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  1. It feels bad right now if you play anything else but a g-pig though since you have to stand around a full loot pvp enviroment with a crafting window blocking all of the screen. >.< But that will most probably won't happen very often in release since you'd be crafting at clan base or your EK, and won't be nearly as vulnerable.
  2. I think the the EK side of crafting/trading will be close to as important as the campaign one. I am aiming to be a major campaigncrafter for my clan, but I will also try to put focus into making my clans EK a major trading hub. Time will tell if I can make it on "both worlds". As of now we have far to little info about the crafting/trading systems to make anything but guesses.
  3. Necromancy, coz I think that would be a good one to bring into the Campaigns to support the clan.
  4. Simply make the containers breakable/lootable during the time your fortress is vulnerable and nonlootable when not (guess it would be automaticly since the enemies can't get into your base then if it's built good enough). That way it would encourage active fighting/defending since your enemies would want to get to your lootboxes while they are vulnerable and you would want to defend them. And hopefully the game is set up in a way that fortresses goes vulnerable in prime game times and not in the middle of the night, thus avoiding the Rust problem of the single, cowardly guy breaking int
  5. As many of the previous posters has stated alreay Crowfall looks to be a game where finally a crafter is as important in a pvp game as the killer on the field. And the devs have stated that crafting could be a full time role if you really want to be a great one. I, for one, as a crafter/support player is chuffed to bits about a PvP game with playerlooting, geardurability and active basebuilding where the crafters will most likely play a really important role in the campain efforts of their clans!
  6. Every great weapon need not only a heroic name, it needs to have a description of its deeds in battle. Do it like this. After naming you new sword "Excalibur" you take your weapon into its first battle. The first person you vanquish with the sword is named "Evilkillah". Thus henceforth the sword will be known as "Excalibur - Slayer of Evilkillah" or "Excalibur - Doom of Evilkillah" or....
  7. I think they made a really good decision to make precious metals the "normal" medium of exchange. I am all for trading of items, but in the longrun a pure barter system will make it really hard to trade on a larger scale. Just coz precious metals are seen as the "normal" medium of exchange does'nt mean it should or will be the only one. I am thinking that as a crafter I for one will at the start probably work more on a resource barter system. You want a sword? Well, it costs me 3 metal, 1 wood, 1 leather to make. I will charge you 5 metal, 2 wood, 2 leather to make one for you.
  8. Ideally it should be a system that is easy to get into and hard as hell to master. Another very important thing for me is to minimize the rng in crafting. Randomness has no place in crafting and has, I bet, put off a score of would be crafters through the years in most other games. Just give me a huge range of diffrent resources that has their own range of set properies and make it so that the items I make depends on the stuff I make it with. That will make it so I have total controll of what I am crafting. From what I've read and seen so far of the crafting in CF it's the way the devs
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