currently seeing you,you can make invisibility disappear if you stay too close for too long to enemies,or lots of other things to make stealth more interesting,but eliminating it? No thank you. Also i believe it has already been talked about how half-invisibility is not feasible due to how easy it is to just find out people from the client side,you don't even need that much know-how. I think stealth is an interesting feature in itself,and while it is true that it can be truly overpowering that is the point of the class itself,it will be the jobs of the devs to balance it. The assassin for one should not win a 1vs1 easily,but a proper ambush will give it the edge needed to win most clashes against unprepared opponents. Thats the point of the archetype and i think that many do want to play this type of class. The fact that many times stealth has been done poorly doesn't mean it should be completely eliminated,being prepared for everything should be part of your skillset. I'm gonna mention GW2 since its been mentioned before in this discussion;there stealth had been truly implemented badly,there basically were no counters but bursting the thief down before it could kill you.I never fancied this type of playstyle,but i knew plenty of people who enjoyed it and where truly the kings of duels WvW and pvp for the simple fact that you just couldn't kill them,if they were low on hp they would just stealth and escape. I do believe no one wants this type of stealth,but one where an assassin gains a definite advantage with its first attacks because of the element of surprise feels better to me.In my eyes it also fits with the world and the theme,all that we need are means to counter them. This is simply my opinion and what i'd like to see in Crowfall,if you don't agree you're welcome to disagree tough.
  14. Really? Maybe i am too extreme,but i believe in roles. What if instead of a single guy stealthed you get 3 champions ganging up on you while gathering herbs? Is that bad design too? Stealth is simply another mechanic,no one said that being stealthed makes you invicible,but it should give an advantage if one is found unprepared.
  15. I do not think so,thats what stealth based classes are for.It add difficulty to roaming and makes groups necessary. Whats more its not like you need to have a single class with tracking or anti-stealth abilities,you can give some other more soft skills that reveals hidden players with long cooldowns. You could give stealthed players a debuff when they go out of it that doesn't make it fast to them go back in. You can make tons of mechanics that make stealth work better or in entirely different ways,and while i was always on the receiving end of sudden attacks i enjoy the diversity and the tactics it adds to a game.
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