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  1. Poor "Chain of dogs" never sat right with me. Also the old guy who comes to Tehol Beddicts defence in book 5 ...boom awful , you get introduced to him in passing ...he is not there at the warehouse...he turns up and blam HEAD STAMPED IN TO A PULP ! Not far into 6 and i already enjoying it , book 5 was about the Edur and a bit out of step but that of course sets us up for the next 5 so bring it on.
  2. I think it is easy to become iconoclastic given the current zeitgeist popularity of Tolkien's work, but i feel the style and depth of his work warrants in part it's current popularity(and rightly so). As someone who is only at book 6/10 of Eriksons Malazan series your last paragraph gives me hope for the quality of the rest of the series. The Bridge-burners ( all of them but especially Paran, Whiskyjack, Fid and Kalam Mekhar) , Karsa Orlong, Tehol Beddict & Bugg have been some of the best written characters for me. The pace of each book has been similar with a slow build (with necessary exposition) to finish in an excellent last third. I am enjoying the books and his style profusely. It makes me laugh when i hear that "George R R Martin kills so many of his good characters" . Comparatively Erikson is a Butcher and it works so well leaving me to genuinely worry about individuals i have become attached to. The Karsa Orlong figure reminds me of Conan and in many ways fills that archetypal space in the story world, can not wait to see how his story unfolds. What are the Glen Cook Books you mentioned called ?
  3. Excellent post, gave me a starting point. Thanks.
  4. Very nice showcase for the 5v5, have you played casters before? I can't wait to see more Archetypes in the mix , so far so good. Keep up the good work.
  5. I am currently mapping my G13 and G600 for this game. The Naga is ok but was prone to sticking so i paid for the G600 and i have to say i like it a lot more since i have had no similar issues. That being said i was looking at buying a new keyboard to replace the keyboard (Blackwidow TE) i am using at the moment. I'd like to upgrade to a keyboard that replaces the need for the G13 and my keyboard. £150 mark. Any ideas ?
  6. She cannot be trusted to keep a promise and will deny it was made once that promise is broken. Not what i look for in a goddess to be honest. Flighty and self-absorbed, Cybele expects unwavering attention and affection from everyone around her – mortal and immortal. She is temperamental and given to short fits of anger when she doesn't get her way. Again not the kind of god you want to follow but. Maybe she will help us out in a tight situation ? She bores easily and rarely stays in one place for long. "A tight situation ....I know we can get Cybele to help us out...oh she has gone" ! views mortals as creatures of worth and value – as worshippers and loyal servants, if nothing else. "Glad to be of service to you ...arr she has gone, again"!
  7. Excellent , this is exactly what i wanted from this post. Thank you very much.
  8. Had a few D&D nights with some mates and my GF but tbh i suck at DMing and can't find the time to make campaigns so maybe reading about the worlds would be better for me ...
  9. Ok this sounds like a nice read, will defo read it now. Is it tongue in cheek or deadly serious ? ( not that makes much difference)
  10. I just wanted Rand to die for 99% of the books and Lan to kill every thing. Matt made me so mad until book 10ish where strangly i started to hate Perrin Aybara. ** Spoiler alert** Lan vs the Myrddraal ...epic. Shall add Trudi Canavans to the list , Thank you for your suggestion.
  11. Not read any SF but my brothers father in law is the coolest 70yr old i have ever met, he loves whisky and SF books. He told me to start with the Isaac Asimov 'I robot' books. My friend also recommended 'Quantum thief' so my buy it to start out a new book self. Thank you for the suggestions.
  12. I have both of the books sat on my fantasy book shelf gathering dust as a slowly grind through Steven Erikson's 'Malazan book of the Fallen' series, just got on to book six yesterday and have a week off work so should finish it. They (kingkiller) have been recommended to me over and over again. I will let you know what i think in the future.
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